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I don’t care if it’s not all men, TOO MANY MEN are obsessed with making me feel terrified in public and NOT ENOUGH MEN want to stop it!

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Why I have a beard

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  1. The last one doesn't make sense: if it's a mirror then there has to be a reflection you're bumping into. So if it's just clear glass then this is way more pointlessly fucked up.

  2. I'm a fan of both games but it comes to this: Kratos have animation locks on most of his attacks and Vergil have animation cancels. It's a clear outcome because Vergil is way more responsive.

  3. These sorts of posts always remind me of PC Master Race stuff. Like, no shit you can do more with a dedicated camera and they’re going to blow smartphones out of the water….for the prices they go for, they had fucking better. But for the vast majority of folks, a smartphone is plenty of camera for their needs.

  4. As other pointed out this does not exactly apply here. A good phone and an entry level APS-C or MFT camera cost less than a phone with high end camera, with far better results. It's more of a practicality issue.

  5. I'm judging a human being who has decided that they're going to let other people be abused and hurt in front of them without doing a damn thing. Male female or otherwise, a bystander actively engaging in the bystander effect is still a bystander, male or female.

  6. You... you read the title right? I think it was pretty clear what genders were obligated to do for which genders. Don't give me that humanist bullshit while it's pretty clear what ideas are being advocated here.

  7. Did you read my other comment, killer? Probably not. I've defended both male and female from harassment. I think any human that refuses to help another in any way is a piece of shit and a waste of skin.

  8. Oh how swell of you, throwing me a big old bone while having it too.

  9. Is it me or does it look like a face upon a face

  10. I have a DS7 with active scan suspension. It's not that great. Add to that the fact that you need to activate it by selecting comfort/sport mode each time you start the vehicle.

  11. Is it weird that I actually like the valiant gargoyles fight? I found it really fun, especially in my level 1 run. It was like a race to try and perfectly execute the first gargoyle before the second could arrive. If I failed I died, but if I succeeded it just became two back to back 1v1s

  12. That's the thing. If you have enough rune level to catch up, then it's doable. Otherwise it's just impossible. No matter how good you are.

  13. Thank you. You just gave me 4 other excuses for when people ask me why I have a beard.

  14. im also running moonveil (i used flail first, didnt want to go with meme katana but it seems to be optimal for dex/int build i ended up with), trying to dual it with the nagi, but still having hard time. Do you have any weapon tips for a dex/int user?

  15. Got her in under 2 minutes with moonveil, cold nagi and my mimic dual wielding the same, so it's definitely doable for you. She basically gets stunlocked the whole fight between bleed, frost and poise.

  16. What's your armor setup? I feel like I got the most random stuff on haha

  17. I think scaled or veteran set, but armor doesn't really have much difference. That dragoncrest talisman however, along with the rotten winged sword insignia do wonders.

  18. I'm ashamed to admit that I was 180 hours into the game when I discovered that.

  19. I lowered the difficulty to story to upgrade my legendary weapons but I did it after I was completely done with everything in the game first.

  20. It gets repetitive when you're killing the same machine with the same technique for an hour. There are roughly 12 valor surges and I'm pretty sure it's not that repetitive if we're willing to experiment.

  21. ITT: It's okay to be a bully if you're big enough and you don't murder the other guy.

  22. Yeah if those items can stay removed for a little while it would be great. Looking at you useless travel bags.

  23. There is already a ir.rule called that you can use or at least copy its logic. You can create a rule associated with internal users that removes access to all partners except the one associated with the user, and then create a group with a new rule that gives back this access. This way all users not in the group will not have access to tier contacts.

  24. Thanks for the answer. I actually did extract the

  25. You can easily do that with a domain definition. I think that [('user_ids', 'in',] should work.

  26. The amount of disrespect for Dante and Vergil is insane here lol.

  27. DMC's entire motto is killing demons without taking damage and looking as cool as possible. Vergil is so cool he refuses to make unnecessary efforts to stay on focus. He just teleports in yo ass and slashes the dimension you're in.

  28. Just ignore em bro. These are people who’s video game culture begins and ends at PS4 exclusives. Just save yourself the headache man.

  29. There is literally a "Who needs weapons" trophy in the latest iteration so I'm not sure their "culture" begins there either.

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