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  1. Agreed. Someone f*cked this design up.

  2. Misery loves company. They just want someone else to b*tch to.

  3. I use these for backpacking and then (if they're glass) I make candles with them. Same with the mini jelly jars.

  4. A lot of them don't even have a degree at all.

  5. Watermelon. Beautiful fruit. Tastes like 💩

  6. The only veg that is slimy and woody in the same bite. Yuck!!!

  7. I wouldn't consider okra a food item that's loved.

  8. He was feeding popcorn chicken to a baby?

  9. If only I had the training or education to do this. It would be amazing.

  10. Mine is doing the exact same thing.

  11. 12 monkeys. I've determined that this opinion is divided by gender.

  12. I'm Gen X and I'm barely in menopause. Millennials have quite a few years to go.

  13. It's probably HR wanting the money for the gift.

  14. These are shitty parents. If they were not lazy slags, they'd find a legal spot to park their car, then walk their kid over, or take a bus or another means of transportation.

  15. Or they can carpool or have their precious 17-year-old take the freaking train or bus. But they don't care.

  16. It should be called, "everyone has a 17" waist"

  17. Regardless of who is the puppet in charge, the rich will always run this country.

  18. mmmmm... i got versed for my colonoscopy.

  19. when i had a cervical biopsy, my doc held my hand while another doc did the procedure. i think i almost broke his hand.

  20. As an aspiring minimalist, browsing stores is great for inspiration tbh

  21. i love window shopping. all of the beautiful crap that i don't need. all the money i'll save by not buying any more crap.

  22. because everyone thinks their precious little mini-me will change the world. because we all need more Elon Musks out there.

  23. Stop explaining yourself. "No, sorry, I can't this time" is enough for any request you don't want to do.

  24. Chick FIL A Walmart Hobby lobby BP Amazon

  25. I stumbled onto this situation completely by accident. I was heading to a store on the bus and this happened. Since I always carry my camera, I obviously took advantage. I tried to compose the picture somewhat to show a better view inside but obviously I could only get so close and had to be mindful of not obstructing CPD and CFD

  26. The only jerks who agree with one week pto are the ones who make the rules, who have infinite PTO, or who make enough money to afford to take unpaid time.

  27. I see you edited your comment. Feel free to allow other people to talk shit about your kids. I won't judge. Otherwise, I really don't care how you feel about it.

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