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  1. Night showers. Wash my hair twice a week. Sometimes just wash my bangs. Blow drying your hair every day is nutso bonkers

  2. Her approach to a hospital birth being more dangerous than delivering at home is not based on data. That annoyed me most about that episode. Not a true evidence-based argument from a scientist. Seemed like one of the writers had strong feelings, and wanted to share them broadly. It was dangerous misinformation shared with a broad audience.

  3. Agreed. It didn’t jive with her character at all. Although being vegan didn’t either, that was Emily’s doing. Perhaps this was too.

  4. I mean I agree but I do believe that was a joke

  5. Did op come up with this? It’s excellent

  6. Women have a dinner plate sized wound on the uterus and typically need six weeks for that to heal. If dad and mom had to bang so bad mom could ignore that pain, they were horny as fuck

  7. I know. I didn’t want to start discourse though lol

  8. Ok your experience, are certain sites more predisposed to scammer ads than others?

  9. The main part of these scams is getting money before you’ve seen the place. Usually targeted at people finding a place from afar. If you’re in the city, don’t give money to anyone before you’ve gone in person and signed some paperwork and you’ll be okay.

  10. Thanks for the post! The one friend from HS that cut me off I legit have NO IDEA. Like she called me a few weeks before to ask for career tips on something I do at my job and then the next time I texted her two weeks later she had blocked me on everything. I tried to reach out and she made it impossible we had been friends for 15 years (distance in between a few years and and there), but we’re never besties. We had a few fights in our teens but I really don’t know. It’s a mystery.

  11. Try and reach out to the first one again. Via other people since you’re blocked, or email or something.

  12. Oh I did. I reached out to her sister. Crickets. I don’t think harassing them years later would be helpful. I wish I could read minds.

  13. Just to clarify, reach out not to be friends again, but to say:

  14. Yes, I’ve actually written about 3 posts about my micro dosing journey in this very sub. I’ve been micro dosing since December and it’s completely transformed my life. Has helped me move through mental shifts through adhd, ocd, Ed, depression, trauma healing etc . I actually made a master mushroom Google doc for a lot of my friends and clients, and Reddit people. The doc has all of the companies I use, links to some resources, links to websites to purchase etc. lmk if you want the Google doc and I’d be happy to share it!

  15. I dm’d for the google doc, but I’m curious what is a micro dose? I feel so sensitive to drugs. One gram of mushrooms messes me up pretty good lol

  16. I use the LRP anthelios ultra fluid sunscreen and recently noticed the one they advertise for the body has the same ingredients as the one advertised for the face, but it's in a bigger bottle

  17. Can I ask where you buy it? The lrp website has the 150ml for $32 but shoppers and London drugs have the 50ml for $32. I guess I have to get it online?

  18. I can’t post on social media because of my job. I hope someone else does 🫤

  19. If they could get some bands from at least the 90’s that would be great. I love classic rock, but the lineups every year are just embarrassing #geriatric

  20. Forgive my use of Gen terms here. That’s such a good point. These small town festivals have been catering to the boomer population for 20 years now. GenX and millennials are now the age boomers were 20 years ago… why are we getting our ‘classic rock’ lineups? Imagine a lineup with our lady peace, the offspring, collective soul, billy talent, the flys, etc. (I’m trying to name ‘gettable’ bands)

  21. Fb marketplace, man. It sucks how great it is

  22. Did you think this meant turning left onto 15th? I’m trying to decipher your comments

  23. Definitely blue. I mean, both work, one's just easier and doesn't hold up traffic as much. That intersection is a gong show though. Turning from ahbau onto 15th either direction feels unnatural.

  24. I hate when google directs me to make that left turn, I’d much rather turn on 10th

  25. I wish I was this productive with anything ever in my whole life. I’ve always felt a pang of jealousy towards those with the H part of this lil disorder

  26. I’ve tried everything to get my guy to eat canned food that’s been refrigerated. Microwave, hot water, nutritional yeast, etc.

  27. Same, but I weigh the dry food I give per day

  28. I need to do this. Or just the same scoop size every day. I’m going off vibes, and it’s impossible to budget.

  29. But its UP TO 100x. My short ass kinda wants to be 5'11" but also shrinking means i could eat a single pepperoni slice for dinner.

  30. Would you look normal though? Some short people would look weird if you just scaled them up (it’s me I’m one of them)

  31. It's not 23%. It's exactly 20%. But that's too high. They set tip% because large groups tend to tip less overall so they're essentially setting a minimum %. But 20% is too demanding especially given that they're actually doing less work overall than had the group been separated into smaller separate groups.

  32. Bigger groups are infinitely more difficult than the same # at separate tables

  33. I was like you until I got them. I genuinely can’t picture life without them. Vacuuming, getting ready, airplanes, sleeping in hostels, phone chilling safely in my purse or the other room. Love these things

  34. I guess it was more condescending rather than rude. I said something to my mum (not meaning to address the woman) and then she leaned forward towards me and said, "What's that, sweetie?" in this sort of...tone.

  35. Sounds like she thought you were talking to her and couldn’t hear you? This disorder is mostly in our heads, our own distorted perception of things. Do you think your mom thought she was rude?

  36. Yes. We are taught from a young age never to go to the bathroom alone. I’m sure boys are, to some extent, as well. When I was in scouts, both the boys and the girls had to use “the buddy system”. The only difference is that for girls, it almost becomes even more critical not to go alone as we get older. Yes, there are child predators but there are even more predators who target teenagers of both genders. Given that girls are not as strong as boys and therefore more likely to be targeted, we never stop using the buddy system. The danger never really goes away so the buddy system remains throughout our lives.

  37. What? I wasn’t taught that. Did you grow up in a really high crime area? If I go to the bathroom with other girls it’s usually in a nightclub and it’s a secondary party in there

  38. how far along are in your pregnancy?

  39. Post history mentions it 47 days ago, usually find out at what, 5 or 6 weeks? So…. 11-12 weeks conservatively.

  40. Come on guys, it's capitalism with certain socialist elements, but still undoubtedly capitalism at its core. The closest description would be "capitalism with a human face" (so not the completely uncontrollable capitalism that focuses solely on infinite growth of profit like in the US). But you're fooling yourself if you think that Nordic countries don't benefit greatly from the exploitation of labour and resources in the developing world.

  41. You’re right. I was kind of picturing it in a vacuum, but without developed countries building their products and growing their food it would look a lot different.

  42. I’m confused. She has the little mermaids voice come out of her mouth?

  43. Oh yeah? I always thought it was her. Can you cite a source? Would love to know for sure.

  44. Ah it wasn’t Reichs, it was the show creator.

  45. A lot of family birthdays and Christmas presents purchased in December is a drain on my wallet. Plus taxes are due shortly thereafter.

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