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  1. Is he sitting on his rib cage? Guy has heart for sure, I normally would make some comments like in the water his name is Bob, or something like “at the door his name is Matt “

  2. I like how you said you would normally make those comments yet end up making those comments. Haha true and true.

  3. Be be do, be be do, do da da de doo da daAAa ( to let it go tune)

  4. And who are the girls? I don't recognise them with their clothes on.


  6. This feels like a fever dream. It also feels like something out of half life

  7. Wut? Arby's has a bell too? I must live under a rock with Patrick.

  8. Haha the only bell tacobell has is the sign. Arbys is the OG of the ring the bell if your service was great. Right by the door

  9. so your parents are two oily men with enough power to rip a medium sized child in half and walk around topless.

  10. Haha when they start to argue they take on the wrestler form.

  11. I didn't know Eminem is a Roman Catholic lmao

  12. Every rapper in their life time finds their religion. Haha

  13. I though I opened my front camera for a second...

  14. I just returned the favor from when ur meme made me laugh

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