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  1. It's very effective. While you don't consciously remember your subconscious still does and that's what counts. Consciously we can get in our own way when we remember the wrong things so trust that the part you don't remember is being taken care of buy the subconscious already.

  2. Awh, I think it's more so from many years of self doubt and spending too much time in my own head. In other words, I don't think I'm worthy of knowing.

  3. Nothing but negative self talk you keep playing over and over again you have an entire paragraph of why you're not worthy playing in your head over and over again and it's the first thing you tell people stop the negative self talk you have things to offer in friendships you have opinions that people would take seriously you have a heart you have things and thoughts that will benefit your friends and people you can make great relationships with. STOP THE NEGATIVE SELF-TALK, YOU ARE SOMEONE WORTH KNOWING. SOMEONE OUT THERE NEEDS YOUR KNOWLEDGE TO GET OVER LITTLE HUMPS IN THEIR LIFE. ALL THE NEGATIVE THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED TO YOU AND YOUR PAST ARE JUST THAT IN THE PAST. ALL THAT HAS TRAINED YOU TO BE ABLE TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE WHO MAY BE JUST STARTED TO GO THROUGH THAT TYPE OF THING OR DEAL WITH IT. YOU ARE SOMEONE WORTH KNOWING.

  4. You do you, each must find their own path , free will and all.

  5. Cell tower coax , 3 sectors X 3 antennas each ,bunderground feed. Nice little setup

  6. Can you restate the question? Not sure what you're trying to ask exactly.

  7. Honesty is always the best policy, and his grandpa used to say the squeaky wheel gets the grease LOL

  8. I actually had happen that to me before. Someone was saying that i am in control and that he controls when i breathe, when i live and when i die. I gave him a chance and then he started erotical stuff while knowing I'm a minor and without my consent. Yeah i vetoed faster than ever, left that trance immediately, hung up the call and blocked that guy.

  9. Thank you for sharing that it's very important for people to know that those types are out there in real life.

  10. Okay which one of you fine NLP practitioners turn this guy into a wanking one monkey circus?

  11. Remove the nipple and go at least one more round with the 90

  12. It wouldn’t be able to go another full 360. I’m pretty confident it would deform the brass if I tried to force it to do that.

  13. Most of the information in there is identical to the current version

  14. Does the door have the liquid crystal electronic frosted feature?

  15. Not on this one at all. The enclosed tub with overhead filler has a wall that has that glass around it hooked to a switch. This actually is a completely hidden alcove/patio, I know you see the house but there will be a full gazebo covering out there when finished. It's supposed to have vines and all kinds of growth that I think is stupid for living in the desert. But I don't pay their water bill so I don't care.

  16. As long as they're the ones paying it they get to decide what to do with it. If the water company needs more water because of shortage maybe they should reinvest some of the money they get

  17. .......slow clap starts here .......'s to plenty more where that came from.

  18. The book Mind play by Mark Wiseman is a very good place to start .

  19. .... minutes later took a chance, tried to fart and $h*t my pants.

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