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  1. I think alot of people are misunderstanding his message here.

  2. I’d honestly just laugh it off sis. He loves your whole face. He likes his eyes. Nothing wrong with that.

  3. This guy is literally unemployed, a sook, and can’t seem to function without you pushing him and he wants to complain about your past (which he has no right to) and abit of extra weight?

  4. You should have the intention of course if you ever meet the right person, but the rest is in Allah’s Hands. End of the day it’s what is decreed for you.

  5. Absolutely love this post and well done to you for doing your due diligence!! May Allah reward you for sharing your info too. Alhamdulillah Allah protected you from that creep!

  6. This is SO pathetic on their part and absolutely disgusting! They have no right to bully you, or your family for your past sins. This infuriates me and shows their rotten character and you’re also dodging a bullet too.

  7. 6 years later and 2 kids. Definitely prefer being married alhamdulillah, with all our ups, downs and hardships, it’s always worth it. I have more freedom than I did at my parents lol.

  8. Thanks for chime in! I do spent time wit them take them to vacation twice a year take them to restaurant take them to movies take them to zoo take them to beach but I need to take care all expenses and sometimes her expenses too (she works f/t) I hv no choice to work longer hours

  9. I don’t know what else to say to you but I think a Muslim marriage counsellor would be a good option for you both inshaAllah.

  10. That's valid but the only thing I wouldn't be paying for is utility bills. Doesn't she also have a right to intimacy? But she is not fulfilling every single one of her rights?

  11. It’s not your right until you provide her with a home and move in together. Till then, she is still under her parents roof.

  12. Yeah I was a bit upset when I made these post and replied to some of these comments. This has no basis in Islam and is purely cultural, it also is depriving the couple of BOTH their rights (wife has a right to intimacy too), so I hope you can understand my shock as this is the first ever time I've heard about this. I don't think I'm immature but each to their own. I hope you be more realistic of your expectations of your daughter when it comes to this especially if you guys are living in the West.

  13. I’m saying this with all due respect, but I really do think you are naive in this topic.

  14. This is so beautiful. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our beloved Prophet. May Allah reward you! How many reminders are there for men to be kind to women. Allah knows our nature and knows how important this is for us.

  15. That’s cringe on his part. He’s not her mahram and never will be. And you’re not a bad person or insane for feeling jealous too. It’s not okay.

  16. I just wanna say, thank you for writing this out bc honestly hearing this from a female POV is so reassuring and hopeful lol

  17. You’re welcome! It’s always good to share these things and not normalise these kind of environments.

  18. Assalamulakum. I’m going to cut to the chase. I’m a practicing brother trying to save himself from falling into haram, but I can’t afford to move out. I live with my father and 2 sisters in a semi big house (5 bed 4 bath) in a good safe neighborhood. I’m a student so I won’t be able to move out for 5 more years, but I have a side business that makes me about 40k, and I can afford to atleast give allowance to my wife. I know the rulings of marriage and how to be a excellent husband as I try to learn as much as I can from authentic sources, but my living situation is holding me back. Also if im being honest, 65% of the reason for marriage for me is having a halal outlet for my desires 35% is me craving companionship and wanting to be with my wife and give her my time and energy and love. Im conflicted on what to do. The logic part of my brain says delay marriage until you can move out, but it’s very difficult. I don’t know how men stay single till 30 and not fall into haram. Im 25 right now, and my desires are so high I cry myself to sleep. It’s like a raging fire inside of me that never goes out, despite me fasting every other day. Any advice from brothers and sisters is appreciated. I know Islamically living with in laws is not right she deserves her own housing. But it’s impossible for me right now, can I not bring anything else to the table besides my $ 😢. Speaking of money I will have a lot in the future inshallah as I’m in a very good paying sector but it just takes 6-8 years to get to that point.

  19. Plenty of divorced people remarry in the Muslim community. My husband knows plenty who were in your shoes too and they’re happily married again alhamdulillah, some have blended families and some have new children too. You are not alone.

  20. 4 years is way too long, especially at your current ages (not fresh out of school and need to finish school, be stable etc) on his side to be delaying things. Seriously 4 years and he couldn’t come and make things official at least? He’s 30 years old for crying out loud, not 20.

  21. Yiyyyyy was my reaction when I first read this.

  22. Is that you baby bro?! I’m sorry🥲Thought you were my bro first half lol.

  23. Much love sis, I’m glad I can help🥰barakAllah feeki❤️

  24. I’m truly so happy to hear this dear sis❤️alhamdulillah ❤️❤️May Allah bless your marriage and keep you both firm upon Islam always and allow you to walk hand in hand in Jannah🥰

  25. Definitely normal. Keep getting to know him and build that connection and bond.

  26. how did you deal with anxiety - did you go therapy ?

  27. Sure did, best thing I ever done for myself and my family.

  28. sorry if you don’t mind me asking if your form the uk…how does one get a therapist? Should you just find one that is private?

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