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  1. Could I have the Hello Kitty shoes and the Kerokerokeroppi boots? x

  2. Hi! I have the My Melody furniture you are looking for :)

  3. Would you be interested in trading it for the my melody chair and table?

  4. sure! are we including flooring / wallpaper, rug and poster?

  5. Or actually, we can include them if you want! I have a friend who is looking for the other stuff (apologies for the change). Let me know which works :)

  6. That sounds great!! Could you send me a dodo code when you’re ready? I’ll fetch the stuff in the mean time

  7. May I have 2 mum cushions and a peach chair if there are any left? Thanks!

  8. Yes! there's 8 peach chairs available, how much would u like? Also, send me ur dodo code on the way!

  9. Oh, I didn't realize you were updating the number, my bad! Then may I have 4 of each if that's ok? Also, lmk if I can offer anything in return :)

  10. May I have the tree's bounty little tree please?

  11. My island is still open :) I'm having issues sending DMs, so could you please start a chat with me?

  12. Hi! I can offer NMT, but I don't have any of your wishlist items apart from the nook mile ones

  13. Hey, the nook mile items list is actually the list of items on my island, I didn't realise it was still there ^^; Sorry about that! How many NMT do you have?

  14. Ah, just realized that you've previously commented that, my bad! I have 22 NMT on me right now. Would that be an ok trade? If not, I can check with my brother to see if he has any more :)

  15. May I get the candy machine and high end stereo please?

  16. Hi! Are you still looking for NMTs? I can trade some

  17. I can water if you're still looking for people!

  18. Hi! My fav song irl is Enter Sandman by Metallica. IGN is Shreya, from the island Sunrise Bay. Thank you for hosting! :)

  19. could i have the pile of leaves diy and the low screen please? thank you!

  20. Yes! Please DM me a dodo so I can come drop them off :)

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