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John Cena Sets Guinness World Record For The Most Wishes Granted Through The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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  1. FX is basically Hulu’s prestige brand at this point. But it’s also still a channel on cable where you can catch their shows if you don’t have Hulu

  2. they do have fx shows that are only on hulu though

  3. I still can’t believe they changed their pricing to where you have to pay $20 if you want to watch on a smart TV. What other streaming service has tiers set up like that?? Fucking vampires. Fuck Bell.

  4. Americans who think that immigrating to canada is a really easy thing that anybody can do

  5. that page always just seems like another big echo chamber when I look at it

  6. upn had lots of wrestlers appear on there shows that year

  7. We don't know if he's pals with Trump Sr. But we do know he's pals with Trump Jr. And where was his wife January 6th?

  8. does having somebody on a podcast really make them pals? or is there more to it then that

  9. My wife has no idea who Cody is but, she sure af knows Chris Jericho

  10. I have come across lots of people who know almost nothing about wrestling but know who chris jericho is because he was on dancing with the stars

  11. obviously nobody can really know what is going on but those onlyfans screenshots did seem really sketchy to me when I first saw them

  12. The only part of Fox that Murdoch didn't sell was Fox News & Fox Sports.

  13. yeah pretty much the only thing that I ever watch as its airing is sports and news been that way for a very long time

  14. Crave is decent except it won't automatically play the next episode of any show you're watching when opening the app.

  15. When you upload every single mundane thing in your life to YouTube, I think it’s fair to say people do know everything about you.

  16. Each season coinciding with a school year is a perfect format as well.

  17. yeah I always thought that the movies felt way too rushed

  18. wonder if disney advertising there star section outside of the united states had anything to do with this

  19. Dustin Rhodes, Shawn Spears, Ric Flair, Lars Sullivan, Toni Storm, & Kenta, since 2019 Not all of them wound up in AEW obviously.

  20. I think they even let him out of the 90 day thing early to sign with AEW

  21. Back in my day this would be a decent house show number. Now its a 'great' number for WWE.

  22. but the arena is really close to being sold out

  23. This has been debunked YEARS ago. That's not what her mom said. Research before perpetuating nonsense like this.

  24. it would be nice if there was maybe some sort of pinned post that covered topics that constantly get brought up by people who are maybe kind of new to some of this stuff

  25. it’s the grandma. she has dementia.

  26. Eugenia acually said that's what it was one time

  27. He literally threw his mic stand to the crowd at six flags, which hit a kid. Now apparently bands can’t play there because of that.

  28. isn't that something that lots of singers do though

  29. not in interest of defending him but this like not true? can somebody back this up?

  30. the timing would also be kind of weird because that was the same day that tons of pictures and videos with female wrestlers got leaked

  31. The wrestling company can use that info to try to get a steaming deal though.

  32. those numbers would also be useful when the tv channels are making new carriage agreements with the cable company's

  33. Interesting that giant taste makers are becoming less important to streaming networks. JJ Abraham was another production deal that bombed.

  34. I have not seen anything that indicates that her stuff bombed and the article actually says that they will still be working together

  35. no jeff seems to be camping with big mike , david the german videographer, daddy steve and some instagram models

  36. He just won a lawsuit against Triller and Ryan Kavenaugh over defamation and because he played a clip of a triller fight.

  37. Old comment but I though he won the copyright law suit and the defamation one is still going on

  38. he was paying a character on a reality tv show people have said that he is not like that in real life

  39. Andrew Tate is getting hundreds of thousands more views on Rumble than on YouTube. One of his video had 800’000 views where he’d only have at most like 100k-150k on YouTube. Rumble can become competitors if YouTube keeps banning their big streamers. Ishowspeed is close to getting banned and if he gets banned, he mentioned he might go over to rumble, and if that happens it’s most likely over for YouTube because he will bring over a huge and extremely young fanbase.

  40. the big obstacle that any of these sort of sites have is can they actually make any money and how long can they sustain losses for

  41. they could also run in to problems with getting advertisers like YouTube had for hosting controversial content

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