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  1. Okay so I don’t think they’re going on until 10:30 CST if I’m reading their instagram times correctly. I went to twitch and found the concert recorded (I saw they had the 1975 and some other bands) but I’m not seeing a live stream

  2. I don’t know if you were able to watch it but that same person who was live on twitch switched to YouTube instead. The quality was very bad though

  3. Hey if you scroll through the Reddit page someone posted pictures and a link! I tried to tag you in the post but I’m new to Reddit so i don’t know how to or if that’s even a thing on here haha

  4. Okay awesome thank you I’ll have to check it out

  5. I was there! I caught Josh's shirt and the person behind me reached over and grabbed it from my hands lol

  6. I'm pretty sure this one will stream on Youtube. I think this should be the link?

  7. Duuuude thank you!! I was coming here to post this myself only to see that it was already posted 🥺❤️

  8. Im gonna get downvoted to hell and back for this but ode to sleep (still a banger tho)

  9. I meant what is your least favorite song on vessel. But yeah I agree ode to sleep is amazing

  10. Heavydirtysoul SPECIFICALLY the love stream experience version when it goes from jumpsuit with 1 verse and immediately going into heavydirtysoul especially with the burning car "transition"

  11. When it switched to heavydirtysoul during the livestream I was like WTF JUST HAPPENED? I was speechless

  12. Out of all the ranking I’ve seen, I relate to this the most for sure

  13. I don’t listen to music all the time. When I am not listening to music, I’m still not talking to people lmao.

  14. I never would have said Guns for Hands is my favorite… I always say Migraine or Fake You Out

  15. Yeah that happened to me too. My all time favorite is ode to sleep, but when I ranked them it ended up being chlorine. Weird.

  16. This is DEFINITELY going to change in 10 minutes:

  17. Ode to sleep is so underrated I’d 100% pick that song

  18. Just discovered half alive this year. They are so good!

  19. That’s awesome I love to hear that! I have to introduce my parents to top now lol

  20. Love this video so much. You got the perfect view

  21. Not gonna lie Brad actually got me into twenty one pilots. I saw one of his reaction videos and realized how amazing TØP is. I new about TØP ever since I was little, but just their more popular songs like ride and stressed out. And yeah I think he truly does like twenty one pilots haha

  22. I hear Level of Concern all the time on the radio. I don’t think it’s underrated, but also not overrated. It’s just rated. Ride and Stressed out are both good songs, just overplayed

  23. Yeah I heard level of concern on the radio a lot especially during quarantine

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