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  1. Have they said if the major dlc for this game is going to be paid or free to make up for the launch?

  2. Apparently its on sale at costco in canada as well.

  3. I doubt Stadia will ever expand to those countries.

  4. You should wait until they announce new models before getting a second one, you might want a new session or something else instead of an 11.

  5. I played that on Xbox recently, it is great!

  6. Well its the stadia sub so everyone is going to say go for it, you might want to consider getting it on one of the geforce now compatible stores instead though so you can own it (more) permanently.

  7. Where is this i remember the lego stuntpark.

  8. Series X slim with ssd slot is more realistic.

  9. ok got the real sim deactivated but im not getting my phone to register using the new esim. Scanning the qr code doesnt seem to do anyhting. Any ideas?

  10. If I could get a galaxy s10 NEW for that price I would, but they are all used.

  11. Blands3 season pass 1 worth 14.02 USD? Is pass2 worth bothering with? I'm one of those idiots that bought the humble choice with base game.

  12. The first season pass is excellent (or at least as good as the base game, so whatever you consider the base game) and has lots of content. It includes 4 DLC campaigns that are all very meaty, it took me about 12 hours per campaign to complete them doing completionist playthroughs. The second season pass is fine as well just less content, or less content I was interested in. There is a small DLC campaign that is ok but the rest of the playable content is multiplayer or raid content which I wasnt interested in. The last piece of content which I consider the best is that there is an additional skill tree per character. These are great and integrate well with the base game and can be used for playing any content, you are just specing your character different but then can use that character in the base game or pass 1 content.

  13. I wonder how they'll treat anime skins if they ever go to Japan.

  14. oh who knows. Rising sun flags though are not allowed though FYI.

  15. I didnt actually know these things overheat before purchasing mine. What about when in use in outdoor winter conditions, how long can they record then?

  16. If it doesn't come to gamepass on day 1 i'll just wait until the deal closes.


  18. Thanks for the link. If I've understood it correctly there were two previous offerings for 16GB and 25GB for $40 a month each? And then the regular plan (when there isn't a sale going on) is $40 for 15GB? That's what it looks like on AT and T's website. How easy was it to activate? How about paying for it? I expect at some point they would want a US address for the account. Going through the signup process on their website it wants a American credit card with a zip code. Are their more options when you sign up in person? How did you sign up? Shipping to an American address is no problem for me though since I can use my cousin's. Where did you get the quoted cost of $24 in your OP though? It looks like this plan would be $40?

  19. Multiline discount is an extra $12-$16 off the plan, depending on who's group you sign up with.

  20. Ok if this would require paying a random person my phone bill every month I would honestly rather pay AT and T directly the full $40US each month for simplicity. People sell SIMs on rfd? If I bought one though how would I activate it and pay for the plan? Thanks.

  21. As opposed to using your Xbox one indefinitely? Absolutely. Series x is best but that might not be good value to you if money is tight.

  22. I doubt it, but they might put it on xcloud.

  23. I would guess it is being refreshed this year so I wouldn't buy now. That said there is always a better version of every piece of tech coming out so if you waited for it you would never buy anything.

  24. Its in the slow and long drawn-out process of being killed.

  25. Not going to happen. They have known about this request for years and want to take advantage of people who need to 100% games.

  26. Hey OP, what Best Buy is that? How much are the controllers?

  27. Heads up this could come to gamepass in a month from now but if you want to play it now or own your games I think this is the lowest its been.

  28. You sure? I want to play it, but if it comes to gamepass I’ll wait.

  29. They might have a 1 year not on gamepass agreement with sony. if so that expires soon.

  30. For what its worth gopro has said they will will have 4 cameras this year. So since they have the 10/11, Max, and now bones, the last camera could be a new session. That said if you always waited for new tech that might come out in the future you would never get anything.

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