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  1. Did you ever give this a shot? Just curious!

  2. Are all charges dropped or is it just the hate crime charges that are dropped?

  3. This is related to collapse because it is a sign that global warming is accelerating.

  4. Well yeah. The chip shortage is still affecting the US and I imagine it is even worse for Japan. I don't expect it for another year or two.


  6. Not that I believe that a "Nintendo Switch 2" would be released before 2027, but where did you get that? Is there any official note from Nintendo about release of the successor of the switch?

  7. I read somewhere that Nintendo wants the next Nintendo console to be a both a home console and a portable console just like the Nintendo Switch.

  8. What specific games were not working, out of curiosity

  9. I received your reply in my email inbox, but it does not show up on Reddit.

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