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  1. that voice.. that damn voice…

  2. Steve Blum has to have one of the most iconic voices out there. Bless that man for choosing VO work.

  3. This almost looks like Maya from Borderlands 2 haha, great work though!

  4. I practically only used Ichimonji double my first play through, but in every subsequent play through since, I’ve used Sakura Dance. Bless Sakura Dance lol

  5. Everyone says mortal draw is the best or is OP, but I never tried it during my first play through because of how much I liked Ichimonji double (the poise bar refill is so nice!!)

  6. Great links, thanks for this!

  7. Phenomenal work, love your art style!

  8. I’m more of a beans guy (franks and b…whatever):

  9. Wow, great points! The episode really does give so much background context and I hadn’t even thought of it paralleling Ellie’s “left behind” story. Thanks for sharing this!

  10. Love this theory, great observations!!

  11. So it’s the VAs of crypto, lifeline, fuse, octane, horizon, Wattson, Wraith?, Bangalore and Valkyrie at the beginning and at the end.

  12. That’s Rampart’s VA (Anjali Bhimani), not Valk’s (Erika Ishii) :) yes that is wraith’s VA (Shantel VanSanten) though!

  13. BIG lie, you aren’t Japanese.

  14. If you seriously think each reply takes more than a minute then you’re delusional, but okay random white dude from Texas, I don’t think I’ll call any Navy friends for you lmao, whatever that means. I’m sure you’d be very excited at the thought of that though. Stop harassing people, hmm?

  15. Grinded? Ground? to 4rp from plat last season solo in a week and handed my 6 year old the controller to kill my rank so I could help my wife through gold. I'd be down to be an inconsistent third though, as I prioritize playing with the wife!

  16. Sounds great!! I totally understand those priorities haha. What’s your GT??

  17. Ron 5wan5on on Xbox if you're looking for a third. Typically play Valk, Horizon, or Loba but can play most legends. Mainly looking for a team that communicates. I'm in silver right now.

  18. Sounds chill, we’ll be on in about an hour or so, will you be on then?

  19. That sticker sheet is adorable! Great work!!

  20. Literally the only good thing about the show. Like come-on just cancel it at this point

  21. Seriously, I’ve had a decent chunk of complaints about the show, but Henry as Geralt was never one or them, honestly just perfect casting. You could really see how much he put into the character.

  22. Thank you. This exactly. Pick your side, your favorite scenes, your favorite character, dragon, etc.....but remember it's fiction. Enjoy talking with friends, family, reddit, but mostly enjoy the break from reality every week.

  23. Exactly! So many people get genuinely pissed at others over a literally imaginary difference. At the end of the day it’s fantasy and escapism, a story that’s meant to be shared, not fought over.

  24. Wow. Way to put words in my mouth. Where did I say that diversity is necessary to tell a good story? Peter Jackson’s LotR trilogy is my favorite movie series, yet they are notably not very diverse. I don’t think they’re worse for it, they’re phenomenal regardless. Seems like you are making me out to be saying something I’m not.

  25. At least I was actually trying to have a conversation instead of just saying meaningless phrases like that. You’re not even saying anything lol, just posting hate for peoples skin colors. Typical troll.

  26. The main clue for me was the bit about identifying what your enemy fears then giving them a way to master it as a way to gain influence over them. That was the single most Sauron-like statement in the entire show, in my opinion.

  27. I had the exact same thought, the manipulation in the scene you mention is what initially made me suspicious, but I was also in the Sauron-doubter club right up until the “call it a gift” line, that’s when I knew I couldn’t doubt any longer lol.

  28. This sounds great! Super pumped to go on date nights here

  29. Don’t get too excited for date night. The article mentions there hours are 11 - 2:30 pm.

  30. I was hoping those were just the hours for their test lunch openings since Kengo is typically open later, but yeah, they may have to be lunch dates instead lol

  31. Sounds fun, I’d probably be down! My girl might wanna join too, I’ll DM you if we’re in!

  32. I wish my schedule allowed for your in-person group. Mine went virtual during the pandemic. Then life happened and people moved out-of-state so virtual we remain. I miss the comradery and intimacy of the in-person game. I hope the search goes well!

  33. Could be worse, my group separated when COVID hit and we haven’t finished the game since, we were mid-campaign :’( my girl and I are always looking to get back into it, so if you wanna play more hmu!

  34. This has been my favorite theory, I’m totally on board too! I’ve been calling it since episode 3!

  35. Bro you work (or your company works for) an evil corporation that makes people piss in bottles, or continue to work through tornadoes. I hope you are making good money for selling this piece of your soul.

  36. Cringe comment, you know that guy isn’t an actual bot, right? He literally has his art Instagram with his actual portfolio in it, you just have to click on his profile to see it, why would an Amazon bot be trying to push art commissions lmao? Or is that just a trick too?? To lull us into a false sense of security?? Where does it end??? Lol this kinda shit seems delusional. I’m willing to bet the guy is just a super fan.

  37. Oh so I’m fake now too? Cool, prove it. You seem… totally stable bro.

  38. This is my new favorite theory btw, I was thinking of the same thing the other night! Ngl, originally I thought he may become the witch king, but I feel this theory holds more water.

  39. My money is on him becoming the Witch King. I don't think he was lying when he said he took the sigil off a dead man, it's just that the dead man was his father, the last king of Southlands. They fend off the orcs, he gets a ring, boom, Ring Wraithed.

  40. This is what I suspect as well! Excited to see whether we’ll be proven right or wrong, but either way, I’m super pumped!

  41. Fair donuts and milkshakes are honestly a yearly staple, the food is amazing!

  42. How the hell do you know they have hundred dollar haircuts?

  43. Half the people in here have no clue what they’re talking about, acting like millionaires are out panhandling. Dude is even lying about the cost of a fade of all things, I have never paid more than $40 for a high end down-to-skin straight razor fade. Been to dozens of barbers across Toledo and Maumee, most I’ve ever paid was $40 at La Moda. I typically only pay $25.

  44. A decent fade is anywhere between $60-$150...

  45. As someone who had to get a weekly fade for years in the military, no it does not cost that much, and it completely depends on where you go.

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