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  1. This scene like no other makes me laugh every. Single. Time.

  2. Joe La Puma is somewhere so excited rn

  3. Centering looks amazing!! Nice pull!

  4. Hmmmm. Interesting. My two pairs came from very direct sources both had the yellow slip. Both it was at the very very bottom underneath all the newspaper

  5. Yeah bro it was weird to me cause i get my shoes from my boy he always wins raffles my go to if ion win i thought it was strange it ain have the recipt but im happy i got a chicago finally

  6. Yeah no biggie tho! I wouldn't be that concerned yours look legit af. Nice pickup!!

  7. Random question!! How's the breathability of this shoe? I feel like I've just accepted my body runs hot and I'm curious if my feet will be sweatin in these

  8. You rolled those!?!? Impressive!! Most impressive.

  9. These going to sit on so many shelves wouldn’t be surprised if we see them at Ross… but props on liking what you like op

  10. Lol to all the 'resellers' who end up trying to get rid of their pairs for less than retail

  11. Sameeeeee. I was in high school she was in college

  12. These 3 Zard cards are some of my faves in a longggggg time!

  13. I am no expert (yet) but to my eye they're real! Like others have said they're not in perfect condition but that's okay. Another way to tell we can't really see from this picture is making sure the cards are two layers of cardboard glued together. You can usually hold them sideways and see the seam

  14. No one has said Poppy's succulent duck meal?!

  15. Is this The Midnight - Heroes? Glad it plays okay!!

  16. Just here to say welcome! You picked a great franchise to follow and we couldn't be happier to have you

  17. Well from one stranger to another man I've been broken up with my ex for 4yrs now. I just started talking to them again recently and my heads been all fucked up. One thing I noticed is that after all this time I was romanticizing this version of her that I used to have so much fun with, but in reality she has changed a lot and isn't even the person I used to love anymore. As a man who has confidence issues it felt like she was the one for me because she actually liked me at the time and it created this weird self validation loop in my reasoning and messed me up for awhile. Hindsight is great from talking to her because the reason we broke up was her dishonesty really messed with me and i see that shes still the same and it wouldnt work out between us. reality of the matter tho is that there are atleast 4 billion women out there man and it's easy to get caught in your own world in your head but you just gotta let her go homie trust me on this.

  18. This comment is surprisingly applicable to my life and I appreciate the advice

  19. Firstly I just realized it's laurie bream from Silicon Valley, she's awesome.

  20. Weren't the Lakers Wish? Bumble was the Clippers

  21. I used to notice that every single time the Lakers played. Literally, WISH!?!? I couldn't think of a company with a worse reputation. Maybe Nestle haha

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