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  1. This is honestly the worst thing he said. The "I love Hitler" stuff is insane but there is a sliver of plausible deniability with how he was saying be like Christ and love everybody. But straight up Holocaust denial is as clear proof as you can get that he isn't just criticizing Zionism, he is deep into the rabbit hole of anti-semitic conspiracy.

  2. I don't think there is any plausible deniability. He said "there is a lot of things I love about Hitler. A lot of things!".

  3. My picks are 5/8/77, 5/25/77, and then 4/24/78. I also like 5/21/77 but the tempo is a little slow.

  4. America is a Republic. It's literally in the Pledge of Allegiance. "To the Republic, for which it stands."

  5. Realistically if she was on some suicidal shit she is in a whole car , she cuts herself and shows the cops 🤣 that’s Attention seeking , she could kill her self by driving straight into a tree or pillar

  6. I think this is more than just attention seeking. She is obviously fucking crazy and is now going to prison for a long time.

  7. Shouldn't she be rehabilitated? Should you be advocating for a psychiatric facility?

  8. Oh that's awesome. I remember when he started playing it during livestreamed concerts with the wolf bros and he said he couldn't do the intro anymore because his fingers were too old. Awesome that he's doing it again!

  9. I know Bobby can still play it but he probably needs to practice it a bit before he plays it live. Also, the reality is that he doesn't play it as well as he did in 73 and 74, but that's okay because he's fucking old and gets a pass.

  10. I have tried to get into King Gizzard but I am finding it difficult.

  11. Was that before or after she made 20 height jokes called him baby bonnelli called him a pedo apologist and a pedophile. Like I'm pretty sure Venti was 10x as toxic back then and would start off with multiple personal insults. Maybe I missed where Venti attacked him first in the video he was watching but it seems like 2 very different scenarios

  12. take a look at this guys posting history... lol


  14. Because, their live music is accessible to anyone that want's to check it out. You can go listen to 5/8/77 right now on archive. So much of their live performances have been captured and a lot of them have excellent sound. You can basically enjoy this band and never listen to studio albums because you have so many options. Tapes have been going around for decades.

  15. Any post on Twitter that has Vaush's name tagged will always have one of these obsessed losers posting clips and saying whatever. And they know that even trying to engage with them in the comments is useless. They just throw shit at the wall and some of it sticks, unfortunately. They will constantly move the goal post and just bring up another accusation or just lie. And they have so many different links that they will just keep posting. It would take hours to debunk every accusation and they are posting these links everywhere.

  16. Apple Music has lossless quality as well. A lot of people don't know this about Apple Music. I think they just added it kind of recently.

  17. Spotify has a great selection! They also have a separate page for Dead and Company if you are gearing up for summer tour

  18. I don't think Dennis is close friends with Jordan Peterson. I just think his connection through Joe Rogan is helping him reach an audience that is more right leaning (and even fascist). Maybe, psychedelics can help people with far right views to see things another way. Conservative ideology is mainly developed through acculturation and psychedelics can help break through these cultural filters.

  19. Ngl I think Terence got me further into my Anarchism when I heard that lecture.He's such an inspiration. Breath of fresh air from Kermit the Frog's inherently opposing views.

  20. Terence was also a bit of an anarchist (not the right wing libertarian kind, which isn't actually anarchist).

  21. I think trading lines helped make more sense of the lyrics since it has 2 characters. Jack Straw is similar to "Of Mice and Men".

  22. I've always thought it's weird they never did this for Dupree's Diamond Blues when they brought it back in the late 70's - early 80's, or with Peggy O or Jack A Roe

  23. It is apples and oranges. The differences in terrain, population, etc. etc. alone make comparison ridiculous.

  24. But it's just better. Look at the differences in healthcare:

  25. The point you're missing is A) Solutions for other countries tend to not work well in the US due to the sheer size and diversity of the country and B) Many, if not most, Americans wouldn't tolerate what a lot of people in other places find normal.

  26. Always a fine choice, man. That Smokestack is killer.

  27. Shoe simps are real quiet right now, I’ll be here if you want to apologise.

  28. No, they are here just making excuses for her ("she's just stupid").

  29. Whoah. Thanks man. Okay, time for me to cry into my beer and listen to some music. It's been a long day.

  30. My mom died from lung cancer back in February of this year and we listened to Brokedown Palace together the night she died.

  31. Trump almost destroyed US democracy and incited violence. I think that's a lot worse than some porn on twitter.

  32. You're definitely right about a lot of the things you mention. This is constructive criticism and not the "I hate it because I have to choose a server" type stuff that gets posted a lot.

  33. I think a lot of this is just the reality of decentralization and people need to understand why it's worth the effort. It really isn't that difficult to use and some things will get better over time.

  34. One thing I noticed is the search function is really bad. It works to find users and hashtags, but I can't search for posts. I am on a few different servers and searching posts doesn't work on any of them.

  35. How about "microdose to maximize productivity at a worker co-op and then tumble spheres once per month to free your mind or whatever"?

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