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  1. It’s the worst box set they have released imo. Sick Mike’s tho

  2. You think for non-phish fans getting their feet wet they should start with a 6cd box set?

  3. it's two (pretty digestible) shows. and there's no need to listen to it all in one sitting.

  4. I don't get Scorcese's interest here. It's not a particularly dramatic or interesting story or set of characters for a movie. At least the kind he usually makes. It feels like they'd have to make up a bunch of shit like the Weird Al movie to make it half interesting. Otherwise it's "band does all the drugs, has minor conflicts, basically does well". I already watched that story.

  5. I just read the Parish book. No matter how you make it, it is going to be depressing in the end. Years of him just hiding in his room, doing H and eating junk food. :(

  6. I think it will happen this year. They got burned from both a financial and PR standpoint last year selling discounted early bird tickets, having 2 headliners drop out before the festival and a replacement headliner cancel during the festival. All of that was out of the organizers control but I think it was lesson learned on early bird tickets. I don't think Boston Calling has the base or reach to do the sort of "blind loyalty" early bird sales other festivals do. I think they will definitely have tiered pricing and might do a 2 week presale/early bird for Boston/Mass peeps who will go regardless of the lineup.

  7. Def seems an upgrade over Royal. Tore apart the USMNT, which was largely a tactical thing, but still did a quality job executing in his role

  8. it wasn't especially different from that watford match where they explicitly ignored emerson and he couldn't do anything with the extremely generous time & space he was given. dumfries, meanwhile, was able to actually capitalize on that.

  9. 48 teams done properly would help prevent this, but they're doing it horribly, so we will get this instead and it sucks. 48 teams should be there to facilitate teams like Chile, Italy, Sweden, Egypt etc. who missed out because of lack of places available to their confederations getting in.

  10. eggy, who's supporting them on most of the tour stops, would be a fantastic undercard addition

  11. Would love to see that. Hoping the warm reception for Goose inspires BC to bring in a bit more from the jam space.

  12. Check out the 2 Vegas shows in February. 2/15 had a nice 2nd set (Waves->Bug->Ghost->Free->Hood).

  13. They even got the manager dancing, he does have a point, no one else does this dancing, are they really going to keep doing this when they bang in the 8th? It takes the piss at a certain point

  14. Now watch all spurs fans getting upset and downvoting me to oblivion

  15. love that place. went there twice during the most recent dick's run. it's also the official tottenham hotspur (my favorite soccer team) bar for denver. spurs + pizza + phish are basically my favorite things.

  16. While BC has had headliners from multiple different types of music, I can't see this happening. The Metallica show had a really weird vibe this year. It was totally different from every other day in any year from prior BC.

  17. they had converge on the lineup one year...i'm not counting anyone out

  18. I don't know what they are like now at 60+ but they are an amazing liveband if you havn't been.

  19. i sat outside fenway park for that show on the recent tour (wasn't interested in paying the cost of tickets and the sound isn't bad for the price of free). pretty good show with 75% older material. i don't think they played more than 90 minutes though which was a little disappointing.

  20. That one Arsenal match in 2010 alone, the Danny Rose debut screamer. He was incredible that day

  21. did he only pick club teammates? leaving neymar, casemiro, silva, etc. off is interesting otherwise

  22. I'm fully aware. Hence the "/s". Clearly my joke didn't land properly.

  23. why would they add the "respect their privacy" and "family matter" stuff if it was covid? you can just say they're ill.

  24. Official Phish releases seem to call it 2001 while .net labels it ASZ.

  25. Fortunately, I’m not sheep like the majority of this sub

  26. i was there for 4/23 this year. the sound was great & the lights were unreal. i'd do it again in a heartbeat

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