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  1. For real. My partner came home with 30 peppers. Then it’s like, now what? It takes planning and labor to eat cheap and healthy, but a freezer stocked with sauce/chili/soup is the shit when everything skyrockets to 8.99/lb. I get a rush off a good produce sale, brocoli is my cocaine

  2. This really is the way. I stock my freezer when things are in season, and yes, it is a lot of labour, but it's worth getting local veggies when you don't have to buy from California and Mexico.

  3. We here in BC have a 2200 hr program, we are recognized as being health care practitioners, and are licensed/registered as such. I believe it would be in the industry's best interest to have the 2200 as a global standard, and then increase that further to a degree because we have such a huge knowledge base already. I know that there are places in Europe that have exceedingly high standards as well, but I don't know where at the top of my mind.

  4. Not to worry, I fell for her too. Her pearls did me in.

  5. I lerrrrve both the eyelashes and those bristly feathers at the base of the beak. Those two look to love you and trust you a lot!

  6. Dango's...special. They are both adorable little beebs though, and clearly very spoiled.

  7. What a little stinker, but yes, he's a cutie pie!

  8. Primrose Collective in Mayfair might have some cool/cute/sweary mugs. As well, I really like going to Broadmead Pharmasave for the cool stuff they have there!

  9. Depends on if you are checking luggage. Carryon? Roll up 1/2 hour before published boarding time you are good as long as you check in online.

  10. Good for you. 😊 I love that you're training her, she's going to be so much happier for it!

  11. Imagine if Scruff Mcgruff was this tough on crime.

  12. Voices In My Head? No, just the voice on your shoulder. They're cute!

  13. I am reminded of a seagull. Fantastic example of mlem.

  14. I'm in BC, and I put aside 40% of my income. I have to pay 30% in income tax, and because I'm self employed, I also pay 5% in the Canada Pension Plan. I also pay a touch more on each installment to the federal government, and then get a refund.

  15. Okay, you need to tell the College of the province you're in. He'd be breaking bylaws if he was in BC, and this is not acceptable behaviour.

  16. Aww! Such a pretty bird, he looks like he loves his mischief though! 😉

  17. I’m just hoping for weekend snow so I can learn how to drive in the damn snow.

  18. I mean I can slide a car around on dry pavement but I would like to actually get to know how my wrx behaves in the snow

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