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  1. The Irishman 3.5 hour run time was a little long for one sitting.

  2. I have 2 hepa air cleaners running all the time in the room with my birds. I also have one in my bedroom. My cockatiels are so dusty and my allergies have definitely suffered since getting them, but I can’t bear to even think of getting rid of them. High quality air cleaners help!

  3. do you know which air cleaners you have? i have lots of birds. 11 total. out of all my birds i’m so allergic to my cockatiels but i can’t get rid of them. i love them too much. are the air cleaners you have affordable?

  4. I have multiple of the same model of Honeywell Hepa air cleaners (the one for extra large rooms, so it’s more powerful). They’re not cheap, but quality hepa cleaners are an investment. I buy the replacement hepa filters on Amazon that are off brand, so cheaper, but as effective. The air cleaners help my allergies a lot.

  5. I’d recommend reporting him to his regulatory body. This is extremely inappropriate. If he’s a licensed service provider, then he has to follow reasonable and very prescribed standards of practice.

  6. I've been pondering for a few hours now and I still can't come up with any possible benefit or reason why someone would do this... maybe I need to get a 12 of coors in my system to achieve the level of clarity this person had when they decided this was a thing to even do.


  8. it's a lady!! lol and she doesn't like the posts clearly :D

  9. Haha! Somebody doesn’t like the posts, that’s for sure. I’ve been downvoted just for mentioning the owner of the truck is female. 🤷‍♀️

  10. I’m in Canada! I order them off Amazon

  11. Omg! I’ve never heard of these. Ordering them now!

  12. The wiggle of his ears when he settles back in the water is the highlight of this video for me.

  13. you're 70, now compare yourself to an 18-year-old who takes it daily for years. Yes, it decreases with age, and its good to just take a supplement, but for an 18-year-old, they're still young and their body shouldn't decrease the natural production due to outside sources.

  14. Many teens’ production of melatonin reduces for a period of time once puberty starts, but most people’s melatonin production returns to normal again by age 25. A few of us don’t produce it, or produce it at a more minimal level, for life and need the supplement. Source: my sleep doc.

  15. again, not saying dont take it, please understand my message. I am simply saying it is something that should be cycled and not relyed upon if you are a normal healthy person. If you happen to be the few that don't produce it, by all means, go take it.

  16. Totally agree! Now that I’ve been through this, I would even take it one step further. I wouldn’t take it unless it was medically proven that I needed it. We wouldn’t take other hormones without a blood test first, such as synthroid for an under producing thyroid, but it’s amazing how much people take a naturally occurring hormone without knowing for sure if they actually need it.

  17. These comments are literally making me salivate.

  18. Omg what a cutie!!!!!!!!!!! My husband & I got a cavalier pup about a month after my family cav passed at 12 years old. The void they leave is awful, and we have so much love to give these dogs — I will always need a cavalier in my life! They don’t replace each other because they are so different in their personalities, which is why I love them. ❤️ enjoy all the puppy snuggles!!!!!

  19. Thank you ❤️ We’ve all felt the void in the home without our beloved Sully. Winston is a welcome addition and I look forward to the new love, fun, and memories ahead.

  20. He reminds of our black+tan and a little tuxedo down the front as well :)

  21. I love his colouring. Dad was a black and tan and mom was a tricolour.

  22. Of course! It was a lifestyle change for sure. Daily gym. Counting calories. Clean healthy foods. Cut out sugar and white flours. Watch my carbs and stick to unprocessed foods. Just really clean eating and moving my body. :)

  23. All of that makes logical sense, but what mentally changed for you?

  24. Honestly, almost hitting my mid 30s and realizing if I didn’t make a change I was going to start having major health problems. I knew it was time. It was like a light switch.

  25. Very inspirational! Most of us know what to do logically, but the mental part gets in the way. Very happy for you and that you found a way through it all! So much hard work 👏

  26. ❤️ poor little baby. It’s wonderful that you’ve had the patience and care to give him.

  27. Mine too. And so is my office…we offer shower slides to wear.

  28. I opted for no sedation. Hands down would do it again without sedation. I don’t react well to the drugs offered, so I’d rather go without. It was over quick. Just take deep breaths and keep yourself focused and calm. I’m good at doing that and managing anxiety with breathing, so it wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t pleasant mind you. I retched quite a bit, but they numb your throat with a spray beforehand. It’s definitely not painful. Just weird and uncomfortable.

  29. I've had two both without sedation. It's not something I would recommend to just anyone though I could see how people would panic.

  30. Absolutely! Agreed that if you’re prone to anxiety and panic, you’ll want sedation. If you can keep yourself calm during discomfort and anxiety, you can probably do it without sedation. Everyone should do what’s best for them though. No wrong way to do it. The important part is doing what you need to do to get through an important medical test.

  31. Untrue. Social workers and nurses are also licensed under the Regulated Health Professions Act. Social workers are often the best therapists due to their field practice experience, interdisciplinary connections and mixed skill set, often quite extensive and specialized. Psychologists rarely leave their offices and academic environments.

  32. Unfortunately you’re wrong. It’s a common mistake…even social workers I’ve known have thought they are regulated health professionals. Here is a list of Regulated Health Professionals.

  33. Untrue. While SW is oddly not listed in the RHPA, it still requires a health professional license.

  34. Yes, but this is why people make this common mistake. SW are registered health professionals, not regulated health professionals. Don’t really feel like arguing it any further. There are differences in what it takes to get licensed/registered to provide the services and that is the difference. This is a well known fact among regulated health professionals.

  35. My bro and his friend handed these out for xmas one year so I decided to put it on display in the kids/guest bathroom. I always chuckle to myself when someone new is in the house and using the bathroom.

  36. Barrie Foot Clinic on Bradford has a medi-spa. Medically healthy manicures and pedicures. They’re great!!

  37. I avoided this movie like the plague because I knew nothing about baseball and had 0 interest in it. Folks I gotta tell you, if you are of the same mindset, please still give it a chance. Easily in my top 10 flicks.

  38. So true! I have zero interest in baseball and I love this movie!!

  39. I’ve paid the annual premium for a couple years now because I hate ads. It’s cheaper if you pay annually.

  40. Even herbal teas like peppermint and chamomile reduce iron absorption. I found that out after years of taking an iron pill before bed and right after a sleepy time tea. Couldn’t figure out why my levels weren’t increasing. 🤦‍♀️

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