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  1. Simple, If you can afford a holiday home, you can afford to pay tax on it while it's empty.

  2. Those with holiday homes are likely already paying more tax into social services than those without by a far margin. Fuck the rich tho.

  3. I’m typing this message from a virgin plane that I’m on because my Qantas flight was canceled a few hours before take off for the 3rd time this month…

  4. What flight is that? Qantas international has never ever let me down on over 40 international flights.

  5. Smash the window pull her out and drive it away. God forbid the worst happens and a fire breakouts and the tunnel is backed the entire way through.

  6. I often wonder if anyone in these threads think about what people will think of them when they read their comments 100 years from now.

  7. Nothing, because most of us in Sydney I like to think the majority on here are going about our own way to do less harm to the environment, we have no bad conscience keeping us up and sleep easy.

  8. They are trying to increase pollution by making vehicles idle in a traffic jam

  9. It’s all they’ve managed to achieve. Good news is some have been deported.

  10. Probably worried about people shipping ‘Plex’ boxes as entirely pirate devices with library access and IPTV. 99% of IPTV is pirate. You can do it through xTeve but if the m3 list isn’t perfect from the supplier causes to many issues to cbf with.

  11. Sweet, the hotel it’s self is an awesome place to stay.

  12. Didn’t know we where deporting them, that’s pretty awesome actually.

  13. Mexico City - National Museum of Anthropology. Entrance is free to residents but tourists have to buy a ticket. As a tourist I thought it was a bit unfair but then again, if the citizens have already paid through taxes etc then why shouldn’t it be free to them. Fair enough.

  14. It’s the exact same all through Europe. Tourists pay, locals don’t. See nothing wrong with it.

  15. It's crazy that these +100 year +1 billion dollar companies have less ability to survive the economy than the average schmuck who was already living in poverty.

  16. When you have the overheads of paying 5000+ salaries and you’re not making any money from the work for 2 years while still buying materials you would be surprised how quickly all that rainy day money dries up.

  17. "The building sector has never been stronger with built up demand."

  18. Are masks still required on public transport? How hasn’t that been scrapped yet.

  19. You discovered one of my kinks well done.

  20. This unironically, couldn’t live without it once having one.

  21. Whats the point of a contract if tradies can just renege on them. Seems to be as legally binding as a spit and a handshake.

  22. What contract? Tradies submit a quote at original pricing time, at the moment that’s years previously. Every tradie quote is typically good for 90 days.

  23. Fuck patriotism and marketing! QANTAS have sucked balls for over 3 decades, they are always my last choice.

  24. Sucked balls compared to what? Their business class and business lounges are still some of the best in the business and by far a long shot in Australia.

  25. This article raises an entire bunch of issues that wouldn’t affect Australia, that said it’s a moot point this far gone.

  26. Kiamas issue isn’t Airbnb, we’re talking about a highly desirable coastal town that hasn’t grown in size in 25 years while the population has exploded.

  27. Wouldn’t waste my money on a shield again, typical Android fashion just blast ads all over a device you own. It’s the only android device I own, and it’s reminded me why to never ever own one.

  28. Or not. If youre a good tenant landlords will want to retain you.

  29. This, have 3 properties I know are at least $100 under market price and have been for around 2 years now. But never have issues with the tenants, so no need for them to have issues with me.

  30. That photo in the thumbnail seems to have blue singlet dude holding the gun by the barrel rather than the grip rather than pointing at the guy on the ground like the photo caption says.

  31. With the cost of 9mm handguns in today’s market nice score for the morning.

  32. So a few questions What about people who have bought recently and already paid their stamp duty, they now have to pay LVI as well?

  33. Those who have paid stamp duty will not have to pay a land tax.

  34. To begin with, they'll change it eventually.

  35. They've literally said what I just typed out.

  36. No thanks personally on all my long term holds, great for flipping property quicker but on the reno’s.

  37. It’s assessed on your assets. So if you have assets you pay more up front and per day.

  38. Yes you do, but nursing homes are incredibly hard to get into there’s wait times of years.

  39. As above, my mother went into a home a month ago. No wait, no half a million dollars. Excellent facilities.

  40. She’s in government care then? Because all the private venues you pay up front for the unit, house, villa. Or it’s subsidised by the government at these places, and they put you in the most bottom of accomodation.

  41. Just checked they’re 10$ a box of 50 now thought they were much more, so I’ll just buy a box to avoid conflict.

  42. I would probably just be leaving the house for this 30 minutes… best of luck hope you have another rental lined up market is nuts.

  43. Congrats mate, best of luck with the flight with the toddler if it’s long haul which I’m guessing it is. Hopefully the last of the pain, moving is the worst at the best of times.

  44. My Kathmandu jacket for this season was $650, same as my north face from last season 🥴

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