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  1. For those wondering it’s a Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair and they are fantastic.

  2. I know Herman Miller is the top tier chair, but this style just doesn't look comfortable. I'm very curious to hear how you like it OP!

  3. Man is there a subreddit just for people being kicked off flights? Idk why it's so satisfying to see these.

  4. If you're taking it in the evenings, try switching to mornings instead. My dreams were really bad but tapered off after a couple months.

  5. When it comes to short, low-level adventures, my go-to creators are always

  6. Thank you so much!! I will check all of these out

  7. When my mom died at the end of 2021, I took three weeks off before going back to work. Once back, the work was honestly a great distraction. I work in a creative field as well and was able to add an "in memory" for her in one of our publications. Best advice I can give is don't try to act like everything's just okay when you go back. When you need to cry, cry. Let your feelings breathe. A lot of the best comedy comes from dark places, and morbid humor can be very lethargic.

  8. Oh, do you mean that when somebody pledges, they would specify their location for the shipping cost calculation, and this allows you to have an idea for how many pledges are from X country, and how many are from Y country?

  9. Since the backers will pay for their shipping, you really shouldn't need to worry about it. As long as you save the funds that are meant to pay for it though.

  10. Are those locations the best places to market to? I don't know much beyond Canada/USA.

  11. They'll select their tier then they input their shipping country. It will tell them their shipping cost and add it to the pledge amount.

  12. The feelings don't go away, but they do get easier to manage. Talking about it sucks, but I'd guess it doesn't bother your boyfriend. It's more likely that he doesn't know how to be there for you. That'll also fade as you open up about it more.

  13. This book is super disappointing. Cool concept but very anticlimactic.

  14. This meme made me get up for work after being on reddit the last two hours. Thanks lol

  15. When I first saw him, I had that "I know that face" feeling. Did not expect him to pop up here!

  16. Sorry for not replying 5 months ago, I just couldn't at that time...

  17. I completely understand and there's no need to apologize.

  18. I got a pretty good used model from a retiring tutor off ebay for under 1k!

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