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  1. Idk I speak from the perspective of someone who is incredibly afraid of bugs

  2. Dude, imagine it like this, the moth is pretending to be a big scary tarantula so that an even bigger scary bird thinks twice before eating it

  3. I have a faint memory but I remember once coming across a red and black wasp in my father's truck so I grabbed a napkin grabbed the wasp then looked at it.

  4. Is it true that ants and wasps are from the same gene pool?

  5. Yeah, along with bees, termites are closer to roaches

  6. Australian Butcherbirds do it too, they hack at the meat after impaling or hanging

  7. Looks like most of its prey is dead before being impaled. It seems the shrike uses it as a way of keeping its prey in one place while it eats, as well as leaving it for when it wants to come back and feed more

  8. I believe it to be a display of territory (unlikely) or decoration for a nest (likely)

  9. Tarantulas get this mythical like badass reputation but in reality they are pussies. Letting a god damn ant kick your ass. I hope his mom shows up and spits on him.

  10. 1, he probably ate his mom, 2 ants are one of the most dangerous insects for any small animal to come across, they've even killed humans

  11. No it's just paralysed while the tarantula hawk wasp's babies eat it alive

  12. Catfish:I bet my mouth is bigger than yours Snake: u ssssssure about that Catfish: yeah Snake: ok then This:

  13. Welp, the spider seems to have answered the age old question for us 'can this cool bug kill this other cool bug'

  14. Geckos have strong suckers that automatically stick so even if they die they keep hanging

  15. Yeah they leverage van der walls forces by using lil hair structures

  16. He grabs some body spray, gasses it out, confines the spider, gasses it out even more and then grab dust pan and behed it, this is how a room mate of mine executed a moth, should work on a spider tho

  17. Team sky admin sent out Braviary

  18. Yeah shrikes are cool and all, but have you even heard of raptors? Catching other birds in midair and then eating them is way more metal imo.

  19. Yeah falcons are cool, being the fastest of the raptors and doing that the most, but they aren't as psychotic seeming

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