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  1. Should've made one for yourself to handle the stress of the brew

  2. I love that he looks like he's being blown by the wind on the back haha

  3. I just think you should know I thought this was a photo OF the pattern and not actual cross stitching. It looks SO neat!!

  4. Your dress is lovely, both in person and in cross stitch!

  5. oh my goodness. This is the kind of stuff that made me want to cross stitch in the first place

  6. You are not the first to make this mistake, don't worry! I've seen at least one other post here like this. It does look cool but ultimately the pattern is way too big to continue like this. Good luck!

  7. Literally made the same mistake last month and didn't post it! At least I got the practice in hahaha

  8. Now that you have two you can cycle them and clean one while u play with the other- thread and needles (ladder stitch) and soap will be way cheaper than stocking up in the long run :)

  9. It's like it chose you! I love when that happens :)

  10. Wow was pawlette fluffier back then? She looks better than my new one lol

  11. if the person you’re gifting to doesnt cross stitch this will still look perfect. i just showed my partner who doesnt know how and he says it looks awesome haha

  12. This is my first finished project which is why it's not very square at all HAHA but I am proud of how it turned out

  13. Mine has these too but I never see them use it :(

  14. That's something I'd buy for myself to wear haha it's so cuute

  15. Jean Ferris' The Tales of the Marigold? There's three of them: Once Upon a Marigold, Twice Upon a Marigold, and Thrice Upon a Marigold.

  16. Oh my goodness 🥺 I didn't know about this, that's so cuteee

  17. He's literally one of my top 3, I love him! Glad everyone has another chance

  18. I don't usually bring my bears unless I'm omw to the store to buy another one. I do like bringing a furby though! I get some looks but definitely not as many as I was expecting. Kinda nice to remember that since everyone is worried about what others think of them, a lot of them are conscious of the fact that being mean makes them look bad.

  19. I absolutely would but I’m just a little too stupid to know how to set that up lol

  20. I seam rip them off and it's an okay solution but u can usually still tell their hand had something going on :/

  21. Am I the only one that thinks it's ugly? I wish they would've gone the poison dart frog route if polka dots were on their mind :(

  22. That is his only tag :( I'm also curious if the eyebrows are original or a modification?

  23. They all go on my bed and when it's time to sleep they all go on the floor hahaha

  24. I wanna add that this helps remind me to make my bed in the morning so it's dual purpose!

  25. Astroneer :( I wanted to get into video games with my friends bc I'm less of a gamer than them but it turns out astroneer is too hard for me. I tried just gathering stuff for us but I just feel left out. Sucks because it's so pretty!

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