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  1. Might not be what youre looking for but reigning champ field pants

  2. Silverspoon for chicken Briyani - Warren & Ellesmere. And only this location. Not the Sheppard one.

  3. no just access to view and buy. price already reflects sale.

  4. I got stitching coming off the nano puff jacket everywhere...I haven't really dealt with Patagonia with warranty or had repairs done on jackets but are they good with repairs?

  5. He needs them numbered though. ="Step 1. "& A1 &" Step 2. " & A2....... etc

  6. Every year you’re allowed a principal payment depending which bank your mortgage is with. Pay the 20% instead of breaking your mortgage. Then next year you get to pay another 20% of principal. You’re in October already.. get on with the 20% additional payment for 2022 and then come Jan 2023, pay the other 20%. And rinse and repeat. 3600 is a lot of money just for breaking. (3 months interest plus any other crap fees). Save it for investment or even a new phone or a trip. Don’t pay unnecessary fees.

  7. they failed to hop on and ride the hype train when it arrived at the station during lockdown. big corpo buyouts will do that to creative teams. they are just trying to squeeze as much as they possibly could and underserved their core. similar to how supreme has fallen off post acquisition. just have a look at google trends and see peoples interests are going elsewhere

  8. I find myself spending money elsewhere. I would’ve never bought Patagonia before and or looked at Rab for functional pieces…here I am.

  9. Stock. I saw Altus in stock for 1 week for the whole year and a half…

  10. ordered multiple times, canceled multiple times lol. their website is crap...

  11. Patagonia torrentshell 3L for durable raincoat category. Can find it on sale too.

  12. OP I think you can’t find a car is because the time for pick up is when the stores are closed. You can try Costco travel for booking if you have a Costco card. Most stores open at 9am. Can also try Touro. It’s basically people lending their car to you to use.

  13. Make sure to get a day pass… u can call at 7am to get one two days before your trip. There are limited numbers

  14. What happens if you don’t get one and park? Do I get a ticket? I’m not from BC and if I can’t hike into Joffrey cause I don’t have a pass due to limited amoun…im going to be sad

  15. Nam 2 but I don't like that they tacked on 10% gratuities

  16. Which brands are aluminum free? I'd like to stop staining all my white Ts

  17. From water getting in. I’ve never invested in a really high quality jacket but now I’m ready to

  18. Op, I looked, there's many. Gets pricier as you look for more functions. For me, I had to have pit zips and waterproof no matter what. There a few rain jackets out there but I ended up looking at arc'teryx beta LT and Patagonia Torrentshell 3L. The 3L always has stock, Arc'teryx....questionable. I needed mine for a hike coming up and I couldn't wait any longer for the Beta LT.

  19. My mom had the same issue. Got her a Patagonia torrentshell 3L instead and she's been happy with the shell. Muchhhhh cheaper too.

  20. She does not ski. Haha.. Should mention any ski jacket should have rip stop. Don't think the torrentshell has it. I would also think I wouldn't skii in an expensive Arc jacket...if it's going to rip, it's going to rip...

  21. Ok so a lot of comments but not a lot of options being provided.

  22. I believe most, if not all of the Reigning Champ stuff is made in Canada. Some of the RYU items had been as well. Expect to may top dollar in general though.

  23. No, I'm pretty sure only the French Terry's are made in Canada. All sports wear are made in Vietnam from Reigning Champ.

  24. anywhere have the Men's Classic Retro-X® Fleece Jacket in Dark Natural w/Plume Grey for sale?

  25. I lied, their website sucks. only the navy is on sale.

  26. Costcos should carry this I Was just looking for this as well but In Scarborough. Unfortunately it is out of stock at the moment in all Costco’s. the guy I asked at Costco said they are expecting more in the near weeks

  27. Got a question, my old capicitor has a ground wire and the new one doesn't. does this matter? Do I need to ground the new capicator?

  28. Yea. You need a C wire. You can either buy the adapter and have it installed or have new wiring run from the thermostat to the AC so you can get the wire without the adapter. Either works.

  29. Dunk the whole jacket into black tattoo ink and change the colour. yolo

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