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  1. We made the call to allow translations to come out when out edition was available in ebook and audio, rather than forcing them to hold back a three month window like US/Uk--which was a tough decision. We knew this meant books would show up on shelves in some countries before ours went out--but overseas shipping was so expensive, we wanted to do someone for those who couldn't get our edition. Beyond that, the extra work and cost of translation meant we didn't want to impose our schedule on them.

  2. It's a great honor, but it's an award, not a degree.

  3. The bookends were my concept, and they really turned out! I'm impressed with Ben (the artist) and the product team for actually managing to put together my pitch for three layer metal silhouette bookends.

  4. Just a little help for those in this one: new Hoid-centered epilogue to the 10th anniversary Elantris from ten or so years ago is relevant here. It's not going to tell you the specifics, I'm afraid, but what happened here should be seen in the context of that scene.

  5. It is my honor! I appreciate you taking the time to make the post here. I hope you and your brother both enjoy the new projects!

  6. Happy to see this as obviously I'm a fan, but James Patterson recently wrote an open letter to NYT because apparently their best sellers list is not combined by sales... Or not by sales only and it should more be called a list of books we like.

  7. Mr. Patterson is right, but it isn't as bad as it seems. The biggest problems are:

  8. I realize this is a meme, and what people say about him not thinking rationally is valid. That said, I think you've hit on the single biggest problem with narratives in the MTG Multiverse. Planeswalking is extremely clunky as a narrative device.

  9. Ok, not trying to be exasperating to Dragonsteel team, but I was hoping we would get info on how shipping for SP2 hardcover is looking since it's April... I thought it was a little funny that Mr. Sanderson is talking about the May box and didn't mention the April box. Maybe I missed that. I am sleep deprived from work. (Lol, I still don't have my Tress yet, but I'm already wondering about the next hardcover book!)

  10. So, we're waiting for word from the bindery--should go up in the next update on Kickstarter. We didn't get the word soon enough to go in this update, but hopefully we'll have an update up soon in text, then my YouTube update next week will include context for the April Box.

  11. I can't wait for 2 to come. I blazed through SP1 within a few days but have managed to wait for Secret Project 2. I'm borderline salivating at the prospect of digging into it and being able to appreciate the art and quality of the book.

  12. I was told this one would take fewer passes, and go faster--though I don't know whether this is because we picked a different place to do the foiling or if it's because the foiling on this one is a little less complex.

  13. It is an honor, Janci, to have you as a friend. Thanks so much for this.

  14. "So anyway, I started soulcasting."

  15. So 2 different publications sent writers to hang out with Brandon. I'm suspecting some sort of pre-announcement publicity campaign going on. Get his name out more in broader spheres before a cosmere adaptation of some sort is announced.

  16. It does look like this, doesn't it? But so far as I know, both of these magazines just reached out to us because of the Kickstarter. While adaptation news is something you should be expecting eventually, this wasn't a coordinated effort on our part. We didn't reach out to anyone--they came to us, and without (again, so far as I know) any insider information from Hollywood.

  17. My friend, that was awesome. Thanks for that!

  18. You know my friend from Purdue-now-UVU! Ethan Sproat! Rockin' guy

  19. Ethan! What a great guy. He's long been an advocate for science fiction and fantasy in our community, and worked hard to set up things like scholarship funds for writers. Truly a gem of a human being.

  20. Sando has gone on the record saying he wasn't happy with how he wrote Steris early on.

  21. In a spirit of complete fairness, this is probably my fault. I believe he asked how much we earned, and I responded with company gross. Not personal net...because honestly, I don't track that very well. It takes a long time to arrive at it, even.

  22. I've honestly spent the entire day pretty upset about this. You don't go as a guest to someone's home, and then write about them this way. It's just not ok.

  23. Hey. It's been a long day for me, but I remembered this comment in specific and wanted to get back to it, and make sure I replied.

  24. Hi, Brandon. This article was petty and needlessly cruel. I would like to ask what you meant by saying, "As I build books, God builds people." I have my own ideas but as this article was so poorly written, those ideas may be way off base. What was the context from your point of view, and can you expand on your thoughts?

  25. Maybe? When he came back for the second round, at that Japanese dinner, he was REALLY interested in the Mormon angle. He pushed over and over and just circling back.

  26. I do over salt things! Comes from my mother's cooking, and I've passed it on to my kids. I'm glad he didn't say much about my son. Joel is already nervous being recognized as my son, as he's shy.

  27. Brandon, the title of the book should be “Kaladin and Seth’s Excellent Adventure”, please and thank you.

  28. How can you be sure it won't be a Bogus Journey instead?

  29. Hi Brandon, thanks for the amazing books.

  30. I plan to have this book on audible. My philosophy on holding back the ones I did was to not interrupt a series for people.

  31. Hello! I'm brand new to the cosmere, finished Rhythm of War just yesterday and couldn't wait to get painting :D Hope you all like my first doodle! Hoping to do many more

  32. This is really great. Spot on depiction of Kaladin, there. Nice work!

  33. Does Dalinar have a TWoK leatherbound in his hand? 😂

  34. Probably hogshide leather book, in his world. :)

  35. As I can't submit a text link AND an art link, I decided to post the art to

  36. In case Brandon comes sailing the Reddit Sea, a question from Chapter 2:

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