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  1. I don’t do it but I’ve seen people literally overnight start to treat their IGs like they are influencers, only posting hot pics of themselves, tagging brands and they blow up to 5k+ very fast. And then the DMs roll in.

  2. Also for future exams, know this: any words ending in “ome” are going to refer to a group of something. It comes from the Greek “oma”, meaning body (as in body of). So for example, proteome refers to all of the proteins in the subject of interest.

  3. Anita @ Princeton review, not sure if she’s taking new clients but she literally works miracles

  4. Have you hear of the Thanksgiving rule/heuristic?

  5. there's no app just yet (we're working on it!) but our website works well on mobile, desktop and tablets!

  6. LSU has two medical schools, one in New Orleans and one in Shreveport- but assuming you’re talking about NO

  7. It is very unfortunate kids get cancer, it's just really sad to see that with all the advances in medicine that it's common. Never heard of the hospital.

  8. St. Jude is directly responsible for the massive jump in survival rates for pediatric cancer. 94% of St. Jude patients live! 50 year ago the pediatric cancer survival rate was a measly 4% for reference. They do incredible work.

  9. I’m no doctor so i can’t tell you if it’s infected… but, i had issues with my nose piercing healing. Months of using saline solution from my piercer to keep it clean and it just kept getting dry and irritated. I used put a few drops of tea tree oil (known to be anti microbial) in some coconut oil (i liked that it was solid and easy to apply, then kind of melted around/into the piercing) and put that on morning and night and it was healed within weeks!! Good enough that my piercer agreed I was ready to finally change the jewelry. Might be something you could try..

  10. No tea tree oil on open wounds. Will worsen inflammatory response from the body

  11. If you are able to drill into the wall (not renting), mount a curtain rod above the window and long enough that the rod extends over the sides. Get curtains that are longer than the window itself, two panels. You can get good and cheap blackout curtains from Amazon. If you did not have the blinds I would say get sheer curtains to go between the blackout curtains but you don’t need them.

  12. It's not a Gram stain. These are pictures of colony at increasing mag. Just the one now-absent gene engineer took it for staph.

  13. Hmm on closer look I agree, didn’t see the last slide. Let me poke around in my clinical mycology book and see if something else might fit the bill

  14. sort of like Rhizopus but looks closer to Synphalastrum but spores aren't septate.

  15. Have you considered just straight up Candida albicans? Fits the bill morphologically w/ hyphae and germ tube formation - have more experience in the clinical mycoses realm but that may be a good place to start.

  16. I bought it after reading about it here, but it hasn’t arrived yet

  17. Ah yes I can see that. Sorry I'm not very familiar with the terminology, could you describe what you mean by smoky?

  18. No worries! To me at least a “Smokey” color has grey undertones pulled into the base color. So like this color is a blue, but when you look at it, it also has some grey in it. It can be really great for a kitchen because it adds that pop of color without being overpowering in a space that already has a lot going on

  19. I think that color blue could be better. That’s a pretty color but it gives a lack of sophistication imo I think either going darker or choosing a blue with a bit of smoke to it could make it look mature without being too trendy

  20. My husband is actually the opposite. I’ll be excited about a new mint color (I know it’s the same as all the other mints but it’s a shade lighter so it ls new right?) and he will be like oh I don’t care. Go ahead and get that new color I have final fantasy 6 eight different ways so I get it.

  21. So I'm in grad school rn and just had a whole week of lecture on MD and I'll just summarize some reassuring things that I learned:

  22. And the “chemicals” you are talking about will not stay on the material if you washes them multiple times if I’m not wrong

  23. This specifically is incorrect. Polyfluoroalkyl compounds will not budge from whatever you buy. It’s similar to Teflon coatings on nonstick pans

  24. Well if that was the case it does not explain How they are the most top rated on all of shein, plus it says in description its good for hair and skin,

  25. A recent Canadian study of shein products showed that they had high levels of lead and a bunch of other chemicals (including what are called “forever chemicals” because they never break down). Your skin is worth more than whatever deal you’d be getting

  26. Part of what you pay for with a tulane education is the networking and opportunities that come as a byproduct of being affiliated with the school. It’s worth it if you are willing to put in the effort to meet people and get involved

  27. I was thinking like a small psychiatrist style bench?

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