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  1. Should be an easy win for Akane, then. She's already done it before.

  2. Plus she already has romantic history with Aqua. Wouldn't be hard for her to trigger his Oedipus complex.

  3. Mini tournament arc lets go!!!! Just when Akane stopped collecting death flags.

  4. Weird to think there are two tournament arcs going on in Jump magazines which involve an Akane in entertainment industry

  5. GoT S1-S6 was back every year on April or May.

  6. I miss the time in the early 2010s when Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Veep would have a season every spring, Breaking Bad would have a season every summer, Boardwalk Empire would have a season every fall and Justified, The Americans would have a season every winter/ spring.

  7. Why did the falling devil kill people? That's literally against the law, is she stupid?

  8. Is there a lore reason why the falling devil makes my pee pee hard?

  9. Looks like we can expect extremely positive word of mouth with this film (to be expected from James Mangold).

  10. I am excited for it. I love Indy way more than Star Wars so I will happily take one last adventure with Ford and his favourite character.

  11. Also lol I didn't see people asking for Luke, Han and Leia to not be used when Sequel trilogy was being made so the double standards for Indy is funny.

  12. Resident Evil is the king of survival horror and the IP has been on a hot streak for 6 years now in gaming so its not surprising it is doing much better than Dead Space which was always more niche and with its last entry before the remake being the Dead Space 3 a decade ago.

  13. Yeah but it could be very VERY competitive. The second half of Better Call Saul is eligible. Plus, HBO has a LOT this season: House of the Dragon, The Last of Us, and The White Lotus. I’m not sure where they will put Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke plus their teen counterparts. Aubrey Plaza could get a slot too.

  14. It would be a travesty if anyone from House of Dragon wins over Snook. The actresses are decent but none of them have material that is even close to the level that Snook has been crushing it.

  15. Nah I can see it. It’s incredibly well crafted, acted and directed like The Godfather and not very many people disagree with it winning best picture compared to other films.

  16. Parasite feels like one of the few films from the 2010s that we know are going to be remembered as must watch classics of this decade. The only other films I see this kind of support for is Social Network and Mad Max Fury Road.

  17. Blue Lock has permanently made the phrase 'Diamonds in the Rough ' be associated to Ego for me.

  18. Fair point that it won't work for every single movie out there. But I think in terms of long running franchise that are already established, a lengthy runtime might actually be able to help box office sales if there already some trust in the filmmakers and good reviews.

  19. I mean in 2010s there were only 3 mainstream Hollywood films that explicitly crossed the 3 hour like. Endgame, Would of Wall Street and The Irishman. Out of these one of them was mainly a streaming title, the other was a sort of finale to the most popular franchise of the decade.

  20. i think it's more that those are movies people like, which happen to be long.

  21. I feel with 3 hour movies being successful there is a matter of trust from audiences. Do audience trust Cameron with that runtime? (Yes). Do audience trust Scorsese with that runtime? (Yes). Do audience trust John Wick with that runtime? (Yes)

  22. "Ugh, this is just a generic plain story with good guys and bad guys without any of the complexity to it. Where's the nuance? Where's the depth? And the grey morality?"

  23. Absolute shame if this turns out to be on him. Really liked him in Creed and was one of the best parts of Marvel

  24. 2023 was supposed to be his breakout year in Hollywood with Creed, Kang and an Oscar baity role in Magazine Dreams. If this turns out to be on him, it will be one of the quickest star to Tár turns I have seen in Hollywood.

  25. Honestly every girl is pretty good in this series. It is peak trash premise that is actually good anime.

  26. Oh Nixon is amazing. I love rise and fall of man type of films like Citizen Kane, Nixon, Social Network etc.

  27. Marvel and DC fighting to see who can have the most entertaining behind the scenes drama.

  28. It has certainly been more entertaining than what they are putting in front of the screens.

  29. Hell if you have to remake a Hitchcock film, remake one of the weaker ones. Don't remake stuff like Psycho, Vertigo, Rear Window, North by Northwest, Notorious etc. that are already so beloved.

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