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  1. Despite the claims in the article, the Biden administration has made the second most judicial appointments in a president's first year, second to Kennedy. Two spots in the 3rd circuit have freed up, so the priority would be to shift that court away from the right. This is a report in search of a problem.

  2. Yes, based on your comment and others posted, the article did not do justice to the effort being made by the Biden administration to fill the vacancies. Thank you

  3. Thank you for the background information - none of this was captured in the article and is important to know.

  4. Pretty funny reading the MSN comments for this one, they think that the the judges name should be public so he can continue getting targeted for harassment as well as death threats.

  5. Insane. The only names that should be made public belong to the folks who made the threats - assuming they get caught. Name and shame.

  6. Good thing we just put someone who's under investigation for harming at-risk wildlife in charge of environmental matters. He'll make sure this is done right!

  7. Smith is in charge of Natural Resources. Piccini is in charge of Environment, Conservation and Parks. Smith carries more weight with the Natural Resources portfolio because it's seen as a 'revenue' generator. Environmental portfolio not so much in good times and even less with the Ford administration.

  8. Thank you for the correction! Apparently I wasn't paying enough attention to just what Smith was being given. (Not that it's going to change the damage he's no doubt about to cause)

  9. You said it, he's going to do damage no matter what portfolio he holds.

  10. "Two women have been arrested in Thailand for allegedly attempting to smuggle at least 109 live animals in their luggage -- including porcupines, armadillos, turtles, chameleons and snakes -- as they tried to board a flight to India."

  11. "On occasion, prayers were requested and offered "for poor performing employees who were identified by name," according to the complaint. "

  12. "The reaction to the senator’s swing at his second Muppet was widely mocked online with one user aptly asking, “Why is a US Senator watching Sesame Street instead of doing his job?”"

  13. According to the Times report, some aides believe that Hutchinson's allegation that Trump sought to encourage protesters to march on the Capitol despite knowing they were armed could help sustain an incitement charge.

  14. Does anyone have a copy of this article? There's a blocker so I can't read it without signing up

  15. My brother was in a car accident and was unable to work for a while and really got hurt. Fought with ICBC insurance about a payout. Eventually they call him and say "we have decided to pay you out your requested amount." They told him he would have to come to their main office a few hours away. So he goes there and when he got their instead of paying him out they start calling him a liar and said you were not really hurt and we can prove it. We will be recommending fraud charges against you. What they had done was put a private investigator to watch him and follow him. In one video he is seen carrying a giant boat motor by himself across the road. They said to him that motor easily weighs a couple hundred pounds to which my brother replied you bet your ass it does. Only problem is that is not me in the picture it is my dad! They shared the same last name and the private investigator was following my dad around. My brothers lawyer upped the amount requested adding undue stress and wasted money spent travelling to another city to only be harassed and wasting a day. They cut him a check and just moved on.

  16. Daily Bread Food bank will take these. These get handed out, on request, to their clients.

  17. I'm waiting for one of these clowns to pick the wrong crowd and get torn apart. They need to be actually afraid of the consequences.

  18. Maybe one of the reason SCOTUS struck down NY's gun restrictions was to protect their base? Okay, it's a bit of a stretch. But more likely that some pro-life thug is going to be carrying than a pro-choice protester.

  19. Who would've thought that a regressive change in law which impinges upon women's rights would empower misogynistic fascists and normalize violence against women?

  20. Completely on point. Just another step in the suppression of women's agency.

  21. Yeah, that be US$, the Canadian loonie doesn't cover it. The can in Canada says 99 cents but is usually $ 1.49 at the register.

  22. Unreal. Truck driver hits a pedestrian and flees the scene. Article excerpts:

  23. The entire issue is a lack of people reporting scummy/illegal behaviour to police.

  24. Nope, not okay to blame the folks getting scammed. One-offs are treated as a civil dispute between the customer and the company - the cops don't get involved.

  25. ""Together, this constitutes the biggest overhaul of our collective deterrence and defence since the Cold War," Jens Stoltenberg said, in a briefing at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Monday".

  26. Had something two weeks ago - horrible sore throat, dry cough and shortness of breath (no fever or congestion). Worst of it lasted about 4 days, everything but the cough cleared up in a week. Took a rapid test three days straight but it didn't register as COVID. Didn't qualify for PCR test.

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