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  1. I have light surgery planned in January and will be out 3 days. I can't lift heavy for 12 weeks. Will they put me on light duty when I come back?

  2. Talk to your manager to see if they can put you on a light route or do CSA stuffs for 12 weeks.

  3. Tbh, that's a pretty good price for keeping her business running.

  4. If they don’t answer call box..scan code customer controlled access and on to next stop

  5. Unfortunately, I was told about the universal code. Can't just access control those complex now.

  6. Wow. That's more than I expected. How do you deal with the access control?

  7. I know the complex universal code. It's the bad floor plan design that make a stop stupidly long. The way they number their apartment units do not make any sense. You can be going from for example unit 01 to unit 15, then suddenly at a turn, it changes into unit 32 to 46, then it changes to unit 68-79. Something like that. Also no signs that point you to an elevator, so you basically have to traverse the hallways for a bit to find one. Lots of complain basically. This only applies to stops with ISR/DSR. For normal stops, they have parcel rooms, which makes the total delivery experience a bit better. If you're new to the area, or only have signatures, you'll have a bad day.

  8. I mean if they drop the passenger seats, they should have enough space right? If not, bungee cord and tape a neon yellow/ orange thingy to the tv end that stick outside.

  9. We'll see if they get to the Sony-Microsoft merger bridge. That'll be interesting.

  10. Ooof, sounds like your truck has some sort of exhaust leak somewhere. You should not be able to smell ammonia like smell in your cabin. DEF fluid/exhaust leak. DEF fluid has that ammonia smell that you're looking for.

  11. P900/1000. So much space. I can hang a hammock in the back to rest when taking a 1hr break. Great handling for the truck this size. I can't stand the handling of Sprinters. Don't have to worry about door space, love the step aspect of this truck. Also, I don't have to deal with pre-open my cargo door when backing up to a dock. At least in my driving experience, everyone tries to make space for me.

  12. With eStar, I can deliver P2 early without having to deal with the 10:30 rule.

  13. Leave them at the stairs man. Your health is more important than whatever the f those people ordered.

  14. Nah, just annoying sunlight blindness when driving at 6:30 AM south bound towards Irvine.

  15. This was basically my PT schedule before I got my FT route. I signed up for this for extra time. I don't miss this at all, especially working with the cans part. The tiny ones are the worst.

  16. The one that we have at our station need a bit of warm up before I can use them with the LEO.

  17. Wait until tmr and try again. They usually schedule updates and fixes on weekend.

  18. Welp, looks like the chicken was f-ing raaawwww. They were able to walk away from the quesadilla.

  19. I'm about to talk to my general manager when I get home.

  20. Make sure to get whatever deal they're telling you in writing.

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