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  1. The Joseph Fink self promo is a little out of control. Super talented guy, but when you get to the point that you’re not only writing a self insert, you’re doing fourth wall breaks to sell your Audible original (which, yikes) it may be time to dial it back.

  2. Tell your husband that you have Black Christmas decorations to honor the historically accurate baby Jesus.

  3. Because the show is audio, if something is going to become important, you’ll know due to the frequency of it being mentioned. I listened to it while falling asleep and would wake up to the weather. It’s experimental and existential; space out as much as you like

  4. I believe it’s the most recent episode that inspired it.

  5. Thanks for being there, though. Flight crew and working into the wee hours tonight. Slept through hotel breakfast due to working until the wee hours last night.

  6. If someone messed up your drink that doesn’t mean they can’t do their job, and if someone asks for a drink to be remade that doesn’t make them rude. It’s the way that it’s said. “You shitty employees can’t do your job!!!” Is rude. “Excuse me, I ordered a signature latte, can I get it remade?” Is not rude. Conclusion: you are rude.

  7. You see when a gay couple in Night Vale adopts a child, they don’t go through an agency or anything like that. The child just materializes into their living room one day and they go from there. That is why Esteban came out of nowhere.

  8. I only like about 20% of the weather - it is typically folksy, hip hop, or country and can start to sound interchangeable. But now and then an amazing song is featured and gives me goosebumps.

  9. The recent one “Us In the Woods” was really impactful for me. I think they chose it because it practically could have been written about Cecil and Carlos, but even removed from the night vale context it’s a lovely song.

  10. It’s always been weird to me how the creators constantly emphasize how they’re a small fan-built company of leftists and then their ads are for Amazon, Netflix, Apple, and Betterhelp.

  11. If it is any comfort, OP, you did the right thing. You did the best possible thing you could. You spoke to the authorities and now that victim has been found and their body properly laid to rest. Their family will have closure because of what you and your friend did. As awful as it sounds, if you hadn’t kept prodding when you saw the knee, that person’s family may never have gotten to know what happened. Maybe there was a subconscious part of your brain that had seen this scenario so many times in true crime, it encouraged you to keep digging when you could have stopped. Or maybe it was luck. Either way, you did the right thing to stay in that spot, call 999, and then give interviews. I’m sorry you had to see that.

  12. Really? That's actually pretty shitty. It's one thing to upgrade your platform, they've done that with PRX, etc. It's another thing to align yourself with the Rat King that is Amazon/Audible and all the terrible things they do to creators, manufacturers and consumers. They had to know there would be backlash. That's not a fact you can claim ignorance of in 2022.

  13. Joseph Fink does this thing on Twitter where any time anyone (especially someone from a marginalized group) calls him out, he gets extremely defensive and acts morally superior. Case in point:

  14. Also, I have two Twitter accounts... I could handle being blocked on one of them. Hmm...

  15. Please say something because this arrogance is really offensive to me lol

  16. A character named Earl dies in Alice Isn’t Dead; while he’s probably a reference to Earl Harlan, he isn’t actually him. Alice Isn’t Dead and Welcome to Night Vale don’t share a universe.

  17. NTA but I cannot believe how casually it was thrown in there that students at the other school got away with murder??? Like “the teachers aren’t very good” and “a literal homicide coverup took place” was in the same sentence and the story just continued from there with no context I’m baffled.

  18. Getting away with murder is usually a metaphor. OP probably means the students are just generally troublesome and the school doesn’t do anything about it.

  19. Oh man I didn’t know that! I’m neurodivergent and sometimes have a hard time telling when something is a joke or an exaggeration 😂 well I shall accept my downvote

  20. This is such a crazy story. I feel bad for Lisa but worse for you guys.

  21. In Tolkiens description during The Hobbit, he says the hobbits have “clever brown fingers” and curly hair. Sam, Merry, and Pippin are all described as having brown eyes and curly hair. It’s actually emphasized how unusual it is for Frodo to be so pale, when Gandalf writes a letter (in the Prancing Pony chapter) describing him as “fairer than most”. Later when Frodo and Sam fall asleep in Two Towers, it’s noted that “Sam’s brown hand lay on Frodo’s white brow.”

  22. My little brother is twelve. Never learned to talk. Yet, he is one of the smartest kids you’ll ever meet. He’s blind, but can perfectly navigate any room with his hands and feet, then memorize the floor plan in one go. He’s an exceptional listener, and he communicates with head shakes, nods, and some basic ASL. My point is that speaking is not a sign of intelligence. It’s how someone interacts with the world that makes them intelligent. Your supervisor may be able to speak, but she is a dumbass. And you’re NTA. Best of luck you and your daughter both.

  23. These are so ugly what compelled them to replace the adorable foxes with this monstrosity

  24. So when they said “we will be exploring tattoo and piercing updates and inclusive apron sizes” that was a lie? There’s a partner at my store who was hired with face tattoos and literally has to spend forty dollars on tattoo concealer now and was told that the dress code update would alter this for them.

  25. Honestly, she’s worse than mean, she’s evil. This is Night Vale. Every character is some shade of morally grey (I mean, Cecil is negligent towards his interns and has watched at least two dozen of them die at this point without caring too much.) TFOW is a horrible, horrible person but she’s also been really badly hurt. In a town where people are sacrificed to elder gods and dead animals rain from the sky, she’s still one of the worst people there because of the choices she makes to continue vengeance. It adds another layer of fear to her character. At some point, having a faceless old woman scuttling around in your house stops seeming scary, since she’s been such a prominent character for so long. The book really emphasizes that she’s so bad, you have a faceless old MURDERER secretly living in your home. And in night Vale people tend to let their guard down once the weird things become normal. So i think with TFOW, her character really drives home some of the fear inherent to Night Vale, that even when you think you’ve come to understand one of the many eldritch horrors, surprise! You didn’t really know her as a horror, but also not as a person. And I think that’s really interesting.

  26. I love how Night Vale has all the elements of a horror show but not the actual execution. Sandstorm part A and B are both really creepy, but I think the scary aspects are overlooked and they’re remembered as “the kevin episodes”. And that’s fair, Kevin is a fan favorite

  27. The drink gets diluted with water or lemonade which dulls the color.

  28. My grandfather, who just passed away last year at the young age of 97 and was 100% coherent and there up until his last day, has always firmly maintained that black coffee has nothing in it. And since that man lived nearly a full century, I will trust his knowledge over anyone else because this was true to him for nearly 100 years. Additionally, I appreciate that he told me he only started drinking black coffee to impress a girl that he dated for a couple weeks and he thought it was horrible. She didn’t stick around but the only drinking black coffee thing did.

  29. What a great story! Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry for your loss

  30. Wasn’t there a thread on black coffee, like…yesterday?

  31. If there was I didn’t see it, I was off work and I tend to check this sub on my Starbucks breaks. (Though now I’m checking due to this post.)

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