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  1. Did anyone who's been experiencing this happen to go into "Privilege Mode" and download some apps or anything like that?

  2. Is privilege mode where you tap the lower left corner repeatedly? I tried to do that to fix the lockup but it’s apparently now only accessible if you call support. I don’t have anything special downloaded.

  3. My s22i did this. I started powering it off after use as the instructions advised.

  4. Thanks, I must have missed that in the instructions somehow. Stinks that we have to wait for the bootup procedure every time, but that's still much better than having to reset!

  5. I hate to be cynical, but I don't believe ANY company hands out a PIP under the notion that they want you to improve and stay. I usually see a PIP as "they want to get rid of you"...and they'll keep moving the goal posts until they can.

  6. I successfully got out of a PIP a few months ago. Everyone seems happy and everything is good.

  7. I said that myself, but now my pup is 9 months and I'm toying with the idea of getting another, lol

  8. Unfortunately, Kenwood discontinued production on the 710. Currently there's no direct replacement from Kenwood.

  9. The 2100H was my very first radio back in 2000 (I think) when I was a baby 12 year old. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one just for the nostalgia. I remember it being a pretty solid rig.

  10. My wife and I paid for bulkhead seers for our biannual Japan trip in March. I have a bad feeling that this is going to happen to me! We specifically chose those seats for the extra room and paid an extra $300 for them. No way I’m going to give them up for less than $600.

  11. Apple Watch doesn't transmit heart rate to iFit directly. There are a number of apps that can do it for you...another poster mentioned a free one but I purchased Echo (free for 20 minute workouts, one-time purchase of $20 for longer ones).

  12. Yeah, I went with Echo because I had trouble with the other. Works perfectly.

  13. I use an app called HeartCast to sync my Apple watch to my x22i treadmill via Bluetooth (BlueHeart app is also free). Ifit records my heart rate and the info is synced to strava which them syncs to Apple.

  14. One last question: does the iFit app need any sort of connection to the treadmill? Or, does linking Strava to it propagate to the treadmill and cause its software to automatically upload to Strava?

  15. The key is not to sit anywhere near the seats towards the front where the space for the bassinets are.

  16. Agh, I just bought bulkhead seats on a 10 hour flight. Hopefully this doesn't happen!

  17. Yeah sure cause everyone as enough money to do that, than if you want to recline book a business class seat? Never reclined mine even on 10+ hours flight so hey that's doable

  18. Dude, if you've got the money for an international flight, you can spring another $100 for bulkhead seats.

  19. I've never seen an HT that could do it well. Maybe a Kenwood, but I'm radio broke and can't afford one 🤑

  20. I have a D74 and, while it's pretty archaic (T9 - takes me back to 2002), it's not bad. I got the FT-5D for hiking trips where I don't want to risk the D74, and I wanted the battery life.

  21. My VX-8 has native APRS, but typing a message is like decoding FT8 by ear, near impossible. I've got a 'Feng GT-5R and a Mobilinkd TNC hooked up to it. Now typing messages is easy from my phone. Batteries are cheap too. I can save my VX-8 for voice calls now.

  22. I really wish I had pulled the trigger on a Mobilinkd before they became unobtanium.

  23. Is there an iOS app that will take the HR from an Apple Watch and tell you when to speed up or slow down in order to stay in a specified HR zone? I have a lot of trouble staying in zone 2 and having an audible notification telling me to cool it would be nice.

  24. Why did this one line of dialogue trigger me to want to watch the whole movies again

  25. I literally finished my annual re watching last night and now, because of this comment, I’m primed for another rewatch.

  26. Please tell me others struggle to add gym visits with their running?!

  27. Try 5/3/1, the Triumvirate version. You do 1 main lift and a few smaller accessory lifts. Very manageable volume.

  28. May be a training load error, so make sure you're not pushing a bit too hard too soon.

  29. I think I did bite off more than I can chew. I train for Powerlifting too, and that has really gotten rough since I began the running. I'll just take some time off running and once I feel better, take it a bit easier.

  30. Sometimes it's not always about taking time off, rather just pulling back a bit in volume/intensity and/or adding more rest days, so just experiment with whatever you feel is best and doable for your situation and goals.

  31. I did do an easy run yesterday and made sure I was in HR zone 2 the majority of the time. It felt much more sustainable and felt more like what I remember running feeling like. I also feel much better the day afterwards than I felt after my harder runs.

  32. Just curious, how big is that DWG? The max size of a vector in C++ is huge.

  33. Not MobaXTerm but QTermTCP 32 bit version has KISS TNC support. Since the D74 is a kiss only tnc device a simple serial dumb terminal won't just work. But I use the QTermTCP with the NinoTNC's which are also KISS only devices and it works. Haven't bluetooth connected my D74 but others have and say it works as well.

  34. I’ll try that! I have the 64 bit version and have wondered why it doesn’t have the KISS option that the documentation mentions. Thanks for mentioning that the 32 bit version has it.

  35. BPQ took me back! I still have an image of my 120Mb Seagate on my computer with BPQ and JNOS from my 386 DX40 LOL :-)

  36. BPQ is still kicking! I have a node set up on a Raspberry Pi into my Kenwood 710 and it works well. I just want to try to run the D74 with a regular terminal since running a full BPQ node just to be able to connect to BBS' is a little overkill.

  37. Part of it is just giving your body time to adapt. How close together are your runs and squat sessions?

  38. I figure it'll take a bit of time before things even out, but it is discouraging. I typically run on mornings I don't lift, so typically around 24 hours before I squat or deadlift.

  39. The cut is probably the main culprit. I started running a couple years ago while in the middle of a cut and while running the 5 day version of the SBS hypertrophy template. After a couple weeks of that, I started feeling completely drained. Once I finished the cut and went back to a slow bulk, things started feeling much better.

  40. I think I'll eat at maintenance before mornings I lift, and eat at a deficit on other days. Hopefully that sorts things out and still lets me cut a bit of weight.

  41. Nope, as far as I'm aware, the ID52 is one of the only ones that has this function. I just wish the ID52 had APRS support, and I'd be sold.

  42. I agree. It seems like every manufacturer misses the mark in some way with each flagship HT.

  43. Mobiles, too. I've been debating upgrading my mobile, id-5100 vs ftm-400...icom has the near repeater search but does dprs instead of aprs. Yaesu doesn't have that capability, but implements normal aprs.

  44. I grabbed an ft-5d as well a few days ago. It’s pretty good, but the APRS messaging is an abomination. You have to edit an existing message in order to send one. What is that?!

  45. Oh, you know what, I didn't see the laptop part. I have the regular surface go 2 and I absolutely love the thing. Super portable, does media, office, and internet very well. However, they only make those with 128gb which is not enough space in 2022. Every device should be a minimum 256 at this point.

  46. I put a 1 tb micro sd in my go and have moved a bunch of software there. Helps a ton!

  47. Mine has my name, and a URL with more info. You could put your QRZ url in there. Or a device name, which might give people an idea of your capabilities to reply to them. Like if you're on an FT5 I'm going to expect replies to be slow due to how you type them, compared to a mobile rig with a touchscreen for example.

  48. Thanks! That’s a good idea. I just changed my to my name and website URL.

  49. Thanks! I fell asleep before I could reply unfortunately. I got way more messages than I could handle lol. But it was pretty fun.

  50. What are you using to generate the auto answers?

  51. Great, more crap to blow my money on and get called a simp from my wife for lol.

  52. You can copy/paste the information from RT Systems to a spreadsheet (Excel, OpenOffice, LIbreOffice, etc.), reformat the column format to match the MCP-D74 column format, save into a format you can import into the MCP-D74 software (perhaps CSV - comma separated values), or try copying and pasting from the spreadsheet into the MCP-D74 software.

  53. I was going to do that, but I have a ton of repeaters programmed so it would be annoying. I created a Python script to do it, which works.

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