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  1. With the sheer amount of packs that had to have been opened in the last week, you'd think at least a handful would've shown up on eBay. But, alas, nothing.

  2. The 643 yard par 4 looks to be a misprint according to golf digest.

  3. The yardage is right, just mislabeled as a par 4. The 480 yard par 5 is supposed to be a par 4 as well, so they just somehow goofed on that part.

  4. Ha! I actually worked for this company, and built this website. Fiddlers is a cool place with an awesome staff!

  5. Wilfred. Starts as a stoner comedy, and turns into a full blown mystery towards the end.

  6. I’ve been reading your bourbon and board game reviews on the bourbon subreddit. Enjoyed your take on Everdell. Love that game!

  7. Gonna hang on to it! Huge Mariner/Julio fan! Unfortunately most his cards are out of my budget now though.

  8. Everdell and Kings Dilemma… looking for a 3rd. Already own Viticulture, Wingspan, Concordia, Spirit Island and Scythe. Any other bangers?

  9. Think I saw Dune Imperium and Horrified American Monsters on there. Either one of those would make a great third!

  10. Thanks for the recommendation, got Dune Imperium!

  11. Awesome! I was so close to grabbing it but got Spirit Island, Scythe, and Scythe The Rise of Fenris instead. Great sale.

  12. After all of the constant “what would you hit?" posts this gave me a good chuckle.

  13. Any ideas on what he currently likes? Anything you know he drinks?

  14. We are both pretty big fans of rye whiskeys usually, such as Knob creek and Elijah Craig. His birthday is coming up though and he mentioned he was interested in a single malt which I have very little knowledge on lol.

  15. Won by 1.8 with that last TD from Najee. MVP MVP MVP!!!

  16. Thank you everyone for the kind words and great quotes. I shared this post with my mom and it made her day!

  17. This is definitely outside her usual subject matter, but I think she is open to the idea of doing some prints!

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