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  1. It's a riff on Ben Raskin, head of horticulture at the soil association. One of his studies was on the best grass types for rearing young cattle. The footballer Nicolas Raskin wears his socks to his calves, and traditionally, football socks are worn closer to knee height than calf height.

  2. This is particularly accurate for me as I was one in 2001 and Diana died before I was born

  3. I hope it's understood I was saying nothing about Harry Kane is memorable rather than rubbing my cherubic youth in your disgusting elderly faces

  4. Jokes on you, I'll be in the ground shortly and you'll have to deal with the nuclear winter my generation are about to initiate

  5. Killie bailed out with the other results. That's the time they need to capitalise, though I appreciate that's difficult against a good Livi team.

  6. That's what happens when you fuck about instead of killing games off when you've got the momentum.

  7. Morelos and Cantwell linking well in the buildup. Cantwell has very quick feet.

  8. Demetri Mitchell scoring for Exeter, thought he was gash up here. Porteous scoring for Watford too. Funny how things work out.

  9. In hospital with the wife waiting on the arrival of our baby boy. No idea how women do this

  10. Good luck mate, buy lots of nappies cos once they start shiting they don't stop

  11. The only reason the Gretna experiment failed is due to the human condition. If Brookes hadn't fallen ill, they would have made it. The man had the money, and the drive. Yes they bought it, but fuck, we all bought into the story, and life is all about the story.

  12. Rumour has it Lafferty was riding half the staff at Rugby Park during his ban and that's why he was let go

  13. I did, and he's head and shoulders above. He could whisper the ball into the box.

  14. I know it's a couple days ago now but people moaning about the Morelos celebration really need to lighten up.

  15. I mean it's a nothing attempt at a wind up in the grand scheme of things.

  16. That was brilliant, remember watching live and the commentators didn't know what to say

  17. Haven't really seen any moaning this time round. When he did it against Motherwell and the wee ultras fannies were giving it to him back, it was obscene the abuse he was getting. Even though they were giving it back.

  18. If you zoom in close on the left hand, and check the 3rd pixel from the left, you can just about make out how little I give a shit.

  19. It's almost certainly the long cuffed one. McTears have been done here and are trying to bluster it.

  20. Lost perhaps is the CPS saying "and new material that came to light". What was that?

  21. Seems like they’re releasing them incrementally. The blade was sold out 10 minutes ago…just double checked and now there’s 6 available

  22. May be people removed them from their shopping carts or cancelled orders or whatever.

  23. Looks like Coldsteam but just a guess. Been years since I was down that way. Defo not Portobello.

  24. My first thought was it's a borders town, some sort of gala day or something, definitely that style of main street and clock tower. It does look identical to Coldstreams tower.

  25. Something tells me the women in the pink hat might not be a Hearts fan

  26. Just shows you the state of the club at the moment clearly the chaos surrounding the pie of the month has bled through to the players, how are they supposed to get results against 6th tier teams when they don’t even know what pie the fans will be offered

  27. The pie of the month is an absolute disgrace, first home game in January they had a chicken pie then a whole 5 days later, still the first actual week of January they change the pie of the month to a haggis, mince, neeps and tatties pie. Absolutely ridiculous and now to make matters worse they’ve reused another pie from earlier in the season for Februarys

  28. Clearly they fucked up and realised they should do a burns pie in january

  29. Nice to see you paying so much attention to my Reddit account.

  30. This is a weird response to an innocuous comment about Michael Beale being fat. Seems to be fair game to call Ange fat, but the Rangedogs get annoyed when it's pointed out that Beale is a little tubby.

  31. Nice to see you grow some backbone for once instead of deleting your comments when people give it back to you.

  32. This looks like a team reborn under Beale. Players growing in confidence, Borna and Morelos have the swagger returning, and the standard of play improving game by game. Probably too late this season, but with a successful summer window, next season could be very interesting indeed.

  33. Man I hope Alfy signs a new deal. If anyone can get him "fit and firing" I think it's Beale.

  34. Goldson with the casual handball in the box then teaming down the park and nearly scoring

  35. Morelos with 2 goals, but he could have had 5 if he knew how to stay onside. Kamara man of the match.

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