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  1. Big nope if there are bones in there. The tiny bones will be swallowed whole. Either cut the meat off the bone or cook and enjoy yourself.

  2. If you have pets then run their slicker brush over it, should pick up a lot of that without cutting or pulling out fibers.

  3. There used to be a few shows on YouTube, seems to be gone now. I loved Clean Sweep as well.

  4. Also use his basic obedience skills. Have him sit, get out the broom. Treat for sitting politely, sweep for 2 seconds, treat and repeat. Of course extend the time he sits before he gets a treat as he gets the idea that you value his obedience highly. When he's had enough and can no longer 'work' put him behind a door and finish your task. You might do a quick tug game as a break if he's doing a good job. Being still is extremely hard for adolescent air head dogs.

  5. Raised by a school librarian and grew up visiting every single city library branch just for fun. Kid books will creep in due to school fundraisers and gifts but for the most part I only used the library. It caused a lot of anxiety for the non reader who needed books to age at home before they could be read. That was back in the age of library fines which are finally gone.

  6. Thyroid disorder is supposed to be the source of a whole lot of things that can go wrong. Adolesence is early but you never know. Get a general senior dog blood panel to see if any markers are out of whack as well.

  7. I'd take up the 10' of grass and put in a planting bed. Near the house would be a shade garden with native ferns and flowers, at the 7-9.5' mark I'd add a grouping of several trees/large shrubs with a maximum of 20' wide canopies. Between the trees and ferns+ would be a flagstone or mulch path and planted on the tree side of the path would be small shrubs, bunch grasses and perennials that can take full winter shade and summer sun. Your nice brick wall will be a terrific backdrop for this.

  8. It is a variety of Lippia nodifolia developed in Japan, the same species is native to large areas of the US. Wish the regular variety would show up in my yard, it's pretty.

  9. How do you tell the difference between oxalis and wood sorrel? I live in Northern California and we get absolutely inundated with this stuff. It’s impossible to get rid of. I always thought it was oxalis but they look almost identical to me.

  10. Oxalis is the genus name and wood sorrel the common name. California has some native Oxalis, one is creeping with yellow flowers that looks very much like the exotic species but alas mine is the exotic one. Pick a sprig of what's in your yard and search calscape to see what you've got.

  11. 20+ years ago Iived in Los Angeles and the neighbor had dichondra fron yard. No grass. The yard was full shade. He watered just about everyday and fertilized twice a year. This may or may not be helpful to you but, I thought I would share that its possible.

  12. They used to be a thing but as a monoculture they are prone to some bug here in southern California and die back badly. I thought it needs to be coddled but apparently not so long as you aren't walking on it.

  13. Do a jar test to get a rough idea what your soil type is. Fun and easy little test. I was shocked that my rock hard dry soil turned out to be great draining sandy loam.

  14. Immediately my mind went to the 1980s piers on either side of a storage headboard with drawers under the bed setup. I've seen this go for nothing on Craig's List as they aren't easy to move but still available retail as well. It could be DIYed with Ikea Kallax or other Ikea products as well.

  15. You feel exposed because there's too much open space. An umbrella or arbor would create an outdoor room so you feel safe. I'd start with something over the hot tub.

  16. It's already been painted with tacky fake mortar so feel free to paint any color you like. I'd repaint the whole thing with fresh gray paint. Agree with the other poster, that mantel would look terrific in natural wood tones on the gray.

  17. I was much too disorganized to make piles. What I did was empty a small space like one shelf of the cart or your desk and pick up one item. If I wanted to keep it it went back where I found it. If I didn't want it it went into a donate bag/box or recycle/trash bag. In my case the stuff neatly stacked and shelved hadn't been gone through for ages and much of it needed to leave the house. The newer stuff on top did not have any place to go which is why my storage was a mess. After I'd gone through every single item in a room I was able to figure out where things belonged.

  18. I really like this approach, one item at a time, thank you! Did you have a place you liked to donate to? I always worry if I donate to some places, it will not go to someone who could really use it.

  19. When you donate to the thrift store it is sold. It doesn't go to the right person. A large percentage of my stuff came from thrift stores and my hope is it would be bought by somebody who could use it since I no longer need it.

  20. I rip the personal info off discards so most paper can be recycled. Once there's a liittle pile I take a fun shredding break so the shredder doesn't overheat. Personal shredders can only run for a couple minutes at a time. My piles were feel like I need to keep, recycle and ripped bits to be shredded.

  21. I bought one that goes 10 mins it says? Should I believe it? Also what’s the diff between pull out and top lifting shredders?

  22. Read the reviews to find out if it really can go 10 minutes! No idea which emptying system is better. I'll make a mess no matter what.

  23. Missing lighting. The more light sources the better. At least one lamp on either side of the sectional and one next to the TV.

  24. Not a bright light, a nightlight/mood light. It has always been a thing. These days TVs have RGB LED light strips behind them, in the olden days there were ceramic panthers and so on with night lights silhouetting them. We never had a console TV so had to keep a light on in the room instead.

  25. Great now I want chickens!

  26. Me too. My lot is 8 square feet too small for them so I've got quail instead. They are fun but not chickens...

  27. A carrot is not a substitute for a steak. When meat is $3/lb and Tofu is $1 -- don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about $3 chicken. But as a matter of fact, it is 3x more expensive than tofu per the same quantity, which actually contains very nearly the same amount of protein.

  28. Tofu has 10 grams of protein per 100 grams. Pork loin, 27 grams per 100 grams. If tofu cost 1/3 the price of pork then equal in cost per gram of protein.

  29. There are 'attics' you can hang IF you've got actual rafters. Mine are 2x4"s meant to hold the walls parallel to one another and cannot handle any load. One 'overhead ceiling mount garage rack' over the garage door and another over the door area would work for bins.

  30. I lucked into the perfect opaque crispy 100% cotton percale sheets a while back and wanted another set. Every single percale I could find was see through until I shopped Ikea. No idea how long they will last but they are not see through!

  31. Have you checked out chipdrop? You get whatever is in the truck so it is up to 20 yards but it's free to sign up and free to get a drop. So long as you have room for it you can share with others if it is far too much.

  32. I have but unfortunately they won't be able to leave them in my driveway because of a low power line. I also checked the map and while there are a few in my area that want chips nobody has any extra.

  33. Agree, add some plants that can do well with roots in the water. Spider plant, peace lily and a small form of boston fern have worked for me. So long as water is moving and aerated there's a great variety that can grow that way.

  34. Unsure about the quality of the herbs and spices but we bought a tower spinner with filled jars and have been refilling with bagged spices and herbs for years. Some even come with free refills I think. For $25 you get the jars and holder. Buying 16 jars of spice retail it would be much more. I'm remembering $3 a jar, probably more these days. Of course this works only if you like the spices and herbs included! I dislike the spinner as I had to move up a shelf in cabinet in order to keep it off the counter but I've managed.

  35. I like sourdough a lot but the old way where you waste half the starter bothered me a lot. When the 2 pounds of active dry yeast is gone or dead in another 4-5 years [baking a loaf a week for 2 years and 1/3 is gone] maybe I'll work on it again. I bake a no knead long proof loaf once a week based on Ken Forkish's method using baker's percentage to vary flours and hydration. His book has both levain [sourdough] and yeast recipes.

  36. Just checked my old house. It was flipped and sold last summer and looks much nicer than when we were there. They lay mulch over most of the lawn/garden area which is likely hiding all sorts of nasty.

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