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  1. That thing been rotting for who knows how long and must have been incredibly painful..and im amazed she still manage to eat so much, dont ever underestimate the willpower of the stomach.

  2. On a Thursday? These people dont have jobs or something?

  3. This made me watch her shower routine video and here's what came to mind..the length of the shower routine even if its sped up seems typical for the average person..but, idk for her..makes me question if she's able to even clean herself thoroughly. Like gorls know if u want to clean your bits down there really good u kinda need to be able to lift ur legs to some degree...and to clean your toes, u gotta be able to lift your foot high enough or at least bend down. Like how does she clean those areas?? Like even if we say she showers regularly, can she actually really clean everything...

  4. Girl my brother bought himself a shower seat and it’s the best fucking thing to happen to my shower routine E V E R.

  5. Lmfaooo you bout to make me search one in amazon. I want a sparkling clean panocha too loool

  6. I ddnt know the bay area migration is still ongoing 😂

  7. I was trying to make a lame joke about bay area folks moving to sac..but thanks for the explanation...

  8. Welcome to Sacramento!! The diversity here is something I really love. Its a mix of color and culture, so if youre from a small town, I recommend getting out of your food comfort zone little by little. Try the street tacos, the halal food, vietnamese cuisine, russian food and many more. There's also the farmer's markets. Itll help you learn and see what nice and diverse food Sacramento has.

  9. My ex didn’t have a great childhood. Her dad abandoned her and then eventually he went to prison for years, she was neglected by her mom. But I’m sorry, she RUINED my life. She treated me like shit, I will never be the same. My mom let her live with us and she took advantage of the situation and then abused me like hell. I have NO sympathy for Amber. My ex was a total narcissistic abusive bitch. So is Amber. I recognize one when I see one.

  10. Im sorry you had to go thru that. Its really hard to give a pass to anyone who treat people like shit and reason most of it from bad upbringing. I hope youre doing well now tho.. true with what u say with Amber..she can say whatever she wants, all this dirty laundry aired out plus everything she shows in her videos all points to the truth

  11. I've been caught by the grammar police😭😭😭

  12. When Becky was obviously loopy af from medication, looking high as a why show that... 🙃🙃🙃 plus in that state, most likely they cant tell u if they wanna be filmed or not.

  13. I think its not necessarily about her hair, but its how she says or express it. Its like when she says she have small hands and feet, i mean does she? Maybe if she's average size maybe but we all see it, and from the perception of everyone they aint dainty. Same thing with her hair. It wasnt a big deal before, but the way she pointed it out like this is some premium mane, it ddnt really sit well with a lot of people plus we dnt see premium mane so yah people are gonna say something. Delivery of words is big and when she says things most of the time, it comes off like those annoying kids in middleschool whos bragging about something. I personally ddnt care much about her hair..its amber talking about amber things to me. I personally thinks she does things like this coz she knows its gonna cause fire and shes right..and like a dementor, she seems to somehow thrive off that.

  14. Reminds me of those collage projects in middle school

  15. Oh you mean when they said "Attention mgghs north mdjeuks hsjsujannnn sjakw was last seen shorts sjjsnakixjsnna 5'4, gray hair shaneuaikskllll brenmmmmggg"

  16. Mamma Susanna's Ristorante Italiano if you guys are up for Italian

  17. "Pot-heads" 😂😂😂 any other drug is fine tho

  18. I remember her mouth "rejected" her wisdom tooth. Basically, what really happened was she didn't brush her teeth, so her wisdom tooth rotted and had to be removed. She showed it off in a vlog.

  19. Idk if anybody else noticed in the newest (I think? where she was talking about her 'hallucination' dreams), there's a shot of her open mouth and the tooth behind the one that was removed looks like it's missing the front portion. As many in this thread have already said, it's a shame because she'd be able to have great teeth if she wanted and i'm sure she must be in pain at times.

  20. Edamame is now edamommy for me and "ba-sa-mee-tee" lives rent free in my head because as much as she claims she loves indian food she cant pronounce basmati 😂😂😂

  21. best thing about this is that Zach made a video about it and its hilarious lool

  22. This one is a classic. When she lived with destinys family. She ate 4 eggrolls from wolmart(which she said she usually just eats 2 but shes doing 4 for the mookbang), rice with soy sauce, "asian pasta salad" (this is some ramen noodles, with a little cabbage looking stuff with italian dressing).

  23. We just had a summer mother nature has all of us reminiscing of early spring weather vibes mixed with full blown late spring bloom and pollen. Its a roller coaster out there.

  24. Slap it purple, put the beam on some building and its good nuff. 😂😂😂

  25. I experienced this but di naman ganon kalala. Mine was the same scenario na nakatulog sa sofa, and aware akong im asleep pero parang kahit anong gawin kong paggising sa sarili di ko maimulat ang mata ko. Tapos feeling ko parang may something light na dumadampi sakin, parang light na kumot and i keep hearing na may bumababa sa hagdan pero like tuloy tuloy lang, parang never syang nakakababa sa first was weird. When that happens, i jst try to calm myself down. Then eventually it either magigising ako or magreresume sa normal dream.

  26. I agree. Theres more to just learning your native language than just being able to speak it. Iba ang grammar at maraming words na walang direct translation. I feel like people dont really see the benefit of being multilingual. Ang Ingles at matututunan din naman sa paaralan, same sa tagalog. Im a big advocate of teaching your kids your provincial language first, tagalog and english will eventually come natural specially kung sa pinas ka naman nakatira.

  27. I couldn't understand a thing they were saying, especially Summer & nor did my tv's captions

  28. It was not clear for me when i was just listening frm my pc but it was clearer with headphones. Hope that helps.

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