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(OC) Please help me name him! I brought the little grey one home two weeks ago, and still have no name for him. Photos to show some of his personality. Gingers name is Dammy.

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  1. Platinum trophy for lawbreakers is my rarest


  3. Cant wait for mine to arrive, got one with copper bolsters

  4. I'm a big fan of overeem, especially their port cask, starward is readily available very strong red wine influence with their casks, of course lark is an option but since their take over of a couple of distilleries their labelling is a hot topic (but the classic cask is good if not overpriced ) Backwoods is making cracking whisky if you can get a bottle. Archie rose is an option. There is a lot of smaller distilleries producing very good drops, killara distillery makes great whiskies (I find them a bit lighter and subtle though but that could be good in Scotland as the Aussie stuff is generally very punchy and flavoursome) another I find in this category is fleurieu distillery.

  5. I seem to come across Overeem quite frequently even though (as mentioned) I haven't been specifically paying attention to what's happening locally, so I'm guessing they're doing something right! Backwoods looks like a good option too - even better than they're from Victoria. ;)

  6. If you enjoy the peated higher abv stuff you can't go past Blackgate distillery, many would argue they, by far, lead the charge in aussie whisky in that regard. Belgrove distillery do a highly rated peated whisky as well.

  7. Im Still to find one! I check every machine, every purple that drops, one day I'll find one! Well done mate

  8. I 100% agree with the murdercane moving too fast. If you dont get the right drops in your first two chest you find you have no chance of making it to the outer chests with legendary loot. I have all characters at lvl 72 playing mayhem 11 but dont have a single plasma coil due to this reason.

  9. Had no luck in the diamond loot room? I know keys are rare but I've had 3 and every time there's been a plasma coil in there.

  10. I’m getting this too! What are your calls saying ?

  11. Random jibberish like it's trying to be English but isn't if that makes sense

  12. Mines a recorded message saying there’s issues with my TFN and if I don’t press one there will be a federal investigation out for me

  13. I actually got a phone call today from a weird number, they left a robotic automated message saying my internet would be disconnected in 24hrs as nbn is available (it's not in my area) and to call back.

  14. Think I have one but can't check until end of the day sorry

  15. Did you get one mate? I Just got home from work

  16. My first thought when I saw this was fall guys, a ps4 game.

  17. I've got a mod with +5 in that skill, can't remember if it's a mind sweeper and what other rolls it has, will check and let you know.

  18. I thought Malanda milk was now dairy farmers which is now Chinese?

  19. Your right, lions (Japanese) took over malanda milk in 2008 I think, just recently looking at changing hands over to a Chinese owned company.

  20. Nice to see somewhere close to home on reddit! I live in Malanda

  21. I have never seen anything like her... A name, please?

  22. Thanks man, greatly appreciate it if you do

  23. I have an electric one mate but it has no annointments.

  24. Ill use it if you aren't, still better then the none I can find

  25. I have a mindsweeper with 5 points in fire in the skag den

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