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  1. Porra, sdds daquele futum inconfundível de queijo falso

  2. Tem muita coisa ainda, pelo menos na cidade de SP! Se vc seguir a Secretaria Municipal de Cultura no instagram da pra acompanhar bem, apesar de fazer falta um agregador como o catraca livre.

  3. Nah, I love speaking - specifically brazilian - portuguese. Such great slangs and curses and abbreviations and the ability to turn everything into a diminutive. Wish we were taught better spanish in school though, but I truly enjoy speaking portuguese.

  4. Nerd here, I just did this math myself with my own 40 gallon breeder so I’ll share.

  5. Damn, I’m so grateful to live in the metric system lol.

  6. Algumas recomendações pra complementar o ícone, caso a mina em questão sinta muitas dores e cólicas (dor de colica é um inferno juro por deus):

  7. Galera tá confundindo TPM com menstruação. Cólica é só durante a menstruação, galera. E ela vem mais ou menos uma semana depois da TPM. Além disso, geralmente quando menstrua a mulher dá uma acalmada e só quer ficar de conchinha assistindo netflix e comendo algo gostoso. Na TPM o melhor é só procurar ser carinhoso, deixar ela ter o espaço dela e não se desgastar com discussões desnecessárias.

  8. Yes. And you can also bring your wallet and phone with you when you go out. We do have wallets and phones, you know. Just don't be flashing things around and walking into weird alleys, and you'll be fine.

  9. I know this is an old topic and you probably solved it by now but I just came across the same thing and found out that this can be fixed by changing your viewport from multiple views to just one.

  10. jesus christ i was losing my mind, thank you so much dude

  11. Most people that approach you will leave you alone if you just put up your hand and say "obrigado"

  12. Which is better than just ignoring people. Some ppl might get (rightfully so, imo) angry if you just pretend they don’t exist. Just say obrigado if they’re trying to sell you something or “não tenho” if they’re asking for something, and keep walking.

  13. Yeah, I'm that coworker. Never got complaints about my work though, and I didn't mind staying overtime to compensate for my being late. But still. Over time I realized office life is absolutely not for me, and I'm lucky enough to be able to work as a freelancer full time, so.

  14. Nah man, it's fine. Have some common sense, trust your gut and you'll be fine.

  15. I spent 25 days traveling in Brazil in July and felt safe the whole time. After 8 days in Rio de Janeiro, I took a bus up to Teresópolis and did 3 days of hiking by myself in Serra dos Orgãos National Park. Then I spent 4 days in Petrópolis, more hiking by myself on the western side of Serra dos Orgãos National Park. Then I spent 4 days hiking by myself in Itatiaia National Park, a really spectacular place. I finished up the trip in São Paulo, walking around the city, really enjoying the culture and energy of the big city after being in the wilderness. Use common sense and don't let fear stop you from enjoying this beautiful country.

  16. You did an awesome itinerary! Been to some of my favorite national parks. And you'll have an amazing time at Chapada Diamantina, I'm sure.

  17. Yea, no, he’s just using that as an excuse to be manipulative and controlling, sorry. This is definitely not a cultural thing. No one I know does that, and if I knew a friend was dating someone who did that to them, I would consider it a major red flag. It’s disrespectful and invasion of privacy - some may even say it’s abusive. Be careful and aware, this level of jealousy and mistrust can often escalate to worse things.

  18. I remember seeing in the last subreddit census that Brazil was the country where the least people didn't identify with a race, being the most racialized only after the US and Canada.

  19. Oh but there are significant black and white cultural differences. Any mixed person who has both a black and white family can tell you that. It’s like two different worlds sometimes.

  20. What do mean ? Can you give examples ? Do you think Brazil have differences between black people and white people like US does ? You know the whole black culture and white culture they have. I've always wanted to know the opinion of another brazilian on this, if we brazilians have something like that in Brazil, because at least where I live, poor white people and poor black people have similar "culture", so in my opinion we don't have a white culture or black culture, we don't have the " black accent" thing. I'm speaking about my experience living in poor neighborhoods and near the favelas, I don't know anything about rich black people in rich neighborhoods and if they are similar to rich white people. But of course things may be different in other parts of the country, which is why I asking your opinion.

  21. It’s not like the US, definitely not. But there are cultural differences, in the music, the food, the parties, the community vibe. It’s very different in my families and just yesterday I was having this conversation with a friend who’s also mixed and we agreed. Not trying to say my experience is universal, but it’s also not an isolated one.

  22. A polícia é a guarda privada dos interesses da burguesia. Não tem como ser isso e ter consciência de classe, é quase um paradoxo.

  23. It’s very common for ppl to rent a car at Brasilia’s airport and drive to chapada. I’ve done it multiple times. The road is safe enough and it’s a relatively short trip. Use google maps for directions, avoid Waze. Having a car while you’re there is a must, otherwise you won’t be able to go to most of the attractions. I’d definitely advise renting at the airport. There are two or 3 options there and they’re all reputable brands. They usually only charge you a cleaning fee, and you have to return the car with a full tank. Of course, check for any bumps and scratches as soon as you get the keys so they don’t try to pin it on you when you return the car. But overall I’ve always had a good experience and haven’t heard of anyone being scammed like that. My only advice would be to check their opening hours: I once had a flight at 6h30am and arrived at 5am to return the car. They were closed until 5:40 and I ended up missing my flight. 21h bus ride back to SP, 0/10 do not recommend.

  24. Thanks for the response! Do you just rent when you get there or you reserve in advance?

  25. I usually just rent when I get there, but I guess you could probably get better prices and a quicker process if you reserve in advance.

  26. Eu só levaria num esquema muito regrado, se ele não for nem no quintal da casa! Sem ter nem a segunda dose é perigoso, não arriscaria. Nessa fase eles estão sem imunidade nenhuma, os anticorpos da amamentação já foram embora e eles ainda não desenvolveram os próprios, todo cuidado é pouco!

  27. Lol he’s actually a somewhat famous brazilian influencer, his handle is @eurafacesar. Guy on the top left losing his shit is actually his husband.

  28. Go to Ethiopia. Though tbh they deserve better. Try Afghanistan, you’ll have no issues with “feminist indoctrination” there.

  29. Sounds like you want some dick up your ass and are too afraid to ask. Gtfo of my country u piece of shit, nobody wants you here.

  30. Do you normally do all the broadstokes editing in Premiere and then just bring pieces into After Effects for fine editing? Extra question, if you have edits on footage in premiere, and then bring it to after effects, are those edits preserved? Trying to understand workflow a little better

  31. All editing on premiere. Letterings and any effects on AE. Back to premiere for color grading and subtitles.

  32. Any particular reason you do color after copy/effects?

  33. Not really, tbh I only do that if I need to maintain consistency on effects affected by lightning. Guess I just wrote it in the wrong order lol. I usually try to have things as finished as possible before I head to AE.

  34. Avoid waze. Use google maps and, in doubt, always ask the locals. Stick to federal roads, unless there’s clearly a better state road. You’ll notice a huge decrease in the quality of roads once you leave the southeast and head into the northeast states, so be more cautious in that section of your trip. Prefer traveling by day. Super early hours are the best, IMO.

  35. I’m all for non monogamy, have been in a NM relationships for the past 7 years, but

  36. Pela minha experiência, se ela tá comendo e fazendo as necessidades e o comportamento tá "normal" (dentro do possível nesse caso né) não acho que vale uma visita no vet. Meu doguinho quando eu não estou em casa tbm é desses de fazer greve de fome e ficar deitado na minha cama sem querer ninguém por perto desde filhotinho (ele tá com 6 anos agora) e quando eu chego ele não desgruda de mim, até no banheiro entra. Quinta feira já tá quase aí, acho que vale a pena esperar até sua esposa chegar e observar ela depois. Vale a pena investir em uma creche/hotelzinho quando vcs forem viajar, é o melhor investimento que eu faço pro meu doguinho hoje em dia, ajuda demais na socialização (quando ele volta a gente até brinca que ele precisa aprender de novo que ele não é cachorro e sim neném) e pode matar esse sentimento excessivo de saudade que ela sente.

  37. É, vou esperar e ver mesmo. Hoje ela brincou um pouquinho mais, acho que tá tudo bem.

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