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  1. There will be no bursting housing bubble. It is fizzling right now driven mostly by rising interest rates but when we get back to normal market or hit recession, the bidding wars will resume.

  2. toronto is an international market, meaning people from all around the world are interested in buying properties here

  3. A lot of people won't want to hear this, but by and large people in this city - especially homeowners - are a *lot* more conservative than you would gather reading this thread,

  4. a majority of the world is more conservative than anyone thinks, its just that they know when to voice their opinion

  5. i’m not gonna lie to you, i was genuinely hoping it would solve everything

  6. i absolutely refuse to believe there was ever a time period where you can walk out of the house in that hair

  7. sounds like you genuinely need to take a look at your life and lay off the weed completely

  8. Somehow the ☺️ creeped me out more.

  9. I don’t like how Robin distances herself from the gang after she gets famous. Ted said early in the show that aunt Robin was never alone. But then she’s literally alone for years.

  10. he made it, he finally got money and everything so its no surprise his music changes

  11. yeah i agree, shes only human and she deserves to see the type of person she would be without marshall. wouldnt disagree with someone wanting to figure out who they really are.

  12. im looking at this picture and i cannot believe that some people actually get to live there and see this everyday

  13. the creators can say whatever they want, but all im saying is HIMYM would have cemented itself as legendary if it had a traditional happy ending

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