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  1. You’re either born a goth or you do ballet

  2. If you aren't in the top 1% Dimmu Borgir Spotify fans I do not respect you as a human being

  3. Doesn't fade at all, ive washed mine a bunch.

  4. If I had a nickle for every time someone called me a poser specifically for liking heavy alt music while wearing lululemon, I'd have 10 cents.

  5. I’ve gotten this so much throughout my life - I’ve been into hardcore punk/crossover for ages and never looked the part… and some people are so very concerned about this.

  6. Oh, I dont care either - the people I actually want to associate with in these subcultures are not the people who are going to judge me for wearing athleisure to a show lmao. It's just funny how absolutely pressed certain people get when someone's wearing something that mildly challenges what they use to project their own identity.

  7. What kind of shoes do you wear with flare leggings? (i.e the ones from aerie)

  8. Runners like the platform converse, new balance 574, platform combat boots, platform sandals...

  9. This is generally called return theft lol

  10. Srs i hate that that subreddit is real, fml

  11. srs the bunny ears version of the sub will cleanse your eyes :)

  12. Srs I never thought I would find veins so cute 😭🥲

  13. I missed it, what does EC3 have to do with this whole situation

  14. He published some comments Regal allegedly made regarding professionalism in AEW

  15. how about you get bullied ALL YOUR LIFE for having different interests and style and see people, the same people that bullied you, pretend to like your aesthetic, wearing it poorly and getting idolized while you KEEP getting bullied? stick to your skinny jeans and lululemon poser

  16. Lmao! I haven't been called a poser since I was 14, this is a delightful nostalgia. Anyways I do try to avoid arguing with children on the internet, so have a nice day

  17. This is great, imagine being over 12 and having such a deeply embarrassing and cringy personality.

  18. Literally the last time I was called a poser was also related to lululemon and alt music, I was wearing a lululemon jacket at a disturbed/avenged sevenfold concert and some dudes took GREAT OFFENCE to this 14 year old girl... just existing... lmao. Love the throwback really

  19. Maybe it’s just me, but I always feel it in my lower back and never in my glutes. I believe at my PF this machine is literally called,”Back extension” lol.

  20. There's something really similar at mine that does target the glutes (has them in the little heat map thing) but ive never... levitated... like this while using it, so that part is baffling me

  21. I love it, I got it in multiple items. It's one of the few greens that looks good on me and it pairs amazingly with deep hot pink, one of my other favourite colours. Ofc it was trendy but so is dark brown and taupe that's everywhere rn haha thats just how trends work

  22. I’m shocked that most of these people are not wearing gloves. If I go outside with my hands exposed, it doesn’t matter how many layers I wear, I’m going to feel like an ice block!

  23. I dont wear gloves until it's around -10 typically, I need my hands free to do stuff so I get it.

  24. I voted for the sweet breads because the best meal I have ever had was a sweet bread pasta lol

  25. UD and Smashbox shadow primers really hold everything in place for 12+ hours on me

  26. The smashbox 24hr primer is legit... I can actually leave my eyeshadow on 24 hours and it looks fine in the morning lmao it's wild

  27. My shop was in between seamstresses and recommended I go to their former one who had since opened his own shop. I took the recommendation and he was incredible. I take everything to him, he even did my husband's suit as well.

  28. For those who do so, how's your holiday shopping going? I think I have my whole gift list figured out, which puts me way ahead of schedule compared to years past (haven't actually bought any of it yet, but hey, we're getting there).

  29. I've been done for a month lol, I buy early.

  30. I actually don't hate the black shorts but 75 whole dollars no thank you ma'am

  31. In Québec we play a lot of traditional music between Christmas Day and New Year which prolongs the festive ambiance.

  32. On a tangential note, the tiktok translating le ziguezon to English is some of the funniest shit I've ever seen, ngl.

  33. Could this be an old review for when they had a plus size model wearing the jacket? Maybe lulu changed the picture after getting this review. I just don’t believe this comment is real.

  34. Even if that's the case it doesn't make the comment better lmao???

  35. I hate the extended strap because it loosens on me, not because it’s too big. I’ve gotten around it by using a safety pin to stop it from loosening up so easily but that second plastic piece really helped it stay the size I wanted it to. Idk why they couldn’t just make the OG belt bag with a longer strap instead of doing a redesign.

  36. Would have thought it was clear from context that the people posting pictures of the extended strap making fun of how long it was were the ones being referred to but evidently not

  37. Looking for help finding full length jeans. I tried a pair of loose 90s jeans from AE but the back pockets sat low on my butt and looked unflattering. I usually wear Banana Republic Jeans (petites) because they fit perfectly on me (narrow hips but have a butt, waist isn't super narrow so I like a little stretch in my jeans). But currently a lot of BR jeans are ankle length.

  38. Depends on what full length is for you. But I like the levis low pro, come in a 31 or 32 inch inseam.

  39. Keep your fetish stuff to fetish subs thanks

  40. Every relationship has a different dynamic, and different levels of comfort and acceptance surrounding the woman's place in questioning the man. You might be right that it's okay to bring it up if it validates those concerns he brought to me. I'll think of polite ways to gently let him know that his fears need not apply to our relationship. Thanks!

  41. "The woman's place in questioning the man"???? That is so concerning

  42. Hmm that's up for debate. And has been debated quite extensively by many people on all sides of the issue. Not sure there's any perfect answer on the morality piece.

  43. It happens in places where they don't pay for donations. Like Canada. It's illegal to be paid for sperm, egg and blood donation. And its illegal to be a paid surrogate. Its suppose to be done out of the kindness of your heart, and not to use those in poverty as to put it bluntly harvestable livestock. Which is a pretty debatable topic up here as we have blood shortages constantly and sperm/egg shodtages and finding a serogate can take a decade or more.

  44. You can't be compensated for time in canada. Only reimbursed for direct expenses. Time off work was specifically disallowed for surrogates (allowed for egg donors altho i think thats changed with the update to the assisted human repro act if that ever went through), and rent/mortgage payments are also not allowed. You also can't buy someone a car or pay their car payments, only mileage or transit tickets. Anyone doing any of those is doing suuuuper illegal shit.

  45. Yes this is the case with pretty much every shirt with a built in bra. That's why they have a-b/a-c/c-d in the description or item name for bras and shirts, it indicates what cup size the item is designed for.

  46. Theyre designed for a 1-2 inch difference between bust and band, so you need to size according to your bust measurement. All the lululemon bras and bra tops are sized that way (a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4 inches difference and so on) which tends to cause some confusion. If you go in the size chart it shows that a 4 is for 30 band, so since the shirt is A-B cups it will fit someone with a 30 inch band, 31-32 inch bust measurement.

  47. I mean no one knows where in person is for you. But sirens and urban planet typically have at least one style of these.

  48. That Anya Taylor-Joy looks like if her eyes were any further apart she would have to be legally classed as a herbivore

  49. Line it up pit to pit as they're different lengths. I've never had something be a full size different but anythings possible.

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