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I just found out that you can send pictures in the comments so please send me the weirdest picture you have if your cat! I’ll go first

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  1. Asked a customer if they wanted dick roast instead if dark roast.

  2. She still eats kibble. Just for the 1st little bit she was on wet food.

  3. Pitbull. It was Halloween, and the person came in dressed up like Pitbull, even with a bald cap on. Best thing ever.

  4. I tell everyone the wrong price as I mix up numbers, I also struggle reading and spelling names. I am dyslexic.

  5. Ice Matcha, I have literally have had nightmares of making that drink.

  6. Maybe change the litter. My cat kept peeing on my couch and when I took her to the vet they said she was fine. I changed the litter to something finer so it wasn't as rough on her paws and she hasn't peed outside of her box since.

  7. Mine is there for her whole shift, even stays late. Will open the store, and has pulled 15 hour shifts (multiple times) to open and close the store if a shift calls out. Honestly, she is the best SM I have ever had.

  8. Atleast 2 of the 3 survived. What Age if dragon is Neal? Wyrmling? Young? Adult?

  9. Dice bag. I saw a post of a dice bag that looked like a dragon egg.

  10. I started to use a menstral disk. Much easier to insert. Only complaint is that it is a bit messy to take out until you get use to it.

  11. Well, I won't be able to look at my cat the same way ever again.

  12. Oatmilk isn't gluten free anymore. So if u have issue with gluten this might explain why.

  13. Had a coworker put Trash instead of Trish. I don't blame her for being mad.

  14. I just found out today there will be only 4 people for the 1st 2 hours my store is open. Then we get 3 more people and we deal with that until the closers come in. May I add my store is extremely busy on a normal day too.

  15. I have experience cramps with cups and tampons. With this, I tried a menstral disk and have not experienced any cramping at all.

  16. Had someone say to a customer "what would you like inside you?" Instead of "what would you like inside your coffee?"

  17. The Lily cup is a little different from other cups because the shape lets it be a little more flexible while it's inserted. I don't think mine ever fully expanded; it was always a little flat but still with a good seal. I used to run my pointer finger around the rim to make sure it was completely sealed all the way around the top. As long as its oriented well within you so that your walls aren't making the spine parts collapse and break the seal, it shouldn't leak.

  18. Okay, thank you. I will keep this in mind when I use it on my next period

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