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  1. Masterbland tomato + calcium nitrate +epsom salt. Google it, it is very popular formula.

  2. 2 days blackout in Coco Coir on green tray. Then added water (no nutes) light is set for 12 hrs

  3. What do you mean exactly by ‘network connections work at a minimum’?

  4. Make sure u have installed it to a room and it has a live internet connection so the Sonos website can see it and attach the discount code to your account

  5. Bought a connect, saw voucher upgrade possibility, got it, saw 30% I’m my account added. Now it’s gone! 2 days later. ???

  6. Congrats!!! That could be my fav wine! I have 2 cases of it in storage!!! Love Peju

  7. I don’t have an answer for you, but I love your setup!

  8. Concur. Can u tell us where u got the table and canopy, etc? Great setup

  9. Liquid for me... I've had too many issues with poor dissolving with solids and getting nutrient density spikes which are problems you never have with liquid concentrate. My personal favorite is Aerogarden nutrient, done quite a bit of side by side evaluation and it is undefeated in growth and yield.

  10. Interesting wasn’t expecting AeroGarden. When you buy the larger bottles, does it give you mix ratio for 20 gallon type tanks?

  11. 1 cap (1/2 a mL) per gallon. It's on the little bottles too. I take a lot of crap because I don't grow small (feel free to check my posts or YouTube) and some of the other posters are right, it's more expensive but you have to remember why you do it... Produce!! I've used solids... I've made my own.... I've done the compost tea.... Fish poop... End of the day, Aerogarden's product (by miracle grow) just works.

  12. The play:1s are exposed to all the weather and are doing fine?

  13. The white ones have yellowed and developed fine cracks in casing but sound is not affected. I swapped them all for Moves since then tho

  14. I still have them! Still working fine in other uses. I do leave Moves on charger/on mount all the time

  15. If you have room for another Five (placed vertically) that is more economical. The stereo separation is awesome

  16. Not Costco but I was surprised to find dated, fresh Counter Culture beans in a Whole Foods yesterday. Makes the emergency order much less likely…

  17. Before you dive into powder coating it you could give it a few coats of plastidip to see if you like it in white, if not then just peel it off.

  18. Never heard of plastidip but thanks. Good to know. I gave up on the idea of it co-existing with my other white coffee gear and put in in our motorhome as main espresso maker. Thx!

  19. Get the second Move. 2 Will have much more utility. Plus auto Trueplay, . Also if u get a Five you will just be prodded by this sub to get a second Five…..

  20. Find them all in Apple Music app, save the playlists, them access them through Sonos app

  21. Root burn or aeration issue. either way, hard to bring it back like this. If it happened really quickly, I think the root burn is more likely. either way, the root will needs to re-establish. Check your nutrients and roots first.

  22. Ec is too high or roots are damaged or no aeration

  23. Nicotine lozenges . I’ve never smoked but i break the 2 mg mints in half and just let one dissolve slowly. Provided you are not easily addicted to things

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