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Arizona Man Brutalized During Arrest After Firing At Officers

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  1. I make cbd oil out of cbd flower. I decarb mine in an aluminum pouch made out of tinfoil in my airfryer for 20 mins at 185°f. Then o stick ot in my crock pot with mct oil on low for at least 4 hours. It makes a super dank and potent cbd oil that you can use in foods and tropicals like lotions. I also give the oil to my dogs to help with their aches and pains and anxiety.

  2. You wouldn't know a nazi if it smacked sense into you. Stop reading history books just to latch onto shit to fling at people literally don't embody 95% of what you label them.

  3. To protest free speech, not Twitter.

  4. Anyone else read the article? It’s just mud slinging they don’t do anything to say why the theory is preposterous and it’s greatest danger is that people might believe in election fraud or “gasp” 9/11 was an inside job. And the final gotcha is that the Netflix manager of unscripted originals is Hancock’s son. As if there is no history of shows and movies being produced cuz someone knew a guy.

  5. Sbf... his girlfriend's dad is a sec chair.

  6. ...and his murderer Philip Brailsford walks free with retirement pay.

  7. It's total bullshit isn't it...

  8. Ha! Says the party that can't define a woman?!

  9. Um no, there are employees who deserve firing. Some people are lazy pieces of shit or too needy, etc. Nobody is owed shit in this world. You MUST fight for everything you have.

  10. I love my pm2 blackout, I have the wise men company fang and karambit loop on ot and carry ot every day.

  11. Google has this neat review feature...

  12. Wow reading through these comments - sounds like we have a lot of ‘redpilled’ ‘walkaways’ that are already being brainwashed by the RNC, GOP, and mainstream media.

  13. Because they don't like Trump anymore? No, he is not our lord and savior. He served his purpose, and we can all move on to better candidates now.

  14. This election was a shit show. I received a blank ballot for the primary, and then there's issues with ballots in the actual election too? It's too sloppy for a state that was trying to prove the "fraudit" crowd was dumb. They're all idiots at the top.

  15. Wait, so when a dem looks like they're in the lead, the republican must conced the election but when it looks like a republican is in the lead, the election isn't called until all the votes are in? Ok....

  16. Man, you would think this post was in

  17. I didn't deny shit, I was just simply speaking on inequities in the media. Nowhere in my comments does it say the election was stolen or anything of the sort. If I'm being completely honest, the republican party needs to leave the Trump train before they all are made irrelevant. He is not our lord and savior. Furthermore, republican need to stop acting like moral elitists. The anti election crowd didn't cost anyone shit, the abortion fiasco is what caused the major loss. Society doesnt want consequences for their actions, hence abortion, student loan forgiveness etc. Why can't conservatives understand this.

  18. Maybe just maybe. Republicans are putting up horrible candidates, and have exactly ZERO messaging. What are they even putting forward to help the nation? Culture war bullshit? You’re a joke for voting for them.

  19. It's no better on the other side of the aisle, either. The Republicans and the democrats are both 2 sides of the war machine coin. It's just a matter of whether you want a gay vs God flavor.

  20. How? Under Obama, the democrats started putting people in cages at the border. Obama killed more people by drone than any other western leader to date. They sowed more division and fueled a race war in this country. Eric Holder funneled weapons to cartels in Mexico by allowing people to legally purchase weapons we KNEW were destined for Mexico. Meanwhile, the Republicans were handing billions to their defense contractor buddies like Raytheon and Haliburton to make the weapons the demo were using on the drones. Furthering wars in the Middle East to destroy entire nations, for what? Oil?! The lawmakers we elected l, robbed is of our future during the pandemic and they did that together. "Reaching" across the aisle to spend our hard earned money into oblivion and landing is in this inflationary storm. Yeah, they are both the same. They are both bad for mankind and the fact you don't see it, is a conspiracy.

  21. I really can't believe the majority of this country wants inflation, gun control, and 87000 IRS agents. It's rather disheartening seeing people vote for Authoritarian governance.

  22. Why haven't they done that already? They hold a majority right now?! Your fucking dumb if you vote for these ass clowns.

  23. Aren’t they trained? Are they taught to beat the shit out of someone who has surrendered?

  24. Have you ever been shot at? To defend a dude who fires a gun in a public place is ignorant. He's not worth defending. It could have been a kid that caught that lead and not a car.

  25. Thankfully no. I’m not saying what I’d do in that scenario. I’m saying what should be expected of trained professionals. Guess I should be glad they didn’t fire some rounds into him while he was face down eh?

  26. Honestly, they could have walked into that qt and blasted the dude until their mags were empty. That's just the reality of this world. Bit the truth of the matter is, nobody knows what they would do in a situation like this until you're in it. There are soldiers who don't learn they can't handle this shit until they are in the trenches. He shot at 2 cops in a public place. Thank God no bystanders were hit by his ignorant discharge of a weapon. He had no regard for anybody else, so I have no regard for him even if the cops used excessive force.

  27. In all fairness, this is a massive dude and the little guy took a few good taps and mad very little headway against his opponent. He should have shoved a broken bottle in dudes neck tho.

  28. Dang, always about race huh? Color ain't got shit to do with nothing in az.

  29. Lived here my whole life, never seen hoodrat shit like this and I ride. Keep it in the desert. If you're too poor for a trail don't get a bike.

  30. Fuck yeah, this the way you handle this shit. Reset their asses to zero. You lost niggaaa!

  31. Its what I think. Its a prediction on future so can't be right or wrong. Your city in under water in 100 years you look at this video and you will look at this and lament the people mocking them. No matter how cringey or attention seeking or whatever else they seem. Not you but a theoretically person looking at it in retrospective

  32. Nice, I just installed one of these on a friend's upper yesterday. Didn't know they existed until someone sold on to my shop. Ultra swaggy like the CAS-v and the PRI set ups.

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