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  1. Switzerland is, historically and in this World Cup, one hell of a tough defensive team. Brazil suffered beating them this year and in 2018, Argentina suffered in 2014, Spain suffered in 2010.

  2. By your logic mbappe should play for Cameroon according to fifa you can change your national team if you haven't played for a national team or you are under 23 so he could have easily gotten citizen ship for some good nation considering the condition of portugal national team at that time

  3. M'Bappe is 100% French lmao

  4. I never see this and think “yeah they look cool” I think “jeez, what’s NSYNC doing?”

  5. They don't look that cool but it looks fun as fuck

  6. So people just got pissed that they celebrated a goal? Man, let's hope they don't see what happened with Dibu Martinez when we played Ecuador and went to penalties

  7. Colombia* and honestly, it was warranted as Yerry Mina danced between penalties, which might be a bit too much haha Dancing after a goal is perfectly okay in my opinion

  8. I’m not mad? I’m bored. It’s the same teams all the time. I mean, good for them, nothing against those teams personally. It’s just always Europe and South America. It’s typical. They deserve it, it’s just boring.

  9. Russia 2018 had very different teams and... people didn't like it very much.

  10. Still all Europeans, though. (Well, Russia is debatable.)

  11. I see your point, I agree with you

  12. The Beatles because I refuse to acknowledge Let it Be as an official release

  13. German is an honorable team for not freezing the score when they were behind 1:2.

  14. If Spain tied the game, Germany would classify. It's not like they had any other option.

  15. Uruguay claims that the 1926 and 1928 Olympic tournaments were made by FIFA as preparation for the first World Cup in 1930, which they also won. To be fair to them, they kind of were. But that doesn't mean they are World Cups.

  16. Uruguay AND FIFA claim that.

  17. Yeah, as world titles. It's tricky wording, I think they clarified afterwards that they are not World Cups. In my opinion they should be counted, but I'm not sure if officially it means Uruguay has 4 World Cups.

  18. For sure he'll get sacked after this WC

  19. Too late. Belgium already wasted their best generation in history. Such a shame.

  20. Teacher here. Teenagers are straight up psychopaths at times.

  21. /Kep1erOT8. it’s a kpop sub dedicated to shitting on 1 member of the group, Kep1er for no good reason. it’s a 9 member group but they make it a point to only like the other 8. they’re racist to her because she’s half white, half korean and just so awful but reddit still won’t take the sub down no matter how many reports it gets.

  22. What's up with some k pop communities? Why does this happen??

  23. Having sex with a married woman. Except it's only a fantasy. I don't go anywhere near actual cheaters and I've had my chances. Still, a big fantasy

  24. I never knew I needed this fantasy until now

  25. I remember looking at the TV when the news report showed a photo of Robin Williams smiling saying "Robin Williams found dead". I just looked at the TV going "what?" and then "how?". Then they said it was suicide and I was like "what? :("

  26. “so miyamoto what if we add samus without her suit in skin tight clothing to the new smash bros i think that would be a very necessary addition”

  27. They gave her heels damn it. They had no right

  28. I'm reminded of a few years ago when I was going into my Jr year of college. An academic advisor tried really hard to talk me into going into education. For various & private reasons, I'm not well suited to be a teacher. The advisor was respectful, but the convo went on for more than a short period of time as he countered many of the reasons why I am not suited to be a teacher.

  29. I don't think it's impossible for somebody to want to teach in these circumstances. But these circumstances should be made known. I studied pedagogy and all my college tutors almost seem like scam artists retroactively.

  30. "It's okay I don't have any friends... Because you have so many, I can share them"

  31. Is there a possibility that the cult was making the killing part up? They are certainly not above doing that

  32. Some people just can't accept that negative things happen in life. It's kinda gross.

  33. The quality up front of the 2014 squad was the best ever fielded in Germany history imo. Couple that with an outstanding midfield in Ozil and Kroos the goal were free flowing. Nowadays nobody can put the goal in the net anymore, even if they create a lot of chances

  34. They freaking beat Portugal, France, Brazil and Argentina, pretty much every country that would go on to be the most relevant in world football.

  35. Was hoping Costa Rica could pull a 2014 but the recent match proved otherwise :(

  36. rip Costa Rica 2014-2014 we will miss you (for real tho)

  37. ABBA's "Dancing Queen" is about a 17-year old girl going to the disco to pick up guys, possibly older ones, essentially. I don't recall anyone ever complaining, even though the modern view is that it's wrong even if it's her initiative.

  38. Yeah and they have worse ones in the same light. "When I Kissed the Teacher" is such an uncomfortable song.

  39. Yeah, as a fan of Lolita I think it's a pretty terrible choice for comparison here, because it's blatantly obvious that the work isn't an endorsement of the main character's actions. When you have hundreds of pages to work with, you can convey that kind of perspective in a way that a three-minute pop song doesn't allow you to. I struggle to think of any song that successfully pulls off the same basic idea, i.e. using a wicked narrator to dissect the wickedness of their own actions and/or beliefs, at least not in a manner that's obvious on a cold first listen.

  40. Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads is a fine example. Still, completely irrelevant to the point you're making, so I agree.

  41. yeah this was awful. how does it have anything to do with the Joker of dc comics either? over the years, he's had dozens of origin stories printed about him. any of those would have been a good story. the movie is none of them. why tie it into the comics at all? and i heard now the sequel is going to be a musical?! what the actual fuck?

  42. Isn't the message of the movie similar to The Killing Joke?

  43. Maybe people liked it because nothing good was on the cinemas at that time

  44. Which is not even true. 2019 was an insane year for movies

  45. the 2022 marble league is happening right now (olympic type events for marble teams— basic stuff like sprints and relays but also more unique things like rafting). the pinkies have been leading the standings since event 4 (we’re now on event 8) and have one of each medal, which is shaking up the whole community because the pinkies are known for not being a very good team, and most people didn’t think they would even qualify for the league

  46. So this is being considered a huge upset? Bribery? Cheating? What's people saying?

  47. No one's forgetting that, but it's also not really an excuse for disrespecting his fans and coach

  48. I dunno. I think fans should be human about it. Even if it were a mistake (I don't really think it was), going like "not really an excuse" is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally downplaying the grief of losing a son.

  49. I think the easiest answer is that modern music borrows more from the rock and soul movements in the sixties. One probably is more used to that sound if one is just a casual listener.

  50. Murmur, followed by Out of Time

  51. Louise Belcher is a little kid that does put effort in letting her "caring" side come through by the end tho

  52. Yes but Walt is currently extremely hated in the fandom and people start over that he is not the anti hero they thought he was at the time the show aired

  53. Hank is flawed but a lot of times he tries to do his best helping Walt even though he clearly doesn't know how. I think the fact he "tries" goes a long way for many people. To me he's a complex character.

  54. I don't regret not having it before. I started being a big music enthusiast in 2009 thanks to the site, so before that in terms of scrobbles I think I missed like... 50 scrobbles from Linkin Park before I created my account.

  55. This post made me realise I don't like Radiohead as much as I think I did, all of these have crippling flaws

  56. To me, the only true flawless albums are OKC, Kid A and In Rainbows. But an album doesn't have to be flawless for you to enjoy it.

  57. This is America bitch learn that.

  58. I'm from America too. South America. We play real football like real men

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