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‘Goodfellas’ Star Ray Liotta Dies at 67

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  1. I'd say Hugo was more of a stretch for him, stylistically.

  2. Hugo was more of a Spielberg movie than a Scorssese movie.

  3. Honestly considering Scorscese's bad history with drugs during in time period between New York, New York and Raging Bull, it is also surprising that he also outlived Liotta.

  4. Memcho remains the best side/supporting character in this manga. So glad Aka didnt give her the Chika treatment but fleshed her outside being a comic relief character.

  5. To be fair Chika is perfect as she is. She went through her character arc and her struggles before the series and because of that she is able to support Miyuki and Kaguya in a way that Ishigami, Miko and Hayasaka can't.

  6. Surprised he never did any other movies with Scorsese after that

  7. Man this makes me feel bad for all the memes I laughed at about Scorsese ignoring Ray while happily calling back De Niro and Pesci for movies.

  8. Yeah I don't know what this guy is talking about. Akane Banashi has been the most promising of Jumps new manga since Blue Box.

  9. Jumps wants a diversity of genres to maximize their audience. Gag manga tend to be more for the magazine readers and seems to be netting enough survey votes to still be up compared to a Shugomaru. The thing with Action series is that there is a higher standard of expectations on how well they need to do because they are the best selling genre and that you are directly competing with survey votes against series like MHA, OP, JJK, Mashle, etc.

  10. It is also why I think Akane Banashi would be successful in Jump. It is not trying to replace MHA or BC but rather trying to fill the niche left by Act-Age which is something no other series is doing.

  11. Its definetly enjoyable but is so generic and bland that i think even the normal jp audiene for it is like 'nah fuck this'. It almost feels like it was made in a machine out of paste and soylent green or some shit. And yeah replacing the og first girl with this crazy yandere girl reeks of desperation

  12. Doron Doron also suffers from the fact that when people look at it, they will compare it to Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen and both of those were executed so well with immediately likeable characters that Doron Doron would have to be extremely good to be able to become a mainstay.

  13. I’d actually disagree with that. The grand majority of movie trilogies aren’t planned in advance. Even the previous two trilogies weren’t really planned.

  14. To be fair most of trilogies have movies that are usually stand alone in nature (something like Indiana Jones) or have usually one key creative voice as a director or writer. The original or prequel trilogy may not have been planned out but due to having George Lucas as the key voice, it ensured that there was mostly consistentcy between the movies.

  15. I think Akane Banashi filling the niche of something as unique as Act-Age will help it survive in the long term. Rayher than being like Ayashimon and Doron Doron who as battle shounen would be in competition with MHA, BC , JJK , OP etc. and would always have to be at top of their game in order to have a chance.

  16. Would be interesting to see one with all the shonen jump series that started and ended since HxH begun

  17. I mean people can recognise Kochikame since that was a popular anime South Eastern Asian countries. But for the rest yeah spot on.

  18. I think there's a few other names from that era who have pull on their own without franchise ties (Pitt and Leo come to mind) - but neither of them are capable of launching a movie above $50M+ basically just on their star power.

  19. To be fair, Leo also usually works with very acclaimed directors like Tarantino and Scorsese and when that adds up to those movies getting great reviews I think they are able to pull in decent amount of money. I am not saying Leo isn't a factor (look at Scorsese movies like Hugo and Silence which were without Leo and didn't make much money even though they are well regarded) but that Leo also always stars with an acclaimed auteur and that auteur appeal when combined with Leo's own star power does bring in dough.

  20. Yeah, that is fair. Leo's got pull because he's been intentionally selective with who he works with - and rarely delivers a complete miss. His presence is a stamp of quality that not a ton of stars can claim, and that's occasionally overlapped with mainstream hits (Titanic, Inception, Once Upon A Time...). But it's easy to identify those as works sold on directorial prestige.

  21. With Leo and the directors he works with, it's a give and take relationship I feel. Leo gets to work with a beloved auteur and gets to further his status as a serious actor while the director is able to get a lot more funding for their movie with Leo attached to star in it.

  22. I can't fucking believe it. I actually survived long enough to see HxH come back.

  23. The first Russian Roulette scene is genuinely one of the most brutal scenes I have seen in movies. It isn't that gory but the sheer intensity of that scene made my adreline shoot up in a way that only the Silence of the Lambs climax has done.

  24. We really are never going to see the first girl again huh.

  25. I remember that in a oneshot don'e by this mangaka , called Parasol Alliance, the ending twist was that the girl MC had a crush on didn't win, but the girl that was friends with MC and helping him to get that girl won in the end.

  26. Man it really hurts to root for the losing girl. So this is how my ancestors felt during the various salt wars of previous harem series.

  27. Nah people at least remember the invisible one because she is cute.

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