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Pitbull saves chihuahua from drowning in pool

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  1. Bagel, hard boiled egg and bacon/sausage will probably be your options

  2. One of my favorite things to do when someone is talking negatively about themselves is to say "Hey don't talk about my friend that way!" It helps snap them out of it most the time

  3. Happens to me as well. I have my Google calendar synced and every time is has an event is pits my watch on do not disturb, there's probably a setting for that

  4. You can make yourself as free or busy on google events. It's auto sets busy for mine usually, so check that maybe

  5. I noticed the Author's name, Melissa Huggins, after posting! The recipe is

  6. My mom was against an open casket funeral ceremony. She died very unexpectedly, and my dad and I were both out of town. The only way he and I and the others closest to her could ever see her one last time was to have that type of funeral due to strict rules about viewings. I could not have delt with her death without having that horrible but very needed experience. Only the people who were closest to our family were invited. There was a seperate memorial for everyone else.

  7. Yea I want them to see him, I know I would want to see my brother if he died. They are against the cremation and my brother and I are against splitting the ashes, it just feels wrong. Like ” here’s 50% of your son”

  8. Grief doesn't care about percentages. They wanted him to be buried there but you followed his wishes to creamate. Have you and your brother decided who will keep the urn if it can't be split?

  9. See my profile for references of my art I’ll be selling. Prints will range from $50-$150 🙏

  10. Artist alley at that con is REALLY jam packed. You won't have a lot of space, so make sure to pack wisely and bring snacks. The aritist alley crowd takes forever to get through since it's like sardines in the aisles. Good luck!! I hope you have an amazing con!

  11. Did the pit bull bust through the fence from the neighboring yard

  12. I can't believe I had to scroll so far to find this comment! It definitely looked like he took out a piece of the fence

  13. You’re wrong about.. (takes stories/events/things that happened in history and deep dives into them)

  14. The Dollop is a perfect recommendation for this

  15. You are not going to want to drive, valium or not!

  16. Legit she (my friend) was also diagnosed a year ago, at 40, and noticed all my tendencies. As Redditors do, I joined this sub just to see what people with ADHD are like. 1000's of memes hitting the nail on the head later: I'm finally getting help. That little test that circulated for a bit told me I had severe symptoms. Doc kinda echoed it by saying "it's ok, you aren't as bad as my toughest patient. He kept getting up and touching all my stuff." as my eyes dart around at all her stuff and my inner molologue says "maybe you shouldnt have turned your office into the goddamn ADHD chocolate factory." Next month I will be medicated and hopefully can then relate to all your memes about functioning.

  17. Ayye I'm turning 30 but same. Glad we found this!

  18. Mine stopped after the first month. You may want to try taking it in the morning instead but ask your doctor first.

  19. I've been on 20mg over a year. It's gotten worse for me over that time. I'm getting on welbutrin after seeing it recommended here frequently and talking with my psych.

  20. The Lighthouse - for the exact same reason. It's an incredibly well made movie, and Robert Pattinson really stands up to the talent that is William Dafoe. It's just sooo stressful.

  21. It hasn't hit me yet... but I am bloated like crazy. Usually it takes 24 hours for the pain to come. Hopefully it'll hit after I'm done with my shift fingers crossed

  22. Disagree, it was his advice that got Isaac to properly dress and act for the date as well as getting Claire back after messing it up.

  23. Came here to say this! It was his advice that made Issac use a human form, so he could kiss her.

  24. I got pseudomonas at 13 when I got my cartilage pierced @ Claire’s 🥴

  25. I worked at Hot Topic and always felt so bad for people who came in to get rings for their cartilage pierced at Claires. They SHOULD NOT use piercing guns for cartilage as it can break it. Further more, the gauge is the wrong size. It was my whole staff's soap box.

  26. I'm in the same situation, but it's been eight months. My dad is with a new woman, but he is still greiving. She makes him happy in the worst time of his life.

  27. My mom died eight months ago unexpected. A lot of people threw things at me to help, but only one thing really stuck.

  28. There is a civil suit again paraguard right now for this which you should definitely look into. I'm so glad the er nurses and doctors treated you well!

  29. I am so sorry, I kinda know how you feel. Everyone in my family has voicemails from my mom (a lot of them) wishing them happy bday or happy friday or just checking in saying that she loves them. I always picked up when she called (we talked a lot) so I don’t have any. I was incredibly jealous of them and sad that I didn’t have any. I found a lone message on my alexa and she starts it with “This is your mommy”. I listened to it so much and replayed it in my head that I can hear it on command now. Replay it in your head over and over. You’ll remember it, you won’t forget. Her voice and her love will always be with you.

  30. I always picked up her calls too. She'd call me when she had a long drive, and I miss that so much. I live out of state, so I did Thanksgiving with my friends. That voicemail was one of the few I got from her. It's going to be cemented in my head now.

  31. I’m so sorry for your loss with both your mom and this piece of her you cherished.

  32. I've never played it in my head until tonight. If I keep it up, maybe I won't lose it. Thank you.

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