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  1. i feel like if you’re falling on a top tope with enough force to bull your belayer up, they might be leaving a little too much slack in your rope. you should never be generating enough force on a top rope fall to pull your belayer off the ground.

  2. can someone tell me why this dumb bitch is even up there in the first place? what a disgrace

  3. I worked service truck for quite awhile. Thank you for the fine quality work and craftsmanship. That is how every panel should look. One suggestion and I really think this should always be followed when trimming a panel this beautiful, sign your name and date it. That is something to be proud of

  4. i usually put my name date and local behind the guts 🤝

  5. I’m also banned from that sub for no reason. Just tried to post a comment there the other day and realized I was permanently banned

  6. fuck em. most of them are ratty shop rockets anyway lmao

  7. Finally some one that understands how to sweep wires into terminations instead of kinking a 90° in.

  8. i’ve done this 2 times now. it’s a rough job but someone has to do it. gotta make sure the time dimension beings haven’t altered anything in our past. hmu let’s compare notes so we know we’re all safe.

  9. Baltimore is having a pickle festival and it’s called ‘the Big Dill’ and I could only think of Ben when I saw the name.

  10. hello fellow balmorian lmfao catch me at the margarita fest this weekend at power plant 🤣

  11. not too bad. your wires on the door look like they’re cutting corners though. looks great otherwise and to keep your wires at a consistent bend radius like you’re asking about, just loosely bundle them together with a zip tie and form them all at once as if they were one cable

  12. Gorgeous work. Beautiful lines. Attention to detail to the max. What’s this for though? There are grounds are everything looks 30amp SP? Bitcoin related?

  13. bitcoin lmfao. no this what a panel feeding some plugs above a server rack that is pretty much right behind me. bunch of dedicated ckts

  14. Conduit fill has nothing to do with this calculation. You could have used 6” conduit and it would still be illegal.

  15. so you own a code book? and have you gone through any kind of school? lmao

  16. I can tell you haven’t done much qc because the first installer is almost always using sharpie before they check it. But I’ve only match marked half as many bolts as your mothers had boyfriends so what do I know

  17. jokes on you, i do qc and am currently torquing bolts and breakers lmfao. stop using sharpies people. there’s quite literally zero reason and looks like shit.

  18. Nah dude lots of us have been around a long time and don’t have a holier than thou attitude for pedantic shit. There’s a jillion ways to skin a cat and you’re trying to justify something I wouldn’t disagree with but also wouldn’t agree is the only way to do it.

  19. there’s a way to do things and a correct way to do things. your way is a way to do it. my way is the correct way. you’re not wrong, but you’re not correct. it’s not “holier than thou” it’s passing of knowledge to further improve our knowledge and craft as a whole to improve the union. you should understand this

  20. Thank you, doing what I can, where I can. I appreciate the feedback and am grateful that you want to bump bump bump bump it up.

  21. lol bro funny to find you on reddit… me and you both like causing a ruckus on the fb ibew connected page. people get mad when you speak the truth

  22. Reddit is the only social media I have lol. Couldn't handle fb anymore and deleted Twitter when it was all smelly and musky. So props to ya'll hahah

  23. this conspiracy is so tired. mfkers wanna believe there’s a secrets deep state cabal that sacrifices children to satan SO BAD that they can’t comprehend a piece of shit filth scum of a human being was such a coward that he decided to end his own life instead of being cut down from his throne of unlimited power and untouchability.

  24. 68 hasn’t put in calls in like a month. Maybe one man calls here or there but 68 barely puts in calls. You can try local sturgeon but it’s not the best place to go if you want to make money

  25. i just looked yesterday and saw two job calls lol

  26. For what it’s worth when i lived in Denver i was the poorest i’ve ever been but the quality of life was the highest. This was about 10 years ago now.

  27. that’s what i’m looking for lmao. like i know imma be a little more strapped for cash. but i can cut back in some places

  28. The electricians of Reddit will destroy you. Prepare yourself.

  29. this. i’m thinking about transferring out to denver from dc and i’m nervous about attempting bc of the shit ive heard about people trying this and getting “black balled” for trying to “jam my ticket”

  30. and it probably doesn’t even have a mile long crack in it. only a v1 in my house

  31. /uj probably climbs way better than any of us. this is seriously impressive tbh

  32. Im dumb bc i recognized a president who says they stand in solidarity with unions, but has done the opposite time and time again.

  33. lol i’ll bite at this, this should be fucking hilarious…

  34. there’s plenty of these idiots out there. get ready for the comments of this to be blown up with “BuT mY RiGhTs tO cArRy” and homo/transphobic comments. also probably highlighting bidens recent fuck ups with labor unions while completely ignoring decades of republicans actively trying to pass anti union legislation.

  35. yeaaaah i dont wanna be a negative voice here but literally every car ever has indicated the side of the fuel tank with the actual fuel gauge. also, if you’re confused about what the information screen is displaying you could also just check the manual. i don’t think this is subaru problem at all lol

  36. Insurance exists for this reason. I've seen it happen before where they made the claim and the employees gave a little back to help cover the increase in insurance.

  37. let me tell you what i wouldn’t be doing, and that’s giving the contractor a single red penny to help cover increase of THEIR insurance cost lmfao what kinda clown shit is that.

  38. Yeah that was a strange call. But the boys decided that to show they were company guys or whatever.

  39. yoooooo lol saw you posted this in the tipper art page 🤙

  40. reddit serves to satanic agenda.

  41. satan isn’t real my friend. religion is the ultimate conspiracy meant to keep the peasants in check

  42. Can you explain why a ground rod is better than a main water line?

  43. direct contact with earth at most likely less resistance

  44. How would that be better than miles and miles of conductive water pipes all connected underground? A single ground rod is 8’ and at most 5/8” around and that’s it

  45. you have to look at the amount of copper and the fact that water itself is actually a resistor. so grounding to a solid copper rod that’s in direct contact with the earth is going to give a less resistive path to ground overall. the miles of pipe is inconsequential do to the fact that the voltage would begin to drastically dissipate as soon as it hits ground.

  46. Must have been the Maryland tag 😂

  47. Xd, I've actually always wanted one of these subbies and to really build it up, for a crossover they have a nice look to them, love to put some coilovers, rims, turbo kit w/ new exhaust, new valves, the whole dealio

  48. lol i lifted mine. have rally bar and light bar, then the cargo rack. about to do wheels and tires soon hopefully.

  49. I've heard of people traveling to try different indoor gyms. The place sounds cool and I have add it to "things to do when travelling" list and visit.

  50. wooooow dude why don’t you rub it in my face 😭

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