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  1. What blind spots do you have in an ND?

  2. I don’t think you’re actually looking for advice. You just want to justify not getting a car.

  3. Compare that to the S&P over the same time span to be fair. I have no dog in this fight, and I’m not even sure of how much the S&P has dropped, but we should frame the argument fairly.

  4. You see how 21 is a lot bigger than 5, right?

  5. Who cares if you’ll ever be “good”?

  6. Okay, then why are you asking strangers if you should quit? Just continue trying to improve.

  7. I am not convinced by the second swing technique at all lol. If it were correct, you'd see a lot more professionals swinging that way.

  8. 1st video is correct, but since he is demoing without body rotation etc, it looks a bit weird.

  9. This is a special edition called the LM. About 20 of these were made

  10. One of the most underrated comedies imo

  11. What's the difference between doing blackface and playing a character doing blackface?

  12. “Este” no lleva acento ortográfico.

  13. “Given the rise in Covid, let’s all salute this young man” - politicians

  14. Acura being essentially tied with Alfa Romeo seems absurd

  15. I gotta say, after Steph threw that pass to no one, having a dude wearing a white shirt standing right up next to the sideline in the shooters corner for an entire half does seem a bit sketchy. It's gamesmanship for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if this leads to more legislation down the line.

  16. They gotta go back to wearing suits

  17. Luka yanks Steph's arm, but it doesn't even faze him.

  18. Don’t worry, the cost of living is doing that anyway lol.

  19. “Nobody wants to live there; it’s too expensive” he said, apparently having never heard of supply and demand.

  20. How about this: fuck Commiefornia compliance

  21. You paying his bail when he gets arrested?

  22. Metal Gear Solid V: Part II, that bridges the gap between The Phantom Pain and the first Metal Gear. You start off playing as Big Boss/Venom, then transition to playing as Solid Snake.

  23. It’s disappointing how little Sam has criticized Musk.

  24. I have a lot of criticisms of Sam, but him just not talking about Musk at all is fine, because no one should be talking about this asshole.

  25. The weird thing is he used to talk about him. But since Musk has basically come out as a Trumpist, Sam has barely mentioned him. Just seems weird.

  26. If you're not having fun, there's no point in continuing to train. Put the racket down until you feel the desire to play again.

  27. Vietnam doesn't have a large voting bloc of expats that consistently turns out to the polls in support of the GOP resulting in Republicans pandering with anti-Cuban acts.

  28. I see you have never been to San Jose or Orange County

  29. And Mazda claims NOT to be named after founder Jujiro Matsuda, even though company's name in Japanese is ma-tsu-da and not ma-zu-da.

  30. Them: My watch has a working w16 engine embedded in it and is covered in diamonds.

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