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  1. i live in FL right now, trans woman, getting out. i would suggest not coming here

  2. I think there is a lot of misinformation being spread about these bills. They primarily impact children and Floridians seeking medical care. As long as any hrt is brought from your home state, these won’t impact tourists. Do not allow these bills to impede of your trip, this whole “queer people avoid the south” sentiment is toxic and leaves behind queer youth, black southerners, and everyone who can’t afford to be part of an exodus. Enjoy your trip and if anything happens, stand up for your fiancée the same way you would anywhere that you go. Harassment is frowned upon in all 50 states.

  3. It’s insane to me that any trans or gnc person would risk going to Florida when, if they needed a hospital visit, the doctors, EMS, etc can LEGALLY LET YOU DIE BECAUSE YOU ARE TRANSGENDER.

  4. Both. Sometimes the images are so borderline between terrifying and fascinating that it’s almost erotic, sometimes I have to scroll past because it’s just terror. I’m especially scared when it’s big things combined with other small fears, like heights or underwater. I also love watching scary movies and going to haunted houses though, so maybe I’m a bit of a masochist for fear.

  5. You look so fantastic!!! My very favorite part of cruising is playing dress up, you both look like you’re having a blast!

  6. There’s no instance in the world where being compared to the one and only, our Goddess on high, Queen Morticia Addams is a bad thing, and we all say amen 🙏🏻

  7. I just saw Hadestown and wasn’t really all that blown away by it. It gets raving reviews on this thread, but I personally can’t really see where that is coming from, if I’m honest. Granted, I saw it on tour, so your experience on Broadway may vary. But I’d pick Six.

  8. Dang that’s crazy! I was blown away by the set and the lighting, I saw the tour and really thought it was top notch. Six was great too but it felt like a concert, not Broadway, and there was no set. Like, literally nothing. At all. Just six women and costumes.

  9. Hadestown. Hands down no question. Fantastic set, lighting is award winning literally, and the story will stay with you. Six is basically a concert disguised as a broadway musical, just six women singing and flashy lights, you can see Six anywhere and it’s the same. I love them both, but not equally. See Hadestown.

  10. That’s really not that much money. Almost any household with two working parents old enough to have teens is going to reach $100k or come pretty close to it.

  11. My friend literally asked me yesterday if I thought her middle school daughter should see Six. I pulled out this song and asked if she wanted to have these conversations with her kid.

  12. So disappointing you talked her out of what could have been a great, open conversation around the way women have been treated in history and how they are still treated today. All of my children were afab, and my youngest- under 10, but over 5, and I have seen Six together and had wonderful, child appropriate conversations about what was happening in the musical. The elder kids love it and legit about half of their friends (both middle school) went to see Six while it toured here, and I would say about 60% of the audience of the two Six shows I’ve seen were ages between 9-16. It’s so sad you talked her out of it.

  13. And that’s great for your kids. It would not have been great for this child.

  14. Worked at a Darden restaurant and you simply got written up if you forgot to clock in/clock out. 3 write ups and you gone

  15. I was management at Darden from 2020-2022; this is not current policy.

  16. Where was the last place you had it?

  17. OP said it was stolen off of his body during carnival; not lost

  18. I know we’re supposed to be impressed by this but he doesn’t have much control over his jumps; the way he kicks his leg out is ridiculously dangerous and most rinks wouldn’t allow that. Js

  19. The hand in the sink garbage disposal.

  20. This was a scene written in Firestarter by Stephen King and I read it when I was young, avoided garbage disposals ever since.

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