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  1. Call the vatican you should be beatified this minute :)

  2. Well an OBE then but seriously very heart warming and lovely thread, nice to see something positive on here.

  3. Do you like gin? Maybe juniper berries just aren’t your thing.

  4. Everyone has different palates - I think these reviews should be taken as personal scores overall. It’s like someone who doesn’t like fish giving a salmon fillet a low score, and you’re like “that sucks, I was about to try salmon for the first time but now I won’t”

  5. I would encourage people to try it for sure. I wouldn't encourage buying it though.

  6. That's unacceptable, seriously. Which are of the city are you in?

  7. Statistically, men are about 3x more likely to be attacked or murdered while going to our parking place than women. But nobody cares about violence and danger against men.

  8. So the exception proves the rule? What else was he besides being a white man? Perhaps a F>M TS person? Perhaps gay/LGBTS? Not likely that he would get any sympathy just being a white man.

  9. There are other cases, sorry to er... disappoint you. Actually I'm confused didn't you want men to be winning discrimination cases but when you are presented with one you seem disappointed, make up your mind.

  10. They are 2 different tastes. Lol 😆

  11. You burn the peat to dry malted grain which adds the flavor of the peat to the whisky, during the process the smoke created by burning peat is also added. They go somewhat hand in hand, but still give out different tastes.🤗 Smoke can be added by charring the barrels as well

  12. Have a similar experience. Somehow, the nose had a very artificial note that didn’t appeal too much, though on the palate it was a pleasant enough dram.

  13. Yeah the search continues. Master of Malt have a Orkney 16 for £59.95 so let's see if I get drunk enough to order it.

  14. Just grabbed the new Laphroaig USA exclusive from this series. I haven’t opened it yet, but I tend to trust Ollie Chilton.

  15. In a separate rant. I bought some adidas tshirts and was shocked at the quality of the tshirt when it arrived. The material was thin and not soft and this was supposedly 100% cotton material.

  16. I'm back in the gym. My hip has been giving me problems as I have a muscular imbalance but I've decided after months of doing useless stretching. I should just go back and strengthen my QL etc at the gym and it was wonderful.

  17. Know this is a bit of a dead post, but came in handy for this article! -

  18. Oh, are you the author? Well that's much better journalism than I offered with my review. I think if someone approached me now and said, I am on a really strict budget and want to buy a whisky I would send them to Asda or Morrisons to get a Tamnavulin red wine cask for £22.

  19. Why do people engage even, I just speed walk away from them.

  20. That's true. I suppose it's what you're after. Balblair 12 is available for £36 and I have to say given the choice between the Orchard House and the Balblair, I think most folk would go for the Balblair.

  21. When it's on offer (£32-£36) I find it a really good value blended malt.

  22. I don't doubt that but for that money I can get a single malt you know.

  23. Don't worry we get it. Wedding's are stressful. Your face was probably tense from smiling broadly for the live long day.

  24. How about switching to heat pumps jeez get rid of those polluting gas boilers

  25. yeah let’s do nothing instead and stay addicted to cheap pollution fossil fuels

  26. Protests rainbow ban, calls for action on workers deaths, buys long-term Gas - Probably Germany

  27. Where are they to get it from? the options are limited.

  28. Maybe Wales should have been threatened. I’m joking!

  29. If you like smoke then del maguey Vida mescal, after which ledaig 10 and ardbeg 10.

  30. Agree to disagree but personally I've never really felt more than a superficial level of care or empathy from a woman I've opened up with, often it does the opposite and drives them away. Many men experience this. Their reactions seem like a subconscious defense mechanism more than anything

  31. Because people in general are not qualified psychologists. If you 'open up' and it's too much for the other person or they don't react how you want you should not condemn them, if you have been traumatised then seek counselling. Many people have their own shit going on or are not qualified to deal with the traumas of other people.

  32. How can you judge my opinion without context then? I'm aware of what's appropriate or not and I stand by what I said.

  33. It is true it won’t fall much but it will fall by single-digit

  34. I am interested to know which ones you have scored 9 or 10?

  35. I did a highlights of previous reviews if you scroll down on this post.

  36. I was just looking at this today (amongst other things) as it is on sale on Amazon on the UK.

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