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  1. Pobee Duarte comenzo en El Medio de una papeleta y Poco a Poco lo empujaron hacia la derecha y ahora en una moneda

  2. Depende lo que le quieres poner adentro porque ahora mismo el zinc estas un poco caro

  3. Yo solo quiero El estimado de block ,cemento , dos ventanas y El techno de Zinc ...lo que longa adentro no tiene que ver

  4. El mofongo Dominicano en mi opinion es El mejor

  5. Throw it away and get extract from ultrakanna lol.

  6. Dominican from much , used to live in south Orlando and in Kissimmee. Those places are good if you like Dominican restaurant and supermarket. I work around this area still so I do go to these places for lunch.

  7. Wow I worked at Honda dealership in Kissimmee and also lived in Winter park but I'm going back to DR

  8. Never understood why go to outback or tgif in DR 🤷🏼‍♂️

  9. Boca chica 👎 Last time I went bunch of pedophile got my blood boiling and left

  10. I'm in the middle of shipping one as they are expensive , 10k is gonna buy a 5k car in DR .

  11. Creo que faltan detalles. Es bastante más que el sueldo promedio del país así que bastaría para mantenerte y darte ocio.

  12. Gracias por TU respuesta ,soy soltero sin hijos soy una persona sencilla y no voy a estar en "teteo" me gusta la playa y lo fin de semana un restaurant no puedo seguir en USA ya que mil Al mes no alcanza ni El alquiler . Yo entre a la pagina del supermercado El Nacional y una comprar para UN mes para mi fue 300.00 .

  13. Reminds me of my Rx-2 😥😥😥😥

  14. Club juanna seemed more enticing. Caberets seemed more fancy.

  15. Club Juana was turned into performing Shakespeare plays to get around the laws 😂😂

  16. Richard Manuel member of The Band committed suicide in Orlando

  17. 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  18. I bought a used eng with 109k for 500.00 had it installed fo 700.00

  19. Did the same with my first car, a Geo Prizm, for the same cost. Honestly shocked you got one for a mini so cheap

  20. I was a automotive tech and my final job was managing a junkyard ,here in Fl they go about 1200-1500

  21. Interesante yo soy el hijo de Kaliman solo pude ver algunos vídeos de el de YouTube.

  22. Tremendo luchador !!! Que Mal que no exista mas videos de el

  23. He only went to get his ass kicked once that's why I didn't mention him

  24. I worked as a auto tech for Mazda , Honda and Mears the latest on heavy machinery and damaged my back and neck well after 7 surgeries and one coming up in a week and 5 years of fighting disability I blew thru my savings and the amount that I receive is not enough to live in the woods Luckily I built a house in my younger days for my mom and can live like a king with my disability check in Dominican might say why I view it as being forced out well think about this a criminal gets housing,food and medical might not be the best but it's still a roof over his head.

  25. Look up Bencosme and Becomo .. I'm one of them

  26. If you ever dated a Salonera this is you

  27. At one point a nation has to realize that without laws,taxes and a constitution chaos will reign I worked in sales and dealt with a lot of Haitian and the biggest factor in the transaction was for them not to pay taxes . I would hope and pray they become a strong nation but it seems every President is worse than the other. Also the amount of gangs don't allow the economy to blossom as foreigners are afraid to invest.

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