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  1. Because of a history of protesting police killings.

  2. I flew that route in 2017 and had the exact same experience. It was extremely open and everyone moved seats after take off.

  3. SOLD enhypen border dawn and dusk, enhypen carnival set, enhypen dimension: dilemma to

  4. 30, F. Team lead for a non-engineering team at a SaaS company. 80k

  5. That man has never said no to an impulsive thought

  6. Agreed. I love the Front Back shirt, but I've gotten tired of explaining it.

  7. No one has ever asked me to explain mine and it makes me so sad

  8. I told my partner "there's 50 minutes left of this episode and no one is dead??" It was a trip.

  9. Zach is whack, but when he referred to her as “Satan’s asshole” I couldn’t stop laughing for a week! 😂 I think she’s great tv😁

  10. It really is a fantastic Podcast. I remember thinking that the Stearns county Sheriff department really botched that whole case. Also, The way they harassed that music teacher was terrible. I think about that when I hear about accusations in the news.

  11. That's really the lesson of the whole podcast. Yes, the case was solved but the many unsolved cases really proved how much the Stearns county sheriff's office fucked everything up. The wetterling case was super present in my life having grown up in st. Joe, then the Saint John's case. All too sad.

  12. Crime Junkie did a good episode on how his case helped create the predatory offender registry

  13. Patty has been pushing for reform of the registry:

  14. I wasnt actively watching the whole time, but I did see how Alfredo foolishly let that fan into his house to join in.

  15. In the middle of Thursday night he ended up having some pizza delivered. When it arrived, he informed the chat that he had to go check on this. He came back momentarily saying the delivery person was a fan, should he let the fan in to see his setup. The chat suspected and was soon confirmed that the "fan" was just Michael who showed up with pizza (in a delivery pizza bag, wherever he got that), a controller, and headphones, and he joined Alfredo in the room as they played a game of Mario Party with the rest of the Takeout Crew, aka Jackie and Meg.

  16. Ah okay. Phew. Listen, too much sketchy shit happens, especially with the ah crew. Really made me nervous! Hopefully the Mario vod ends up on youtube!

  17. The voice actor for Callum was also the actor for Sokka. Giancarlo Volpe also worked on both shows.

  18. Dang. Corn hole game is so refreshing. Trying ever ___ was okay but it wasn't destined to last long.

  19. Like a bunch of kids who were scammed into enlisting? Yes.

  20. I have 4 blue and 3 green presents left if you are trying to finish derby tasks. Dm me with your farm name or ID!

  21. Have you tried washing with a cup of vinegar in the water?

  22. There's a park by my house where they pile up the snow from the surrounding parking lots. It stays until mid June.

  23. The end of Yang 2 after they manage to save both Abigail and Jules. Jules on the clock tower collapsing into Lassie gets me every time - they did a great job with that scene, was super intense and emotional

  24. Usually I watch psych while sleeping but if I wind up actually watching this episode, I will cry. Sometimes, if I just need to cry, I'll play this clip.

  25. You can't activate two of the same type of booster at a time. You can activate an XP and a coin one.

  26. Wait. Can I activate a free helper and a coin booster at the same time?

  27. I'm 2 minutes in and Noah is already so charming!

  28. I have called several times on erratic drivers and does a small part of me feel guilty? Yes. But ultimately, a car is a 2 ton death machine and if someone is using it irresponsibly, imma tell on them.

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