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  1. Moved here from the UK 8 years ago. Even compared to developed western countries, such as the UK, the standard of living it so much higher. There is more space, more opportunity, a slower pace of life and the weather helps life the mood massively.

  2. Have you watched the UK news lately? Politics there is a cesspool of cronyism, incompetence and corruption.

  3. I won’t argue there, however there is at least a facade of public service. Over here it’s just greasy, red-faced fatties flagrantly ripping people off like a bunch of used car salesmen.

  4. Moved from the Gold Coast to Melb earlier this year. If you think renting here is bad, situation in GC would push you over the edge.

  5. Every sub seems to think they have the worst drivers on their roads. Only Gold Coast are correct.

  6. Had to promo vitasoy almond milk for a client and I can tell you that 90% of cafes in GC use milklab.

  7. Thank god i recently moved. Was always queued half a mile back on the hard shoulder trying to get off at exit 49. All for the pleasure of dealing with that godawful double roundabout once you’re off.

  8. Confident tears would taste better than watery northern

  9. Part of the TAFE campus is relocating shortly to Robina, so there will be fewer students around which may affect business for the smaller venues. New cinema has just gone opened though and AF Reno’s are approved so there’s hope for her yet

  10. Moved from Brisbane to Townsville. It really depends on the reason for the move. Sure property prices are cheaper, but if you’re picturing some idyllic country life by sea you’ll be disappointed. It’s disgustingly hot and humid in the summer, wet seasons are getting longer and heavier and you’re probably thinking ‘that’s alright, I’ll just jump in the sea to cool down’- nope. Everything in it wants to kill you. If you enjoy eating out you’ll have to toss up between an RSL or one of the several restaurants claiming to have the ‘best steak in NQLD’. Petty crime is higher too, probably goes hand in hand with lower employment rates and less stuff to keep kids occupied.

  11. Depends on the crowd you’re after. If you want to mix with young ‘uns caning vodka lime sodas then island rooftop, surfers pavilion, Cali beach club etc would suit. If you want a classier spot then I recommend Exhibitionist bar at HOTA.

  12. Up and down the M1 daily for work. Some pretty shocking drivers but not unique to GC (moved from Townsville where I had to look both ways at a roundabout).

  13. Hey mate. Ex-venue manager here who now looks after recruitment for hospitality groups. It’s tough out there atm with big staff shortage due to the exodus post COVID being one of the biggest issues I actually look after a group who owns a restaurant in Pac Fair and they are struggling).

  14. I have several Aussie staff members. I’d say for every positions I advertise, less than 20% of applications comes from Australians. As much as I’d love to staff my venues solely with locals, there just isn’t a great desire for Australians to work in the industry compared to internationals. If there was, the staff shortages due to covid border closures wouldn’t be so apparent.

  15. I don't believe you. And if I did, I wouldn't care. Fucking hire Aussies.

  16. Check out Bark Royal. It’s on the northern end of the coast but the staff and facilities are top notch.

  17. Despite the owners daft views and poor grasp of the legal system, Noego coffee up in Ormeau is consistently good. Currently takeaway only atm due to said daft views.

  18. What are these daft views? Haven’t been in awhile but always good for Saturday breakfast on the way to Brisbane.

  19. Pretty vocal about his anti-vax/spiritual healing/ sovereign citizen beliefs via social media

  20. Head over to waxys on St.Patrick’s day. Should be good craic

  21. Stingray lounge, Dukes and the exhibitionist bar at HOTA are decent for a solo drink. Slightly older crowd than you’ll find around Cavill.

  22. Yup. Pimpama. Even Jesus can’t save us here

  23. myprotein is great value. Glutamine and BCAA’s are probably your best bet, in addition to whey and creatine.

  24. It's code for 'we don't want meth heads staying here'. No hostel has a blanket ban on Aussies, it's just a certain type that they don't want. Cheap, short term accommodation tends to attract the less desirables.

  25. I’m a hospo rep. Visit 20+ Venues daily. In the GC, I’d say less than a quarter of venues I visit are 100% compliant with the covid safe business industry plan, be it through signage, checking QR codes or PPE.

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