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Sadio Mané, the Senegalese Bayern Munich football player is transforming Bambaly, his native Senegal village: He built an hospital, a school and he is paying 80 euros a month all its citizens. Recently he installed a 4G network and built a postal office.

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  1. What piece of shit gets into an elevator with their dog on a leash and doesn't make sure they're inside when the doors shut?? Damn, I'm glad he/she wasn't strangled!

  2. Accidents happen.. we can't automatically assume the owner is a piece of shit without more context

  3. The way he sets it up makes it seem like its been, well, set up.

  4. Why help yellow jackets. Literally winged devils

  5. Not only did she let them out, she followed them around. That's just asking for trouble

  6. I’ve been paying for 9 but only getting 6?!

  7. I thought you misspelled comedian, but then realised that must mean female comedian, so I looked it up. I'm 37 and never knew this until today

  8. One time my wife was experiencing some abdominal pain and just couldn’t get it sorted out. At one of her Appts with her then Dr she asked “could this be an ovarian cyst” and his response was “I don’t know I’m not a woman and I don’t have ovaries”. So that was less than helpful.

  9. Mate, that is terrible! We have been pretty fortunate with my wife. She had quite a few ovarian cysts over a period of time, and eventually a doctor decided to remove the right ovary(female doctor obviously). When she opened my wife up she noticed a badly inflamed appendix too, which she thankfully removed. In Australia (not sure about elsewhere in the world) doctors need consent before doing anything like that, but this doctor was so good. She just decided to remove it, and we were so grateful she did as my wife has been doing really well ever since.

  10. One report said that 36% of residential garages in the US are cluttered with stuff that is not a car. I feel that number is low.

  11. Same in Australia. I'm guilty of it too, but only because hour house is small so most of our storage space is in our garage

  12. Last year I tried refinancing our home loan at a lower interest rate, and I also wanted to consolidate my debt. Basically I would have been saving $200 a week and my mortgage payments would have come down by around $100 per week. They declined and because the interest rate went up I now pay $150 more. It's so messed up

  13. How did your rate go up? Are you in an ARM loan?

  14. Not sure what that means.. I live in Australia, so when the interest rate rises we pay more

  15. Shark meat is disgusting and toxic with high concentrations of uric acid and mercury contamination, hope she enjoyed that!

  16. Shark meat is not disgusting. It is sold in fish and chips shops in Australia. They're trying to put and end to it now because of endangered shark species, but it's definitely not disgusting

  17. Literally the most disgusting trend I've ever seen , I despise watching people eat and chewing noises and it just makes me gag

  18. I watch a lot of cooking videos on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc... I love finding new recipes and learning about amazing foods. One of my pet peeves is when the creators show themselves taking a bite and eating at the end of the videos, and it's drives me up the wall. I absolutely cannot handle it, and if it weren't for the fact that I love cooking so much I would honestly stop watching the videos because of it

  19. Hey thanks! I definitely wouldn’t want to do an entire crowdwork set. I’m currently running my hour!

  20. Last night I watched your set from a few years ago when you were on Colbert. It's so funny man.. and as much as I love your crowd work, I definitely want to see more of that too!

  21. I cringed from the beginning. The music, the fake engagement with people, the premise. It's all terrible. Literally exchanging cash for human experiences like a robot.

  22. I hate that I had to scroll this far down to find someone calling out this bull crap. And all these videos are the same. The same premise, the same interactions. People can't even make original fake content anynore

  23. Alright now I gotta go finish watching it, this sounds too good bad to miss. I'll just pretend it's SNL. Watching Sting's face at the same time definitely helps make it funny.

  24. It comes across as trying to just not make disgusted faces. And he really isn't succeeding, he looks like he has gas and is very uncomfortable.

  25. Y’all are missing the joke of the video, look at the billboard behind her as she’s talking. She’s positioned herself there for a reason.

  26. Took me a moment to realise, but when I saw it she started making a lot more sense

  27. 2/3 car crashes in the US are caused by sober drivers

  28. That’s only a jackpot if you are Brock the Rapist Turner

  29. I've only ever tipped once in Australia. When my uber driver played the Backstreet Boys and sang along with us. Well deserved in my books

  30. I thought they were long dead, but it's nice when people bring backstreet back, alright

  31. I'm a Chelsea supporter and I love Kante. The man is so humble and down to earth. After France won the World Cup he didn't even want to hold the trophy just wanted his teammates to have fun.

  32. Pretty sure Drogba has done a lot for his country too. So many big hearted players have come out of Africa

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