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  1. Better than or equal to WRDO ?

  2. In my opinion, much better. I like WRDO but compared to L7 HT, WRDO is a lot sweeter and has a much simpler overall profile.

  3. A lot of these other recommendations are good but hours away from Catskills and HV. The best tasting/distillery tour in HV is Hillrock in Ancram. If you are going to be in Beacon, check out Denning’s Point distillery. Many folks around here love Taconic but I’m not a fan. I live in Dutchess Cty, and if you would like more details and suggestions you can DM me.

  4. 101$ Canadian here in Quebec, probably gonna bite the bullet. Discovered that I'm a Rye kinda guy!

  5. I was in Quebec City over the summer and had some pretty good Canadian pours while I was there. Beautiful city!

  6. Next up, we’re checking out a Driftless Glen Single Barrel Bourbon selected by

  7. Great review! Glad you liked it. This was one of my favorite picks last year. It’s so good and unique. I know this sounds weird but I get what I can only describe as a sweet “marinara” note on the nose. I’m looking forward to getting last weeks DG

  8. Saw some small batch at my local store but not knowing anything about I couldn’t just drop 80.00 in it. Even though this is for the SIB maybe I take a chance?

  9. I just read a good Breaking Bourbon review on this bottle that says the MSRP is $120.

  10. This sounds great. What’s the age on this bottle?

  11. Because 15 year MGP is mad expensive, and 15 year Dickel is less so.

  12. That’s my point. I was asking why it says, “Dickel barrels make up the 10 year component, and MGP ryed bourbon make up the 15 year component” Maybe this was a typo?

  13. Sorry it took me a while to respond. So I'm going to have to go back and find the Bourbon Pursuit episode where it was either Joe Beatrice or Will Schragis being interviewed and they began to talk about this set of 15 year old barrels of MGP that were super low proofed. They specifically called out a number for the proof as being "in the 80s." Then they mentioned that they were using them to add an oaky and oxidized flavor to whatever batch they were blending them in.

  14. That’s super interesting. How recent is that Bourbon Pursuit episode? In the past it’s been Dickel for sure for the much older BC components. I’ve seen Will Schragis say as much in a video for a Private Release last year. I suppose Joe got a great deal on those pair of MGP 15 year! Thanks for the explanation.

  15. This guy started Whistle Pig. Now he is trying to use marketing to rip people off.

  16. Where are you seeing a 7 year age statement?

  17. I don't have an answer to that, but in general, I haven't seen a producer who has sourced these 99/1 bourbon barrels from MGP to have one listed as 8 years old. In Indianapolis there is a distillery called West Fork Whiskey who sources 99/1 for their Old Hamer line. Just last year they released an age stated, 7 year old 99/1 product. They've been sourcing these barrels almost as long as anyone so I have to believe that this is about as old as they are at the moment.

  18. I was referring to Shoddy saying this is 7 year old MGP when the OP stated it was 9y, 5 mo and the bottle says 2013 right on the front. From what I’ve read, this is 9+ year 99% corn MGP finished in French oak which was previously filled with Armagnac.

  19. Nice review! I was one of the lucky ones to get this bottle. It’s my favorite RR SiB and haven’t had another one quite like it. It’s pretty complex. There is also a unique balsamic note on the palate that works really well.

  20. Glad to see you gave this bottle a similar score. People mention it’s lack of complexity but for the price, it’s more complex than I expected. Especially the nose. I also like this bottle much more than EW BiB.

  21. Cracked open a bottle of batch 58 tonight and wow, so great. A new favorite!

  22. Glad to hear it. One of my favs too. Cheers!

  23. Thanks. Unfortunately the shade made it darker then it is in the middle. The sides show the real golden color. I would liked to have retaken those shots but it was long gone by then.

  24. Nice review! I wish they'd just throw an age statement on these since I'm sure a large part of why these sit is people's hesitation to drop $100 on a NAS mystery bourbon.

  25. Thanks! I thought the same thing and it’s a big point of contention with this bottle. We can all agree every bottle should have an age statement. But is it really a big mystery for this bottle? By taste and deductive reasoning we can come pretty close, which is why I think $80 is a more appropriate retail price. As for KY distillery sources, we have the usual suspects.

  26. Next up, we’re checking out Bardstown Bourbon Company’s Collaborative Series Plantation Rum Finished Bourbon! The Collaborative Series from Bardstown Bourbon Company features whiskey that has been finished in a barrel from other beer, wine, and spirits producers. Tons of big names have been featured in this series including Chateau de Laubade, Founders Brewing, The Prisoner Wine, and more. Up to this point the only bottle from this line that I’ve tried is the West Virginia Great Barrel Company rye, and to be honest I expected more from that one given the price point. Fortunately, thanks to the generosity of

  27. Great review! I’ve been very curious about this bottle for a while but hesitant to buy it. Sounds like a winner.

  28. Next up, we’re checking out Woodinville Moscatel Finished Bourbon! Woodinville is a distillery that I’ve heard great things about for a while but haven’t had a chance to try yet. Thanks to the generosity of

  29. Great review! This sounds great. The only Woodinville I’ve had was last year’s

  30. I just got a bottle this week. Appreciate the history!

  31. Thanks! I thought this pick was a bit hot at first but opened up nicely after a few weeks.

  32. Nice review! I passed on this one because I still have the

  33. I’ve seen three other 2022 barrel picks of this that have the same exact proof. Is it an annual batch thing or are they proofing these down?

  34. You’re right. I never noticed that. Even the pick with the 51/49 mash bill is the same proof. It must be proofed down because these are different single barrel picks. I wonder what made them come up with that particular proof point?

  35. FWIW I think your criticism is valid for a lot of reviews on Reddit. My best friends with whom I discuss whiskey on a daily basis agree that there are way too many 7s and 8s. The descriptions imply they're well above average to nearly exceptional whiskies. By and large the majority of bourbons and ryes cannot fall that far out the bell curve and it skews the understanding for the readers. You weren't even rude about it; just generating a discussion point.

  36. Maybe there are too many 7’s and 8’s on this sub because of below average bottles given higher ratings than they deserve, and I agree that could be a great discussion point. But that’s not the basis of the point being made and criticized for here. Instead, extrayeasty said my “conclusion” implied a 5 or 6. When pressed for a specific reason, the response given was just two words taken out of context. Looking back at my tasting notes and not merely “my conclusion”, (which seems to be the whole basis for the comment), I disagree and I think so did other folks which I gather is the reason for extrayeasty’s down votes. I agree there are many reviews on this sub that offer two or three vague tasting notes at best and a high rating at the end with no explanation. I hope we can agree mine isn’t one of them. When thejustice made a comment, extrayeasty went on to say, “The descriptors he used are discordant with the numerical ranking”. What “descriptors”? Saying, “It’s solid”? What's wrong with that anyway? Why can't a great bottle be described as "solid"? LOL. Is that the only takeaway extrayeasty got out of this whole review? Sounds like it. At least that’s all I got when I asked. Talk about “discordant descriptors”. I’m not sure how someone could interpret this bottle to be as low as a 5 (just fine) from this review? If I actually gave this bottle a 5 or 6, I guarantee I would’ve had comments asking why I rated it so low based on the details in my tasting notes and other descriptors, which has actually happened to me on this sub on a bottle I gave a 7.5. Plus, I gave this Remus a 7.3 which is on the low side of “Great/Well above average”. Is that really so hard to believe? T8ke makes some great picks, and this was one of them. I also said, “There is a lot to love about it”. Sometimes you can’t fucking win in this sub. That’s probably why some reviewers on this sub avoid giving a rating altogether. It’s something I’ve considered but I like seeing how other bottles are rated too much for me to exclude that. Not to mention, the t8ke scale I use have descriptions right below the score which is also a valid descriptor that helps explain the score. Speaking of valid discussion points, what about commenters who give the reviewer a lot of shit for a score on a bottle that the commenter hasn’t even tried? I have thoughts I’d love to discuss with you about why the bell curve is higher in the sub but I’ve already typed way the hell too much already. Cheers!

  37. Next up, we’re checking out the Old Elk “Cosmic Wheat Return to Space IV” wheated bourbon single barrel selected by

  38. Excellent review! Did you like this older aged pick more or less than last years Cosmic Wheat?

  39. Thanks! I did actually like this one a little bit more, it really aligned well with my palate preferences.

  40. That’s good to hear. Glad OE is going in the right direction with this wheated mash bill. It was one of my favs.

  41. Redwood Empire Grizzly Beast Bottled in Bond (Batch 002)

  42. Nice review! My local in NY has this for just under $85. I’ve been enjoying this bottle a lot. Amazing for its age. I agree with you and also don’t mind supporting craft distilleries doing some great things and this is one of them. GB is all their own distillate whereas Pipe Dream is a blend of theirs and other sources such as MGP.

  43. Good people and excellence service. They usually ship within a week of placing the order.

  44. Great review! I love this pour myself and like it over the 15Y. Lots of talk about proofing it down but I like what this site said:

  45. Thanks! I’ve heard many people say the same about the 15 y. Sounds like the folks at Beam were listening when they created 18. Don’t get me wrong, I understand and agree with all the reasons 18 is at 100p and mentioned we all know what the flip side is if it weren’t. Which is what is you quoted from the Beam site, not to mention it would probably be a higher retail price. I also agree that cask strength or 120p might not have worked out well. I enjoyed it a lot where it is but like a lot of folks who have tried it, can’t help wonder if it were even better at a higher proof. Maybe around 110 or 112p? I guess we are a hard lot to please! Lol!

  46. I have some advice to give you. Buy some Aged + Ore sample bottles (they hold like 3.4oz) and go into the bar you're buying apour from and just pour it into there l. Then when you go home, take your time with it in your own Glen. Your notes may change a lot!

  47. Hey Prepreludesh! Funny you should suggest this because I have the A&O flight bottles and thought of doing the same thing. That would have been a better way. Problem is it doesn’t look like it’s legal to do that in NY, but it doesn’t hurt to ask next time. Luckily this bar was empty yesterday afternoon and was able to take my time and take decent notes with my phone. No doubt I would have been more comfortable tasting at home.

  48. Great review. I still have plenty of 7 & 8 from last year Is it me or are these Disco releases coming out sooner than they used to?

  49. Great review! This is a bottle I wish I had too. I never see these locally though.

  50. Review #99: Four Roses 16 year OESV- Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief August 2022

  51. Fantastic review! Good for you to have snagged this bottle but I’m also so jealous. You have great tasting notes too. Love your comparison of Chef’s Table to great bourbon. Cheers!

  52. Thanks and glad to see you liked this one as much as I did. Solid bottle! Batch 19 is even older then the one I have. Must have been on the shelf for at least a couple of years. Looks good sitting next to that OF Birthday. Cheers!

  53. Thanks for this excellent write up. Sounds like your palate aligns with mine and I’ve been very curious about this bottle. I also watch Matt from ADHD. The guy is very entertaining and I agree with him most of the time. There’s a local bar that has this and I plan on giving it a try this weekend.

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